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Kulbit Havoc

Kulbit is a hybrid between an organic and a cybertonian organism, and can veriate between both forms at will. His personality is cold, but there's signs of him just wanting to feel like the others.


Update on something you may not even care about · 10:48pm Jul 6th, 2014

Greetings all!

Second chapter to "The Unkown Defencive" has been done (partially) I just really need to spell check it.

However, be fair warned: that this fic maybe on the short side. But, it's gunna be abit different to the fics' I've produced in the past.

Thanks for reading this blog post.

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Damn. Life's good for the pair of us, then! I got bored and started writing, and the first three chapters of a fanfic happened, so as soon as I can be bothered that'll be on here. AND I've finally gotten some written into a sci-fi novel I've been planning and re-writing for nearly two years. S'all goooood. A N D I'm actually proud of it this time.


Hey, hey, ho. Only just logged back in and saw this. A shit tone's happened since I last even looked in this sites direction. I've become a qualified body worker I.e MAG welding and panel beating. Soon on my way to becoming an airframe mechanic for the RAF. And my social circle has gotten much larger. I've gotten into a healthy relationship. And have gained a voluntary job working with birds of prey. But I've almost died due to alcohol poisoning. (Yay for stress, depression and a bottle and a half of whiskey!). But I've got a bright future a head of myself. As my superiors say to me. Nice hearing from you again lad. Chat soon.

Hi there. I'm still alive, by the way, (Edit: I almost did die actually. Three times. I had a serious appendicitis problem that nearly killed me, I got hit by a car at about 40Mph and I attempted suicide -the suicide thing is over by a long shot-) but I died on this site. I've revoked ownership of all my groups to your ownership, because I god damn can. I never got that fanfic written in the end, but I've moved on from silly little fanfictions and started writing poetry; I've also started making music, software and even computer games -and I've become a bit of a professional hacker- so life's pretty good for me. I saw that you hadn't been online for over 21 weeks, so if you're reading this, HI! Also, if you reply I might not receive it for a long while. If you're ever interested in talking check out my Facebook page, just look for Ashley Skinner, I'll be the guy with a stupid profile picture and stupid shit on his wall.


  • Viewing 82 - 86 of 86
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