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Hey Everypony!

We had another interview. This time with Comma-Kazie, known for The Winningverse.

Comma-Kazie on Fimfiction

Hope you all enjoy!
FreeHomeBrew, Captain of The Living Library

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Author: David Reinold. Host: FreeHomeBrew. Co-host: ShadowPaint.

David Reinold on Fimfiction

Author: Souldin Warrior. Host: FreeHomeBrew. Co-host: Educated Guess


Happy Belated Nightmare Night! · 6:17pm Nov 1st, 2015

The Scare Master

The Scare Master using the Magic Of Friendship
"I'm glad you got me to be a scare master one more time~" Fluttershy said, trying to be heard over the laughter and snickering of her friends. She turned to Discord. "I hope you didn't mind."

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Live Reading Archive from before Summer of '14

The following list are all of our edited readings that we've posted on youtube. To get ALL of our readings, check out http://www.tllps.tk

Here's our recent readings (higher is more recent). There are quite a few double entries because in the early days, we used to read our favourite stories more than once.

The Perfect Gift For The Perfect Sister
Dressed for Revenge
Fluffy Heaven
Fluffy Pie
Luna's Revenge
Tomorrow Never Knows
Truffles are not the Only Candy
Fluffy Story
Rise of the Moon
Death Doesn't like Fiddles
Interview With CommaKazie
Lilys Medication
The Incredibly Torn Mind of a Winning Daughter
Rainbow Dash and Applejack take the Cinnamon Challenge
Pirates for a Day
Rainbow Dash Discovers the Stare
I'll Miss You Big Sister
A Simple Quiet Date
Fluffy Ponies Partial Reading
Dash Eats Some Skittles
Because of the Internet
The Ballad of Derpy Hooves
Another Jane Doe
The Beheading of Count Chocolate
The Fortress City Of The Clouds (Edited FreeHomeBrew Narration)
My Little Pony Theory
The Fortress City Of The Clouds (Raw ZeeWhiteWolf Narration)
For the Love of Stairs
Happy Endings
Happy Birthday
Twilights Spontaneous Day
Twilight Sparkle Makes Dubstep
The Chronicles of Psychologist Pie
My Little Rock of Horrors
The Kind Of Friends We'll Always Be
Still Needed
The Fourth Barrier
The Card
The Price
Plumbing In Equestria Explained By Princess Celestia
A Second Chance
Cakes And Pastries
What I Value Most
Sweetie Belle Ships
One Night In Saddle Arabia
The Glass Blower (original diction)
Losing Ground
The Fly
The Sundering
Sister, Sister
Living The Dream
The Cutie Mark Crusade
Lyra Kills A Mare
Friends Tears and Broken Wings
Lyra's Lousy Day
A Day in the Life of Opalescence
Firebird (Requested improvement)
Silver Spoon vs Breakfast
Nappa and Vegeta go to Equestria
Lunas Nightmare
Having a Ball
Haunted by Deception
The Curse of Applejacks Tomb
I am The Cutie Mark Crusader
Please just take these photos from my hooves
A Lot to Think About
Dirty Little Secret
Dance With Me
The Incredible Romantic Tension Between Bloomberg The Tree And Tom The Boulder
Unfamilliar Technology
Something Something Giant Hat
A Flight to Last
Theres A Ghost In My Bed
Never So Far Away
In The Night
Where the night rules
Twilight Sparkle Discovers Lasers
A Sudden Realization
Interrogation Box
One Problem Child
An Afternoon at Sugarcube Corner
A Tale of Two Dictionaries (and a Chicken)
A Little Nudge
Under the Aurora
The Wrong Fork
Racing the Starlight
Oh Rarity...
Equal Parts Flour Water and Awesome
Snuggles and Nibbles
Discord Pulls a Charlie Sheen
When She Cries
This was a breakout plan
Overnight Mail
Magnetism Bunny Block
Candied Apples
Scootaloo's Cloud
Bones Diamonds and Time
Fluttershy's Lesson
First Flight
Everfree and the Poisoned Flower
Daring Dash and The Distressed Filly
Autumns End
The Midnight Run
And Then Twilight Exploded
Muffin Delivery
Airshipping is Magic
A Final Question
A Million Stars
The Time We Have Now
The Art Of Friendship
Spiderses speedrun
Right Here Right Now
My Little Lobster
Consequences and Confessions
Luna vs Chess
Fluttershy Orders a Sandwich
Derpy Hooves and the Temple of the Golden Muffin
Testing the waters
I am not your sister
Happy Birthday Lee Tockar
Pretty in Pink
Journey of the Stork
Interview With David Reinold
Going Up
Bar Only The Mind
Princess Celestia Hates Tea Part One
Princess Celestia Hates Tea Part Tw
Witch Of The Westmareland
A short story by twilight sparkle
The Return To Memories Past
The New Ruler of Equesria
Princess Celestia and The Laser Pointer
Pinkie and Twilight
Octavias Cutie Mark
Mystery of the Elements of Harmony
Hush now, Quiet now
Cutie Mark Conundrum
Fast Hack Finds Love
A Moonlit Secret
Through the Eyes of the Hurricane
A Short Story by Twilight Sparkle
The Ghost of General Smog
Somewhere Only We Know
The Day Wen Stuf Went Rong And Twilite Sperkle Ficksd Thing
One Hearth's Warming Eve
In The Orchard
Celestia Takes A Shower
What's Wrong With Me
What if
The Plot Thickens
Interview With Souldin
White Tail Woods
The Most Powerful Magic
Twilights Plan
Saying Goodbye
Heretical Fictions
Relaxing on a cloud
Pinkie Drinks a Bottle of Barbecue Sauce
Luna there's a sentient race inside your mane
In My Life
Dinky's morning
Did you miss me
Dear Princess Celestia
The Last Crusade
The Musing of Discord
Stones Embrace
Scootaloo Drops Her Ice Cream
The Late Shift
Pinkie Pie has it All Together
Not a Hair Out of Place
No More Jumping On The Bed
Missing You
The Dao of Pinkie
Let My Ponies Go
Gummy Tries All Day Long
Applejack Plays Minecraft
Preview of
The Uncrowned Queen of Magic
The Muffinomicon
The Importance of Fun
I Wish You Could
I wish I was
Derpy's First Bath Time
Derpy Makes Breakfast
A Love Like No Other
Words Are Louder
Never Stop Smiling
Luna Beats a Dead Horse
Just a Puddle
Hot Chocolate
When Harmony Was Forged
The Cask of Appletillado
That Nagging Feeling
Smokestacks and Lightning
Silly Times
Seeking Colour
I Wish I Was
Upon Melancholy Hill
The Strangest Story
Set And Match
Regal In Discretion
Off Limits
Not Alike
I Feel Fine
Diary of a Silent Tyrant
A Mother's Work is Never Done
Celestia And Luna Eat A Hot Pepper
Lets Just Say
Pinkie Pie Devides by Zero
Have You Tried Turning it Off and On Again
The Ketchup Prank
The Mare at the End of The World
Twilight Sparkle Plays With Dolls
The Spiderses Glorypants
Pinkie Pie Watches Paint Dry
Paint the Night with Stars
Martial Bliss
Diamond Scales
A pony of a different Colour
A Million Things to Do
A Candle to the Sun
Trouble Sleeping
Practice Run: How To Break Everything With Pinkie Pie
Sweet Escape
Fire Spores
The Fires Of Friendship
Tumultulous Disharmony
Someponyelses Story
Just Wait Until The End
Hang In There Kid
The Spiderses
Artistic Grandeur
Finding your Rhythm
My Little Sister
Like Sisters
Becoming Alicorn
A Flying Tank
Alone in the World
Luna There's a Sentient Race Inside Your Mane
Two Peas in a Pod
NIGHTMARE NIGHT The Mare in the Dark
NIGHTMARE NIGHT The Riverbed Village
NIGHTMARE NIGHT Static in the Night
NIGHTMARE NIGHT Nothing Is Scarier
NIGHTMARE NIGHT Mare in the Wheelchair
NIGHTMARE NIGHT I am Pinkamena Diane Pie
NIGHTMARE NIGHT Huntsmanspider Pr
NIGHTMARE NIGHT The Hoofwitch Horror
Derpy's Diary
Two and Two and Two
The Good Ship Lifestype
Shipping Googles
I miss you
In Celestia We Trust
A Visit
To Be An Alicorn
But the kitchen Sink
Mood Wings
Swayback Mountain
A Simpler Time
Scootaloo in Cloudsdale
Pretty In Pink
Birthday Wish
Two Peas in a Pod
A Visit
Forever is Forever
My Little Dashy
What is this, Tron a second read
What is this tron...
From the Mouths of Fillies
A Writers Lament
The Best Present She Could Ask For
My Little Sister
From The Mouths of Fillies
Two Mares in a Bananaboat
Mortality Report
White Box
Scootaloo in Cloudsdale
The Spiderses
Candy Apple
My Little Dashie
Memories Can Be Replaced Draft Read
The Running Of Lyra
My Even Tinier Ponies
Zecora Walks Through Poison Joke
Twilight Learns A Secret
Memories Can Be Replaced
Second animation test
Pinkie's Last Party
Best Friend Screw Loose
Let Me Eat Cake
Why Does Applejack Cry
Twilight Sparkle Goes to Bed
Luna, There's a Sentient Race Inside Your Mane
Luna Eats An Oreo
How To Do A Sonic Rainboom
The Circle of Friends
The Mill
Party of Two
Bonds Of Loyalty
The Living Library Animation Test
Pinkie Pie watches paint dry
Interventions are Magic
Mothers Day in Ponyville
Big Mac Reads Something Purple
Luna theres a sentient race living inside your mane
A Giant Huntsman Spider Scares Ponies
Pinkie's Last Party
Mother may I
Sometimes a Popsicle is just a popsicle
Luna there's a Sentient Race inside your Mane
Trouble Sleeping
Pinkie's Last Party
Princess Luna there's a sentient race inside your mane
The Bunny Suit
The Circle of Friends
Twilight Arsonist
LaFlours Lament
A feeling of loss
Luna takes a Shower
Where you can't follow
Luna eats an Oreo

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Hey, I know you guys have already read one of my stories, but I'd like to make a suggestion.

Could you please do my one-shot Twilight Opens A Book? I'd love to hear it! :heart:

Well....I shall watch with interest.


Your suggestion is on our list ^^

You've already done a reading of one of my stories, but I would love it if you did a reading of Twilight Sparkle Waits For A Train.


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