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The rules are simple.
(As designed by Lost In A Vacuum, formerly known as KillerofallHaters)

For every new RP thread you want to open up, you'll have to pledge me, Lost In A Vacuum, the soul of your first born child.

Other than that, we're pretty cavalier around these parts. Generally put, each RP should have its own rules (at least, I believe so). How do you get these rules? Well, get your GM/moderator (doesn't have to an official moderator, it can just be a standard contributor that you've decided to give a bit of power and a title to) for said RP, get your participators, and scream very loud. The loudest is generally the one who gets set the rules of play and such.

Or you can just discuss it via PM's or in a separate thread. Anything goes really.

Spammers, hardcore trolls that no one's laughing at, and generally anyone who's been agreed to be a public nuisance will be dealt with to the best of my ability. Just don't put too much faith in it.

Threads can be found in the forums and refreshments are on the hall to your left. If you have any questions, I (Lost In A Vacuum), will probably be the most responsive of all the mods, so send me a simple PM, and I'll try to solve your problem.

Mark NSFW RPs appropriately, and assume threads are closed for members unless stated otherwise. As for the content of the threads, I'll be cavalier on that, too. But if your erotically-charged sexventure took one-too many wrong turns, and the general community is not having any of it, I'll have to step in. However, since (for the most part) the only ones reading the RP threads are people involved in the RP, you'll all have to sit down one time and discuss what's A-okay and what's major no-no's.

Other than that, happy RPing Guild Members!
(Rules might be subject to change, depending on whether or not a certain situation that's not mentioned in these rules continues to occur)

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318227 is it possible for me to join this game?

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I'm open to any Rp ideas, will work to accomodate you.

Can someone help me out here? I'm completly new to Role playing like what is done here, and I'd like to ask: is there anything I should know before I try RPing?


If anyone is interested in Roleplaying, send me a private message, we can use skype, and i'm interested in ERPs, with or without stories behind, or creating a story with clop.:heart:

Do you mind if I do something like this?

The last war on the continent of Equestria wreaked havoc upon all sides. Even in the dead of a massive winter brought on by wendigos, the factions continued to fight. Its been five years since an uneasy truce was struck. But now, power play and diplomatic machinations have set in movement a chain of events that cant be altered.

Choose your faction, forge alliances, defeat the enemy, in the end only one faction may rule.

Game Mechanics: Items required
2 six sided dice

These dice determine everything that happens, from combat, to infiltration, to marching. Rolls determine everything. Note: YOU CAN NOT LIE AND SAY YOU ALWASY GET TWELVES!

Combat: Combat is determined by three things, dice rolls, combat related bonsues, and number of troops. Dice rolls are fairly simple, you have more than your opponent, you beat them. The more you beat them by, the more troops they lose. Eventually, after you lose more than half your troops, the player who is beating you can roll for a rout. If it succeds, your troops flee the battle, usaully losing some people in the process.

Combat skills are faction or character specfic skills. They are added to your dice roll (eg. +2 is added to a dice roll of ten making it twelve), Note, characters can only learn combat skills through fighting. Only faction heros such as queen chrysahlis or Certain Equestrian princesses start with a bonus (Its usaully only plus one anyways)

Numbers are simple. Your faction only has a limitied well of manpower. Your army is only so large. Therefore, you must budget your numbers effectifvily. The more troops you deploy, the harder it is for you to be routed (Classic RISK rules). Likewise, deploying large numbers of troops agansit a small number allows you to go for a rout almost instantly.

Infiltration: Infiltration plays out like combat. You roll to see who gets the higher roll. If you win, the person you are infiltrating has to reveal some information (no lying). Note that the more you beat someone in a roll, the more information they have to reveal. If you lose by a little dont fret! Your spy is safe. However if you lose by a lot, your spy is tortured for who he/she works for and is then executed.

Marching: Marching is set at a standard pace of 50 miles a day (More if faction specific). However, this number flucuates wildly depending on the terrain. In an area such as the zebra homelands, marching speed drops a ton due to attrition. Likewise, in areas such as flat parts of Equestria, marching speed could increase to 65 miles a day. Enviromental hazards such as sandstorms or blizzards must be rolled agansit (In this case, I will role for enviromental hazards.) If you win you go around. If you lose, you slow down, lose supplies, and might even have some deaths depending on the situation.

Supplies: Supplies are what keep an army going, without them, desertions, mutinies, and starvation manfiest. You must keep your supply lines secure as well as forage for supplies (One again you roll, the higher you roll, the more you get). Certain areas have more supplies (Eg. The forests of Equestria have much more than the bleak wasteland of the changeling empire.)

Diplomacy: This one is not determined by anything but you and your allies. Its up to you to win the trust of your fellow rpers onto aiding you. Everything from exchanging supplies to sending troops is possible.

Naval:Much like marching but faster along coasts and rivers. Storms become a problem, but not every faction has a navy.

Factions: Here are the factions avalibile. If all postions are filled, you can still join a faction as someone important (A general or poltician).

Kingdom of Equestria:
Equestria is one of the oldest kingdoms on the continent. A proud an ancient empire stepped in tradition. They are one of the only factions that has magic avalibile to them readily and their wizards are stronger than most factions.
Advantages:Vast well of manpower, good amount of supplies, +1 to comabt if unicorn mages are in army, +1 if any princesses are in the fight, +1 if elements of harmony are in the fight, Capital of Canterlot is hard to reach.

Disadvantages:Besides Canterlot, easily invaded. Very easy to sustain an army there due to very mild terrain. Peaceful, so they have to build and train an army quickly or they will only have royal guards to use.

Griffion Empire: An ancient empire originaly from another continent, the Griffions have a millitary tradition that puts even pegasi to shame. Their soldiers are tough, their towns are near unaccesible at the top of cliffs, they are a force to be reckoned with.
Advantages: Standing army means fast deployment, Army is plus one due to training and tradition. Wings mean fast movement speed. Terrain is very defendable.
Disadvantages: Cities are far away from neighbouring factions, Griffions are rare, meaning less manpower then some factions, harder to replace losses in armies.

Changeling Hegemony: The changelings have finally stopped licking their wounds from the Canterlot wedding incident as well as the previous war. They are poised to expand their territory.
Advantages:Vast manpower, easily replacable soldiers, Terrain is very inhospitable to invaders (Its all frozen mountains and tundras with hives underground or in mountains.).Hivemind makes it more diffucult to rout them. Chrysalis gives +1 to attack is she is present. They get +2 to infiltration due to shapeshifting.
Disadvantages:Poorly equipped and not very well trained in most cases. Primary strategy is to drown enemies in a sea of dead bodies (Russian style)

Saddle Arabian Caliphates:The Saddle Arabians have begun to finnaly expand out of their dessert home. Though they did forge an alliance with Equestria years ago, its has become strained over times.
Advantages:Arid homeland means tougher to invade. They can go through desserts fairly easily. Vast reserves of gold allows them to buy off people easier as well as hire more mercenarys.
Disadvantages: Far from the action (Like the Griffions). Constant internal power play by caliphs.
User: None

United Pack of Diamond Dogs:Having been united midway through the previous war by Garm the Pack leader, the diamond dogs have gone from being laughing stocks to a serious threat. Their territory is deep underground and they have become ferocious warriors under Garm. And yes, they no longer care about whining or crying.

Advantages: Fast tunneling lets them go around 75 miles a day. Siege experts +1 during siege battles. Hard to fight them due to complex tunnel network.
Disadvantages:Greedy, they can be bought off fairly well. Also their territory is not that big.

United Tribe of Zebras:
Finnaly rising up and uniting in their homeland, the Zebras want their day in the sun. Their ancient tribal society has allowed them to stay true to their relegions, making them far more fanatical when fighting.
Advantages:Their territory is inhospitable to the max. Dry savannahs and desserts mean its super hard to invade. Tribal shammans act as unicorns +1 if present in battle. Medical knowledge means less soldiers will die from wounds following a battle. Very good at suruving in all enviroments and gather more supplies when foraging.
Disadvantages: Very far away from Main fighting(Blessing?). Not as technologically advanced as some Factions. Smaller armies due to small tribes(However they move quicker and are harder to see so whether this is a disadvantage is debatable.)

If you think I missed any possible factions tell me (Buffalo tribes are too small to be a faction. They are classfied as an enviromental hazard)

Is this ok or does this break some rules?:unsuresweetie:

TOTALLY JOINING! :pinkiehappy:
I've been looking for one of these groups!

300481 Go ahead and fix anything you find wrong. I would do it myself, but I just don't have the time.


Actually, we're are fairly flexible. The rules of the RP are only really set by the GM of the RP or by coming to a group consensus. Really, the rules are there mainly here because... well, they don't have a reason.

I'd delete them, but I don't want to piss off the creator or anything and screw more shit up.

So yeah, disregard them for the time being, and have fun.

Eh, it appears that the group is somewhat lacking in terms of flexibility. Not exactly what I am looking for during an RP, but I could be wrong.

Wouldn't hurt to try it out and see how it goes.
I will ask further questions later on.
Until then, I bid thee farewell.

Well, It seems I was too busy wrecking chaos that I simply let the thought of joining this group slide until I checked this peon's account out and saw this message... Very well, I'll join this Roll Play group...

This will be fun indeed.

Actually, the forums here are just fine. I'm just upset that an RP I was in the middle of got completely removed from history as we know it.

298005 We have gotta fix this... I could set up a blog post(s) that people could roleplay on, and you could PM me whenever one needs to be opened.


It all got deleted. Along with all my hopes, dreams, and tears that went into it all...

:fluttercry: I'm not crying, it's just raining. A lot

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