"Dinky's a lucky kid. I mean--think about it: how many ponies get *me* for a godmom? Yeah, that's right, one. (Well, okay, two, but Dinky was first.) It's a great gig and basically it just means I get to hang out with Dinky and be my usual awesome self ... Right?"

Part of Chengar Qordath's Winningverse, a side story to "The Life and Times of a Winning Pony"

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 101 )

Very nice addition to the universe, Tri.

Definitely glad to see this relationship in a happier context. Also: you really need a disclaimer. I went through three insulin shots before reaching the end.

EDIT: And then I saw the cover art! *die-abetes*

Looking forward to reading this tomorrow, curse it being 3AM :pinkiecrazy:

Will edit this comment once I do read it :pinkiehappy:

Now I Dare to watch the Transformers Movie...

I just love it when these side stories delve into what Rainbow Dash thinks about in terms of family and inadvertently show us what she thinks of a possible family with Pinkie Pie. It is interesting and cute. We need more of that and more of these side stories.

She can’t take Dinky away! She’s the closest thing to a foal I’m ever going to—”

You play dirty, man. That wasn't fair.
This was a blatant attempt at exploiting feels and diabeetus, and you should be ashamed of yourself. :pinkiehappy:
And it worked, OHO how it worked.

My heart exploded x5, dawwwwww, winningverse is best verse

A beautiful addition to the Winningverse.

Daaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww :fluttercry::yay::heart::rainbowkiss:

2120428 Sleep is for the weak.

Commence read.

Nicely done. :scootangel:

This... just... so much D'AAAAAAW:heart:!

I'm having the same problems RD is having with the cuteness and all. Well written! I loved it! :twilightsmile:

Wow this was just great. The only comment I can even muster up is that sometimes Rainbow's internal narration gets in the way a little.

Now this is a story worth reading.
Kind of choppy in some brief instances, but overall very, very good!

I've been wondering when you were going to get in on this action, Tri. Great job. All hail the Winningverse!

Well, Dinky just made my heart explode.:heart:

Since you had her singing it:

Now this was a very sweet and d'awww inducing.

Oh my Princess Twilight Sparkle, this was adorable.

Hi. I have been reading winning-verse stories since winning pony was on chapter seven. I did not cry when we learned what happened at flight camp. I did not cry when we found out that Rainbow considered her self a feather up after that incident, I did not dry when i read apologetic letter's. But I cried when Dinky said she loved Dash. this story gets five staches and a pinkie smile:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::pinkiehappy:

Given what's going to happen, this is a rather sweet look at a situation that's going to turn somewhat nasty.

All of my feels. I have no feels left for the day. Perhaps the week. So much cute and sad and heartwarmth and... :derpyderp2:

Fantastic work.

Oh man, that made my year.

That's one way to compliment one's parenting skills.

2118713 Only three?

Man, I'm burning up the clones too fast to replace these asploding hearts. Very well done story, everypony is in character, and so many weaponized d'aww moments. :pinkiehappy:

so...much....DAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW! everything dinky touches turns to adorable! feels don't even begin to describe it all. glad to see dinky/pipsquak interaction too. although seems rainbow has some unexplored feelings for twilight, that could be troublesome for her and pinky.

*Klaxons sounding* Warning, feel levels approaching critical capacity. Recommend reducing proximity to D'awws

NO!” She hugged me tighter than ever. “I don’t want somepony else, I want you! I love you, Rainbow Dash!”

Bulkheads breached, we can't keep out all these feels, ABANDON SHIP!!!

For real tho, great story man, many manly tears were shed at that line. :eeyup:

Seriously, I'm surprised Dinky hasn't been banned by the Geneighva Convention yet for her dangerous d'aawwwww levels.

(Although, I do have to wonder... could Rainbow still be a mom via the Magic of Love? How does that work, anyway?)

Looks good, I'll definitely read it now... Whatever has Rainbow Dash, Derpy, any of the Mane Six, or a crossover may lead to a favorite to most people. Me, I just judge it by the buildup, the plot, and the character... Showing vs telling is another thing. Ok, I'm reading now... :pinkiehappy:

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh… My stomach felt like it had just attempted a Sonic Rainboom without the rest of me. Dinky had almost fallen. She had almost ... my eyes darted around as I looked for other potential dangers. They were everywhere! Tables with sharp corners! A creepy-looking owl that was probably diseased or something! A tree full of paper and a fire-breathing dragon in the kitchen! I had to get her out of here!

Ha! Rainbow Dash does everything (except Pinkie Pie :pinkiesad2:) with an intensity that we mere mortals can scarcely comprehend. This includes maternal panic.

Funny I have Gilda set as Dinky's godmother in something I'm working on

why would you do that, man?

the feels are strong with this one, you wield them with great skill and adinkableness :pinkiehappy:

“.... oh. My. Celestia,” CK breathed. “You've gone maternal.

that line killed me, btw :rainbowlaugh:

I was wondering when you'd do something in the Winningverse Trinary. Masterfully done, with comedy, good characterization and feels. You need to add Kicker's monologue to that page of Rainbow Dash quotes you made a while back.

And blindsiding me with Rainbow's... foal situation, that's not fair mate. It isn't. This is one of the many reasons that we need a filly Rainbowpie to show up in some sort of epilogue. The only pony with potential to surpass Dinky's adorableness...

Thank you :)

Wonderful addition to the Winningverse! :twilightsmile:

AHHHHHH......I think I'm dying from cute overload, damn it, not again. Seriously though, you story was really well made but I noticed that some sentences could have been broken down shorter and the fact that Scootaloo could have talked a bit more about something else other then Dash, frankly it was starting to get annoying. Same with Dash talking about herself, I hate prideful people which is odd as buck because Trixie is my favorite villian, I don't know.

Anyway, you had Pinkie Dash in this.....and now you 100% have my attention:pinkiehappy: Though I'm confused on how a mare could have got another mare pregnant, magic maybe? Hmmm.....all in all, a 14/15:twilightsmile:

Awesome Finding Nemo line as well.

Almost forgot: DERPY!!!!!!!

Okay, that was adorable.

But it was also really heartwarming. It was really interesting looking into RD's mindset about children and I felt sympathy for her. RD might not make the best mom, but she's the coolest godmom around.

Damn. I kind of envy her now.

Well played, Trinary. Well played.


2122121 I'd die to read that.


This is just amazing <3... I love Comma-Kazie's work... but i don't read much of the wingverse, only RD being the godmom fic.


As flattered as I am to hear that, I heartily recommend checking out the rest. My involvement with those stories is one of the reasons my updates are so sporadic, and beyond which--it's a really, really amazing extended universe put together by a bunch of really, really amazing authors.


2122906 Nah it's not what it sounds like its one of those Equestria is destroyed type deals, sadly it'll probably never see the light of day since things have gone to hell

Oh, sweet Celestia, the feels. I always imagined Dinky to be the cutest filly ever, but this story just cements it. She is an absolute gem. Rainbow Dash is one lucky godmother. =)

thought it was a great story but i cant help but wonder what CK did to Rainbow that she cant have fillies. did she break something or what. rainbow fillies would be awesome

I came in with reservations. But at the end, they were shattered.
When you dropped the bomb...
That got me.
Felt like I got sucker punched.

Congrats on the story.
This like and fav were well earned.
Earned through tears.

He paused. “I think there should be a Princess Luna fan club, though.”

I could not agree more.

Also, there were editing problems. The worst was the general lack of direct address commas.

Shining Armor get’s married

Uh... what?

and--” I hastened to add

Either what she hastened to add was cut off or you missed a period.
There were more, but I don't really feel like it right now. This story was too good.

Wow, dude. That was ten kinds of adorable. Giving Dash an ambiguous reason for impotency was dark and clever, but it didn't overshadow the cuteness, especially at the end.

This is surprisingly in-character for Dash. Her element of loyalty would make her want to make sure Dinky has everything she needs, but sometimes, it's more about what one wants, and Dinky just wants a cool godmother.

Dude, I love Transformers too but your 80s is showing a little too hard. Dare? Really?

2123387 In the story The Life and Times of a Winning Pony, it's explained that CK and RD got in a serious fight when at flight camp. CK gave RD ove serious kick 'down there'. It was such a powerful hit that she almost bled out from it. So now she can't have kids, probably. At least I think that's what happened, my memory could be a bit wrong.

2124170 Thank you, i figured something along those lines happened which is sad but i don't think i have read that story but i think it is on my list for next.

2124352 Oh definately give it a look, it's awesome, not finished yet though, and I don't think it's been updated for a while, but still pretty awesome

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