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For you writers to visit when you have writers block, or need help with a book, we here in the agency, we help the ponies with writers block, and also help with story work.

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It's very cool to find a group of writers where everyone helps each other and generates ideas together! In such an environment it is very interesting to be creative. But in college, things are a little different for me, and to search for ideas, I use the https://studymoose.com/literature/the-outsiders-book site to find free paper samples and get inspired. It is very important for me to be in an environment of people who love their work, and this can definitely be said about the authors with studymoose.

Can someone help me? I'm stuck on two of my stories, major writer's block

I have serious writers block; and have had it for a while. If anyone can help me out, it'd be appreciated greatly. I just lost the drive I had when I started my FOE fics, and would like someone to help in editing, and pre reading. Also; I need help in actually continuing them as well.

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