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A group dedicated to music and song-fics.
Any fic posted must be inspired by/pertain to a song.
Here for the full banner.

Time for the second group contest! The winner will receive art of a pony OC of their choosing. Check the forum itself for more details.


1. Entries MUST pertain to one of the provided prompts.
2. If an entry is a parody of an existing song, due to copyright, it cannot just be a "ponification" of the original lyrics. They must be changed more than "person" to "pony" or "girl" to "mare." This isn't just our rule, this is a site-wide rule. Try to be original.
3. One entry per user.
4. Stealing another fan's work will NOT be tolerated. If we discover a contestant doing so, he/she will be withdrawn from the contest and permanently banned from the group. This goes for all contests in the group.
5. Entries can be of any existing genre.
6. To submit your entry, you must PM either Blue Dragon or ThaStrangr with the link to your uploaded story.
7. Deadline is November 30th, 2013.

Prompts - Contest 2:

- With Pinkie Pie feeling down in the dumps, it’s up to somepony else to cheer her up.
- The Mane 6 take part in a Dirty Joke Contest, and someone unexpected ends up taking home the trophy.
- “Be careful what you wish for.” Somepony makes a wish that comes true, but paradise takes a turn for the worse.
- "Losing Her Element." Harrowing or traumatic events transpire which cause one of the Mane 6 to slowly, subtly break her tie with her element.
- Shipping (Any two characters of your choice).

Once again, the deadline is November 30th, 2013. Good luck to all participants!

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I can haz Rainbow Factory?


Yeah, I recall saying you had a nice yet creepy profile picture. :rainbowlaugh:

Hmm, you have a point... Say, have I stalked you yet? :pinkiecrazy:



Well, your group looks a lot like it's for already established musicians and for spreading the love for them. This group's about discussing music and finding stories that have to do/were inspired by music. Also, contests.

Hmm this sounds a lot like this :pinkiecrazy:

Although I don't do song fics persay, I am a huge music lover. This sounds like a good group then. :twilightsmile:

Welcome, welcome. One and all. :pinkiehappy:

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