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My stories and account will remain here. You can take my stories and concepts and add onto/continue them. I don't want to be associated with this site anymore. See ya! It's been fun!



This story is a sequel to A Sick Date

It has been exactly four months since the camp CHS holds, now commonly known among students as the Everfree Camp-Out. Now, one week after it happened, you got your braces. Soon afterwards, Rainbow Dash did too. Now you remember what she did to you, and you didn't know what she was up to now, but... She was acting stranger than usual. But you'll soon find out why.

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Braces are like an automatic cuteness enhancer, especially on ponies


Rainbow Dash and braces?

Talk about a cuteness overload.:rainbowkiss:

You have deserved my like and fave. Good job.

I will check it out... xDDD

6691562 I can't help but feel that KPShadowSquirrels young pony pictures will make you 'd'awwwww,' you matter what.

6691581 aww, thank you! :DDD

6691906 have fun with that XD

Cute story, but I can't get too into it. I had braces as a teen, but I didn't care what people thought. It was more focused on the pain rather than the social implications. I had no one to impress in highschool.

Its not the story, its me.

6694603 I see. Well, I just randomly got the idea, and I just had to write about it.

This is better than the first one. Much more detail in it. Again its cute and well written.
Well done :twilightsmile:

Few little things I noticed

the bones we call teeth

Teeth are not classed as bones, Teeth are just teeth.

The only way she has relayed you before is witha s lap on the back

"With a" and "slap" need the spacing corrected.

You only then realized teh position you were in,


condition that's he showed them to her later on

*that she

6695610 teeth aren't classified as bones? Well, school lied to me!
I'll fix that — and the other mistakes — right away.

Pretty great fic...theriouthly:trollestia:

6702410 I Theriouthly enjoyed writing it, for thure....:moustache:

Not to be mean, but I used to know a girl with braces, and the ever-so-slight lisp she had wasn't noticeable unless she was yelling into a microphone, and she disn't say s's like th's, rather it sounded like every time she said an S, she added a slight T noise to it.
Here's how she'd say soccer, "stocker"

Like i said, no offense, not trying to be mean, just trying to be a little helpful, and a slight jacka**. But mostly the first part. :twilightsmile:

6703627 it's okay. But, where I live, they all have lisps. And then, BOOM! Story idea.
Yes, almost every single girl I know has braces.

Got it.
P.S. I forgot to say this in my original comment, but this story was pretty good
Best story of 2015

6705359 omg thank you
I'd like to thank my mom, my computer, my bed
I lobe you guys so muchhhhh

Ha, I have braces. Even though I have gotten over my lisp, this still reminds me way too well of myself...

And Celestia.... Why?

Nice job!

6732728 Thank you! :D
Im actually going to get braces in the new year.

6734340 no problem! And good luck, they are a pain the first week or so!

I was told that there'd be pain...

6735645 Brace yourself

Haha, very punny XD

6735709 Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week

6735756 have you read the finale yet? It's a doozy!

Hahaha, did their braces get stuck together? I knew it! :yay:

Nicely done dude!

No problem dude~

That picture makes rainbow look like I❤KPA's OC, or is it just me

Got my braces off last week, got my retainer yesterday and I have a lisp. Gonna read this to help me feel better knowing I need my retainer for the rest of my life.

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