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Hello, welcome to Brony Music and Musicians

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General Idea
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This is a group where I will try to get all of the brony music out there compiled into one, easy to manage group.
I know there are other places out there that are better for this kind of thing, but I figured that it wouldn't hurt to have a compendium on this site.

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Links to Important Threads
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Musician Links
Non-brony Music
Hey! Look! I found something!

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Formatting of the Threads
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This is how I have organized the threads:
1) Main thread, linking all of the musicians in alphabetical order.
2) Each musician then has a set of linked albums in alphabetical order and a Singles folder.
3) In each of those genres I will arrange the music in alphabetical order.
4) The songs shall have an underlined and bolded name, followed by the youtube link.
If no youtube video is available, then The name shall still be bolded, and there will be an ordinary link to where you can find it.

* * *
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Breaking a rule will result in a strike, three strikes and you are kicked from the group.
Here is the strikes page

1) All of the important threads will be locked, if you see that one isn't inform an admin, commenting in a thread that is obviously meant to be locked will result in two strike.

2) Title your threads, If it's a playlist you like, title it Playlist. If it's a song you want to promote, title it Promotion. If it's a commission you want or are willing to do, title it Commission If its something else, title it Other.
you can make up your own titles, but keep it relevant, messing up to badly or failing to title a thread will result in a strike.

3) Be courteous, failing to do so will result in a strike.

4) More rules will be made as I think of them.

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New Music?
* * *

Have you have found a song or musician that isn't already on here! go to the 'Hey! Look! I found something!!' thread to put in your suggestion, read the rules on submission though.

* * *
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I would just like to say thank you to Admujica for the wonderful banner

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329195 Do I have to be a musician to be a member of this group?

Yay, AcousticBrony's stuff is up! :pinkiecrazy:
That took more work than expected...

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