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This is for those who want a friendly criticism on their fanfiction. It's designed for kind advice rather than harsh analysis.

Originally formed by ThePwnyBrony, who revokes ownership as of 14th of March, 2015, and hands full ownership to Kulbit Havoc.

Instead of deletion, as of 25/3/2015, this group is on hiatus until management issues are solved. (Like It actually matters anyway :/)

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hello everybody,
i just added Spike the Knight. It is an action adventure story.
Hope you enjoy it

Heya, I'm looking for a review on my story. I've added it into the grading room folder. I'd be much obliged if someone were to offer some feedback, cheers.

Hello! I'm looking for some feedback on my story. Its incomplete and I'd just like some opinions on it.

I'll give grades/reviews if you need any help. Just message me :pinkiesmile:

Hey, I'm looking for a review of my story and a constructive, friendly, and objective assessment of it. Also, if I can ever help with reviews or anything, just let me know!

Hi there again,

I am in the process of writing my first fic and have the prologue finished.

I was wondering if I could get opinions from people, though I know it isn't
much to go on. It's just so I can get an idea from people.

Waning Light is its current name though I'm not 100% set on it yet

Peace and love,
White out

it seems the commander has joined our little group.

have you come to be creative or cause trouble?

if so, dont cause shit, im simply fed up with you and im not in the right mood to deal with pathetic arguments.

288733 if your going to post in this group, make it relevant and not a pointless remark that no one gives a shit about, ok?

288913 I will grade you story, as the first to post a story, I will wait till someone else posts a fic and compare for the best story of the week!


i'll be with you in abit i have many faggots and trolls to get rid of.

Um, hello? Is anyone here? Is anyone going to grade my story?:rainbowderp:

Hello all, I wanted to introduce myself and get some much needed reviewing done.
The first story I wanted to make was - Agents of Discord

The story isn't really the most popular, and I wanted to know how I could perhaps make it better. Would you mind if I put it in the Grading Room? :twilightsmile:

287807 Looks like you're the sorry sod stuck with the massive idiot in the room.:rainbowlaugh:



you know what im going to post my re-write and see what happens.

288025 ahahah! this group is pointless in every way! :rainbowlaugh:


wow we have alot of people here dont we
Na just kiddin

this is fekin pathetic

this is not hate its just sarcasem

2 members? me and havoc? are you f**king kidding me?!?!

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