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I'm Comma-Kazie; grammarian, nitpicker, and all-around master of feels.


Hey everyone!

Comma-Kazie here once more with good news: the test print for the next round of Life and Times is here!

Behold its radiant sheen.

Behold its completely redone cover. (Thanks once again to Darkpen

Behold how through friendship, Word, and CutePDF, two books have magically been turned into one!

(Seriously, this thing is huge.)


So what now?

Well, first I need to do one final read-through—


Yes, yes, I know. More waiting. Still, like last time, this is the last leg—I just need to do a final check to ensure that the transition from Gdoc to Word to PDF to paper didn’t leave any last-minute goofs or surprises.

So what’s the new timeframe?

Ideally, this last check-over shouldn’t take me longer than the coming week. I say ‘ideally’ because in addition to the other chapters Chengar and Ponibius send my way (and holy [Buy Some Apples!] do these guys send me a lot chapters), I have that pesky job thing I have to go to when I’m not on Google Drive or The Secret World.

Once that’s done, we’ll start taking orders.

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Patient people who think I can write, and others I know very well can write.

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You can find her FimFiction page here, though for some reason her YT channel isn't accessible right now.

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>>2439773 Pity. I really liked it and wanted to hear you do the rest of the series.

Do you have a link to Shadowpaint's stuff?

#192 · 2w, 5d ago · · ·


That was the only one, though I think ShadowPaint has done a few others.

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Did you ever do any other dramatic readings besides "Forever!"?

#190 · 50w, 2d ago · · ·

um who is your favorite to least favorite of the mane six in order?

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