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If the main characters of this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

6804417 sorry for the delay in my answer. i came down with a cold and wasn't really able to answer. anyways:

it's a very good question, but I'm not sure if it's one I want to or even can answer. i like to let my readers imagine whatever voice they like to use for the characters. i only give descriptions when voices are very off from the norm, like when a voice is extremely gruff or high pitched or silent or if characters are talking with a lisp etc.
most of the characters so far introduced have a voice in the spectrum most would consider normal. the rest should develop from their personalities. i don't really want to say this is how they sound and you are wrong for imagine it otherwise.

I like the premise, and you have some potential in my opinion, but there's room for improvement. Do you have a proofreader?

6897220 first off, i'm aware that my story is lacking. it's a necessary sacrifice i had to make in order to make the story at least semi weekly. at the moment it is primarily meant to get me into a regular writing habit. i hope that once i achieved that, i can one day come back and fix it.

now about proofreaders; no i don't. i don't really work with the editors/proofreaders on this site, unfortunately. i have tried many times over the years, but it never works out, usually because of one of these problems:
1.) the proofreaders on this side are incredible elitist and selective as heck when it comes to what they work on. it's incredible hard to get a decent proofreader for anything that isn't a below 5k words, slice of life story, and even if you do, they usually expect you to treat them like they were some kind of gods whom you should worship for that they lower themselves so far as to work with you.
2.) they are simply bad. due to the fact how hard it is to get a decent proofreader, you usually get stuck with people who don't really know what they are doing and only have a basic understanding of the matter if at all.
3.) they can't keep deadlines. over time i had a couple of proofreaders who just couldn't keep any deadlines whatsoever. i usually just don't hear anything from them for weeks, just so that they can get pissed when I ask why they haven't done anything at all during all that time.
4.) I'm procrastinating. I have a bad habit of just pausing my stories when i run into a problem. In fact, right now i can't continue writing, simply because i can't figure out what to do in chapter 7, so often i get stuck for months on stuff like that, so i just don't continue (which is the reason i'm only now doing a story i came up with in 2012).

as you can see, it just doesn't work out, partly because of them, partly because of me. Dunno, maybe i'm just expecting to much. It is sad, but something i can't change. It's just something i will have to deal with.

Why is this on hiatus? Also, the word I should always be capitalized.

compare the release date of the older chapters to the last two. pretty sure you'll notice why this was on hiatus.
and the i thing.. i'm aware of that, i just don't pay much attention to it during the first draft, since it slows down my writing process. usually i fix it during edits, but sometimes one or two slip through.

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