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[Now under the management of Craterfist and Ironmonger]

Kick back. Relax. Pop a beer or your favorite non-alcoholic beverage. We like our RPs relaxed and fun. There are just a few base rules around here.

1. No attacking other players. While witty banter between characters is to be expected, leave the actual users out of it.

2. No threads about non-consensual sex, also known as rape. That's a no-no.

3. While the rules of each game are subject to whatever the GM decides, you must obey whatever the admins say. That said, we're here to have fun too.

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Of course, but look at the mod post "The Purge is Coming" to get to the link to the new RP site.

I only hate double posts when they occur too often. And the only reason I have double posts is because I am using a shitty phone to type this.

311103 I'm sorry. I just wanted to make sure. I didn't want a repeat of the "Collosus Incident"... Also, do you hate double-posts? because if so, you are a hypocrite. Exhibit A, right here in this comments tab.

*eye twitch* As it says above your comment, YOU CAN POST YOUR OWN RPS. It's in all caps for a reason! You have no idea how many times I've been asked that! Sorry for the outburst and the late-ish reply, I just hate to repeat myself.

Comment posted by Daemic9 deleted May 23rd, 2013

Would it be okay if I make an RP? It's an idea me and my friend have had for a while. I'll PM you the details if it's authorized. Do I even need authorization?

Gentleman, you had my curiosity, now you have my attention.

I will no longer be able to be online during the weekends, unless my Kindle suddenly decides that it doesn't hate fimfic anymore.

Am I missing something? I only see text boxes!

Geh, how did I get dragged into this again? xD
I'm kidding, hey again everyone.

301849 How dose my character look?

ok how about a possessed suit of armor?

It would be good to have a second one, because its hard to see where he could fit into a story, being a non-social beast. But otherwise it's fine :twilightsmile:.

Is my character ok? or would you preffer I use something else?

300890 nope, one at a time.

Yes, Nosey is the mole-man conspirator that people hide in the woods wearing tin-foil hats from.

It is good. Not OP at all, unless it can control more than two at a time.

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