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My stories and account will remain here. You can take my stories and concepts and add onto/continue them. I don't want to be associated with this site anymore. See ya! It's been fun!


You're the new kid in Canterlot High. After accidentally falling asleep in the janitors closet (you were in there because of a dare given to you by a cyan colored girl with rainbow colored hair), youre stuck inside the school for the night, with no way of getting out until morning.

You manage to survive the night, but only just. This earns you major popularity points, even a few surprises, and thats when you notice a girl with red hair (containing a yellow highlights making her hair look kinda like bacon) has got a thing for you.

How does this go? Only time will tell...

{2nd/second person/reader insert x Sunset Shimmer}
Cover art- http://www.deviantart.com/art/Sunset-Shimmer-492701158

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Its a boy cuz mom said honey instead of sweetie... hah excellent deduction skills mm yesh

*claps slowly*
Indeed. This was the fastest mystery solved to date.:yay:

Well....I just feel like the mistakes were on purpose really, :twilightsmile:

The mistakes I make are usually the result of me typing too fast. I write on an iPad, you see.

Lol, nice one, that actually had me laughing quite hard! :pinkiehappy:A kind-of sequel is already out, but only with one chapter out. It's called Sue Me, You're In Love and it ships the reader with Fluttershy. :yay:
Also, thanks for the fav! :twilightblush:

Where'd a principal get a medal? Why? How!? WHY!?

She used her almighty principal powers.
Because science.

Comment posted by IMNOTHERE889 deleted Nov 12th, 2015

6624655 Why does everyone in Equestria Girls react to the existence of magic like a fart in the wind? Just roll with it, it makes it much easier.

6658088 if you have no words, then how were you able to tell me you had no words in the first place? :trollestia:

6692789 it's is my MLP version of a sweet called a Fizzer. They're actually really yummy!

I don't care about all the erring mistakes and unrealistic scenarios because this story right here be funny as hell. :rainbowlaugh:

I, sir, applaud you for writing something so entertaining. :moustache:

Comments like yours are ones that I appreciate.


i was expecting Springtrap to appear and go all MLG on Krokodil and Jenkem

6792589 yes, but in all seriousness i wasn't expecting that happened

I was about to say something witty then I forgot what I was going to say.

6792606 XD, i'm reading your 'Sue Me, You're In Love' and im guessing it takes place after this as that mentions the reader getting shot in this

6792610 yeah, it's a kind-of sequel. It doesn't count as a sequel anymore because I'm rewriting it with a better story.

6792639 well, it will be rewritten once I have my three other chapter stories out of the way.
(Might not ever get written, because I'm writing all these one-shots like a typewriting monkey instead of updating.)

Hmmm, I certainly would have killed those guys. You got to seriously apply pain to the guy that has the gun, once he's stunned, hit him in the face(Recommend Uppercut) or the side of the leg to get him down on the floor, he should then either drop the gun, or hold on to it loosly, and he carries it to the ground with him, quickly kick him in the face or stomp on it, after that grab the gun.

Surprisingly, this is all self-taught. Tehe!:trollestia:

Why couldn't you have just renamed this story to "Throwing all stereotypes out the window: The Story"?

7063931 I dunno. Maybe I didnt do it because that would be a very long title for a story. :P

7065174 People with eyes! A-and..uhh..can said someone back me up about this one?

6658100 btw my parents also divorced when i was young i was 6 when they divorced and when they did my mo took my sister and i all the way from Louisiana to North Carolina where i lived ever since now im 17 my mom and dad have both remarried and my mom still hates my dad and hates it when ever i act like him even accidentally

7065305 i got you i read chapter titles and I've read allot of books

"Oooh but i never heard of those druuuugs, it is time to gooogleeeee"


I me-
First of a-

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