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Veridian Phantom

Thunder Dash is my name, and writing is my game. (Sorry no, that's incorrect, it's actually music). But I do enjoy writing on the side.


Forgot to mention. · 6:58pm Aug 4th, 2015

The Master Cellist is finished. Finally. It's been nagging me for quite some time, that and some of you to finish it. It was an interesting ride, glad to see it was featured at least once. GG.

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What I Just Finished Writing Sort Of

Stuff you don't wanna know

a Brony who writes fan fiction, and has watched the show a LOT.

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depends on your version of dead.

Comment posted by Veridian Phantom deleted Dec 4th, 2013

Happy hearts and hooves day.Hope your treating your special somepony well.
If your single friends and family are amazing too!


Rofl what tipped you off? xD

And yes she's my second fav next to fluttershy. (if not tied for first)

Glad you like my stories though! :D

I'm guessing you like Octavia...
Then again she is one of the best ponies ever
Anyway love your stories

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