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Hello. My name is Florina, a background pony you can probably look up on Friendship is Magic Wiki. Anyway, I suppose you are wondering what this group is for, why should you join, what you can do, is it useful, that kind of thing. I'll be explaining each of these things along the way.

What is This Group For?
This group is to inspire your story ideas. If you're totally brain-dead on inventive ideas, our friendly members can help you by writing short prompts. Want an example?

'Bob'-Darn, I need a prompt. I'd love for it to be about Celestia and Vinyl Scratch and for it to be a Slice of Life/Comedy
'Tracy'-That's fine. Celestia could be attending a party, and Vinyl is the DJ, but because Octavia is sick, Vinyl must do some classical music. Celestia will teach him with some hilarious mishaps along the way.

Why Should You Join?
If you, again, need story ideas, this is a fantastic group. If you just need an MLP:FIM chat or such, you can feel free for chatting and creating some detailed plots and such.

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I've recently become a huge My Little Pony fan, and I have a crazy imagination that is always keeping me up at night. I'd like an idea that can be funny, serious, or somewhere in between, that involves changelings in some way. Maybe I'll make it a full-blown story, or maybe I'll just have it to work on when I'm bored at twelve 'o' clock.

Hey, does anyone have any adventure writing prompts for me? I'm writing a CYOA in 2nd person, which means the reader is the main character. I'd like it to be an adventure story where the readers could collect prizes as they read. Any ideas???

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Augh! I was just about to say, I'm a rookie with no MLP writing experience! Any writing prompts whatsoever help (but please keep in mind I am a filly).

I'd love to get a prompt for CheesePie. I really, really wanna write some.

So i just really need a general idea for a short story. i really don't care what it is about; as long as it is totally and completely appropriate.

I need help writing about a ship with Twile, Applejack,and RainbowDash

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