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Cero Cloud Dash

Cero Cloud Dash- A 21yo brony with a love for literacy, so I might as well write some fanfics for one of my favorite fandoms. Completely random, always loyal, fighting for freedom and making friends


Free ticket and hotel room and doing fun stuff.... If, I can get a ride from somepony plz^^; · 2:40am Jul 6th, 2014

Sooo, the person who was going with me on my trip to Baltimore, Maryland can no longer make it so here's a little shout out to anyone who wants to come with me on a trip to do a bunch of random, fun things. Everything's already paid for, hotels are booked and there's a pool so bonus! <Ikr? Got a free ticket to Bronycon and Bronypalooza. There will be laser shows, dances, a 2 day long concert with no breaks , food, games, movies, awesome peeps, auctionsNmerch, meeting some celebs, and much much

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1176410 hello there Fluffle Puff! :pinkiehappy: thanks for the follow and bringing many laughs into my life.


1085854 Thanks!

Have a nice day/night depending of your timezone :twilightsmile:

1061859 :scootangel:muffins are a perfection! yes, I mean, I like them.

Hey, sorry about the late reply but better late than never right? :derpytongue2: Anyways, thanks for the follow and I'll follow you too, no creepy style ..maybe:trixieshiftright::

1050715 what are you talking about? Nopony has submitted no stories :fluttercry: I've got three ideas bouncing around inside my head however, so soon possibly hopefully. like yay:yay:

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