Hello and weclome to DASH3R's Role Playing Funhouse! (DRPF for short) feel free to join and put your character in the Characters folder before RPing your character in that folder will be your main characterbut you can make more just edit your first post!! after that just put a title of a RP you want in the Help folder and add if its themed or not then BAM! you got yourself a new RP but wait there's more! before starting post a thread with your RP title if you need help go to here to see how you set a RP thread up now that that's over get out there and have some fun!

Hey there to anyone reading this. I'm Dash3r, and this is the roleplay group open to anybody, anypony, and anything you want to do. I ask that if you RP is rated mature that it be hosted in a thread, just let one of the mods know. That way we don't make a folder for it. If you want an example of what would be considered a mature roleplay, go here. This Roleplay is between myself and the great writer SwiperTheFox. It hasn't made its way to mature yet, but you get the idea of where it will go.
Thank you for joining DRPF, and have fun. - DJ DASH3R

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Where do one upload his/her OC?

hi all hows everyone

298574 Ignore this... the blog will be reomved later. Regidar is back among us YAY

REGIDAR HAS BEEN BANNED... Here is a link to my blog about it. I will try to gather as many details as I can.

298442 Probably for the best.



Be for we find out who you are, I must apologize in advance for any obscenities our host says, he is intoxicated at the moment.

Your intoxiwazit!

298440>>298435 Let us move to the forem thread for people with multi colored talking ponies in their head...

298436Don't look at me... It was Midnight and Rainbow Dash.
I'm taking care of dash rigth now...
Your taking care of me....:rainbowdetermined2:Ready when you are babe........... AAAAAA NOT THE FIRE.


Il allow you, red Italic Just cause I think your cute. *Wink*

you brought all three together.... O celectia what have you done.

298432 W3LC0M3!

The use of 'leet' speak makes my ear cringe worse then when her tried drinking me away whit 190 proof straight vodka..Oh God that was the worst.

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