Hello! My name is Pikafrogbro, proud author of a few fics including Of Death and Ponies and The Shadow Of A Pony.

My goal for this group is to help authors who are struggling with their stories to get reviews and ratings. I want this goal because I have noticed that many writers have gotten depressed over these things that are very easy to fix by reviewing and rating FAIRLY. Heck, I have seen people even quit writing fanfiction in general because they feel they are not good enough. They don't know if their story is fantastic or the worst of the worst. Personally, I feel that every story has its own unique charm. We need to abide by this thought process.

We can help these people by commenting on threads they make in this group. I think that making a thread for each of your stories would help others comment and thus help you with developing your story. Even if it is just throwing ideas back and forth, it still helps.

Remember to check the fourms for the guidelines and other helpfully information!

A good shout out is in order for our recently aquired partner, Authors Helping Authors! What they do is they go and review and rate the fics that authors post in their folders. I think that this will be a great partnership and hope it will live a long and healthy life. I suggest that you all go and check them out, they do some pretty cool stuff!

Now, without further ado, lets get going and help some people!!!

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Every time I try posting a new thread in groups I keep getting this message, You cannot perform this action any more right now.

Is there something I'm not doing right, or what?

Hi I'm Starlight Song and I was wondering if anyone would be able to help make my story better, tell me if I've made any mistakes in my story and give me critiques to help it get better.

My story is: When The World Is Gone.

I'm trying to write this story within a month and have it get up to 50,000 words for National Novel Writing Month. (NaNoWriMo)

Here is the synopsis: Twilight Sparkle can't remember the last few years of her life. She can only remember slivers and jumbled messes of memories, she can only remember the ponies who helped her learn how to fight for survival and keep her out of the Siren's clutches.

Together Twilight Sparkle and her friends will fight to return their beloved World of Equestria back to normalcy.

But they have to deal with problems in their way: everyone is against them. They can't trust their family or their friends, but they must stop the three Sirens named: Sonata Dusk, Aria Blaze, and Adagio Dazzle before they try to take over more parts of the world before its too late.

It appears i am in need of some help regarding my avatar. I have being trying to upload images from the internet , but nothing seems to be uploading. Is there something i should be doing. Let me know has soon as you can.

Hey there I thought I join in.

Comment posted by ElderBrony deleted Jul 11th, 2013

What's up fellow bronies? Well, just recently started writing for the brony fandom and I made a comedy that I would like to be critiqued.

Is anyone up for reviewing, "Go Home Derpy. You're Drunk"? Would be a great help for me. Thanks! :twilightsmile:

dunno, stuff and all i guess? yeah i'm the new guy hope for a good working-relationship ... and all.

dunno if i overstepp my bounds here but i could need help with a little characterization so if anyone can help me i would apreciate it. :pinkiehappy:

Thx and by oh and if you want check out my story Tales of Harmony

Hello everybody,
Spike the Knight. It is an action adventure story with Spike as the main character. I would love some view, ratings and feedback.
Hope you enjoy.


I kinda want to show someone a story before I publish it. I want to know if there's anyone here that's willing to read it and give some critiques; if it's good or not.
Plus, it's been long since I've been on this site .-.

Praise the sun

Guys and gals, mares and gentlecolts, fillies and foals, allow me to a bit of a narcissist:
I am GhostWriter17, Ghost for short. I need help with my two, count them, TWO stories!

The Melancholy of Princess Luna: A Poem

This is a poem of Luna facing her demon, her darker side, on one fateful night. It is, like I said, a poem. Therefore, it rhymes! Not much else to say, but I'd like feedback!

What We Haven't Had

This next story is about Samael Sundance, an awkward, klutzy pony who wishes to find love in a certain Purple-maned unicorn. Will he find true love? Or, on the fateful day he decides to confess his feelings, will he find something more? He will learn of friendship, of misunderstanding, of the kindness of strangers, and how What We Haven't Had isn't what we need. Because sometimes, kind words can change a life forever.

So, yeah. I hope you enjoy my stories and comment! Also, What We Haven't Had is not yet complete. There is still one chapter left, just so ya know.

Anyway, thanks for reading!!! And if you do comment, fave, or follow me, I'll be sure to do the same!!!


Hey, a small little group for basic responses and criticisms! Count me right on in~ :raritywink:

I'm really looking for someone to help on my Fanfic "Of Chaos and Tyranny." I'd greatly appreciate if someone could help me on my first Fanfic! :twilightsmile:

ok i need a great editor the one i has now sucks and takes to long to edit and ignores me

What I mean by indie is people who write alone, like type at their computer by themselves. That is what, to my understanding, is what everyone here is, an indie author. (If you get help ONLINE, then you are still indie in my book.) Plus, I think "indie authors unite" sounds better than "authors unite".

Thank you for joining this group. I hope you have a wonderful stay.

Yours Truly,

First! :facehoof:

Oh, fine.

Does indie imply the sort of people with enough wealth and resources to purchase two cans of beans or is it some generic meaningless term for writers in general? Because when I think of indie I think of stories that aren't mainstream and that feels a bit elitist.

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