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In a pleasant corner of the world, the fledgling empire of Equestria exists. In their lore the name 'Elements' is given to a lot of things in their lore, but what of the original elements, and what would happen if an angry force of nature would return to reap an vengeful debt?

Maria Lulo and her cousin live together in the green corner of south-west Equestria. Having faced a great many hardships in her short life, but still Maria lives with a headstrong attitude. As she begins to make friends and find a stable home again, she is faced with it all slipping from beneath her again as the gauntlet is laid down in front of her. What does fate have in store for her? And what can history tell her about her future?

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 8 )

I liked it, once i took a step back and thought about it. Props to you, sir.


Over the moon you enjoyed it.... and thank you SO SO much for the first like

Very nice, especially for such an ambitious first chapter! It had a good epic feel to it. What I found most interesting was your portrayal of Celestia and Luna as true goddesses; I always tend to focus on their personal side rather than their theological side, so it was interesting to see this take on it. :)

This was excellent, my good sir. You truly have some very interesting ideas and have expressed them in a fantastic fashion! :yay:

Initially the prologue was much shorter and a lot different but a friend of mine (Gaia) wrote a oneshot which it is based off of, but I'm glad you liked it as I want to try and run with the idea a bit through the story.

You really don't know how happy I am to hear you say that. It really means a lot. Though it may be slow I'll try and get the story out as fast as possible. :scootangel:


You're welcome! You've definitely got a solid prologue here! And don't worry, take you time in writing! As long as you're enjoying it, you're doing it right! :rainbowdetermined2:

Absolutely love the prologue, planning on reading the second chapter when I get home tonight. Is this story still going or has it been set aside for other things?


No its still going, its just I struggle to fill the story as it were. Know the greater arc, just have to come up with the transitions.

Thank you though Art, I hope the second chapter lives up to as much as you thought the prologue was

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