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This story is a sequel to Rainbooms and Royalty

Alternate Universe (Dashverse): A continuation of "Rainbooms and Royalty" Ponyville goes to sleep one night only to find in the morning that every foal in town is gone! The ancient evil King Sombra has returned and stolen foals from all over Equestria. But why? What is his true purpose in stealing them? It's up to Rainbow Dash and her friends to rescue the foals and stop this evil once and for all. But it's a long journey and complications arise with the ponies that join them. How can they save Equestria and preserve harmony when there is disharmony among their own ranks?

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Wot's all this then? New Dashverse story?!

*clears schedule*

EDIT: Innnnteresting. That bit about the 'top of the world,' though and the 'mysterious city'... are you really bringing the Crystal Empire in already? I mean, last I saw we were still in what was essentially season 1. We haven't even seen Discord or how this dash handles Shining Armor getting married and the Changelings.

That said, Dinky is the most adorable foal ever. My heart exploded twice

YES! Back to the Dashverse!

Best notification today:pinkiehappy:


He can first post if he wants to, but he's no friend of mine.

1770901 But he didn't get first post.

New Dashverse? Count me in!


I meant he do the 'First Post' thing at his own peril. Should have been more clear.

1770938 Ah, alright then.

I wanna be a big, brave a’venturer…just like you

That is, until you take an arrow to the knee.

I saw that spiderses. I saw that.

And to conclude, that banging part was pure gol- NOPE! Platinum. Cloud Kicker is best fanon.

1770884 1770901 Oops!:twilightoops: I was so sure I had it, too.:facehoof: I even refreshed the page before I posted!:derpytongue2: It's been deleted.:twilightsheepish:

Dinky's such a pro. I hope wherever life takes in this story, she gets to mess with her captors like this. I say 'hope' because I get the feeling this chapter is supposed to make things worse for everyone (reader included) when things inevitably go south. As a side note, I'm wondering if Dash will ever have any bonding moments with Scootaloo in this universe. It doesn't look that way with Dinky around; maybe CK will fit the bill.
As for the intro and ending, I have a few ideas...

Still not done reading "Rainbooms and Royalty" yet..but will put this on my read later list for when that time comes.

Such adorableness. :rainbowkiss:

Ah, more Dashverse.
I wonder how many of these there will be.

No big deal, just gonna go on FIMfiction, work on some of my stories here and- *sees new Dashverse story*


...well, Frak, so much for working on anything now...

Ahh. New fic. New perspectives. More spanking?:trollestia:

Dinky: Are you and Mommy banging?
Cloud Kicker: :trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

Cloud Kicker is really lucky RD is gonna be bussy in another "saving the day" schedule. Not to mention Ditzy´s own reaction. :derpyderp2::twilightangry2:


Chapter has been added to. Enjoy.

Actually....I just added a bit more to this chapter.

Decent addition.
I think it was better before though - the cliffhanger was pretty good. Also, Rainbow has a bit of a leap of logic:

“It's not just Dinky, every foal in town is gone!"

She stays at Ditzy's place, right? So, has she already been out and checked on the other foals in town before Dinky?


She could've been awakened by all the ponies shouting and then went to check on Dinky.

Okay, I know you've already heard as much in the pre-reading, but this is a really solid story.

Admittedly, I might be saying that because I love anything that features Derpy and Cloud Kicker.

1770862 Interesting guess. Especially since Shining Armor and Princess Cadence are tagged as main characters for this story.

I guess that CK had Dinky ask RD if she and Ditzy were banging because *puts on sunglasses* HER CLOUD GOT KICKED! YEAHHH!!!:coolphoto:


Well, this is an ALTERNATE universe. I was gonna go in order for the sake of following the show as much as possible...but from a story-telling standpoint it just works better this way. Not to give anything away or confirm/deny your assumptions but Discord is the coolest, most interesting villain MLP has yet devised. I want to take my time and make sure I write something worthy of him. That means either putting Dashverse on hiatus for quite a while while I think of something...or doing something else while I try to think of a story good enough for him. I can always go back later and write a story that takes place between, say, Rainbooms and Royalty and this. Think of what RainbowDoubleDash does for Lunaverse.

In my opinion it was kinda dopey that the show introduced Shining Armor and Cadence with their wedding. How much better would it have been if the Crystal Empire stuff happened, THEN the wedding and changeling invasion? Since I already introduced Shining and mentioned Cadence, I think they should get some more development before they're married off.

So...yeah. Some of the BIG stuff (season premiere's and finales) probably wont happen in the order that they did in the show. But also keep in mind that there is stuff I've yet to write that takes place before this story to build up the friendships and such. So don't be surprised if I refer to things that I haven't written for yet in Dashverse, but might have happened (in a different way) in the show.

1771946 Good point. Besides, this gives us an opportunity to see Twilight's reaction to the news that her BBBFF and her foalsitter are engaged.:twilightoops:

1771946 Man, if you do for the Discord arc what you did with Nightmare Moon in "Rainbooms and Royalty", heads will explode, re-grow, then explode twice.

I'm also really looking forward to seeing what you do with Sombra here. Having just gotten around to catching up with the Season 3 eps this weekend, there was a lot of untapped potential there as far as villains go. Did anyone else think of Aku from Samurai Jack at all when he was all smoke-monstery? At the very least, I know we can count on you to give him some characterization. Like, any at all beyond "really obviously evil guy".


Alright, that actually does make a fair bit of sense. Good points. Carry on then :twilightsmile:

So - Dash heard other ponies shouting that their foals were gone when she woke up? That works I guess. Still a little iffy on verification but it works.
My point about the cliffhanger remains though.

Mind you, I do have a tendency to be critical. I actually really quite like the 'Dashverse' - it's just me being overly critical probably.


Admittedly, I might be saying that because I love anything that features Derpy and Cloud Kicker.

I second this.

Dinky’s face lit up. “Favorite!”

God it's nice to see this in a happy setting. Kudos.

“A story, huh?” Rainbow quirked her brow at the sleepy filly. “How about the story of the ‘Sleepy Filly Who Really Ought to Go to Sleep?’”

I remember a story like that from when I was her age. It must be a babysitter classic.

Dinky waited until Rainbow was in the middle of a big sip to ask, “Are you and Mommy banging?”

I had the same reaction as RD to this question. Nice.

“We will...I promise, I'll find Dinky. I promise.”

Pretty solid opening, all in all. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

I guess CK had Dinky ask RD if she and Ditzy were banging because *puts on sunglasses* HER CLOUD GOT KICKED! YEAHHH!!!:coolphoto:

"As Rainbow Dash joined the rest of Ponyville’s citizens in the gentle embrace of the Sandmare, the wind took on a different pitch."

I see what you did there. :rainbowkiss:

Just wow.

*Sees the author* ... *Auto-faves*

Now to read it. *Mutters* Lousy bloody site, making the watch/unwatch button unclickable...


I know not of what you speak. *Liar Jack face*

This is gonna be big. Not gonna lie. I see potential.

More Dashverse? Yay!

So, The Crystal Empire huh? Not gonna lie, I was hoping for Discord but I saw what you posted above and I'd prefer that you took the time to do it right rather than be a slave to chronological order.

Cloud Kicker you magnificent bastard! I suppose she did owe Dash one after what she did at the end of May the Best Friends Win. Incidentally, if Celestia ever met Cloud Kicker then someone ( Preferably you or Chengar) needs to write a fic about it. That sounds mind blowingly entertaining.

This chapter broke the adorableness meter, and I had just fixed it after the last episode! I forgive you though, and I enjoyed the gryphon story and the Gilda cameo.

I am terribly curious about how you will expand on Sombra and the Empire, since there are loads of directions you could go. I also assume that we'll get to see what happens when Dashie looks into the fear door. I've actually done quite a bit of thinking about what she'd see, since at one point I was planning on writing a fic involving the mane 6 being trapped inside their worst nightmares. Because our interpretations of Dash's character are relatively close, I'm interested to see how similar my idea is to yours

Looks very promising, and I enjoyed it a lot, thanks Trinary

1771058: So, you want Scootalooo under Cloud Kicker's wing? Sounds like you're asking for the Rainbow Dash Presents version of Scootaloo to come to pass. :rainbowlaugh:


Can't wait for more...:rainbowkiss:


Oh, that Scootaloo will come pass alright baby. HOOWAH!

A continuation to Rainbooms and Royalty? Insta-tracked before reading!! :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

... Okay, now that I've read it:

Shoot. :twilightoops: King Sombra haunting Ponyville?? You certainly aren't pulling any punches, are you? Did you decide to flesh him out a bit more? Or is His Sinisterness the only villain you see as awesome enough to set against Loyalty as the leader of the Mane 6?

Either way, great start!

Ask and ye shall receive...:pinkiesad2:

Gotta say, I like all this backstory for Sombra ... and we've got a nice mystery in the brewing.

Oh man, drama incoming when Dash learns about Cadance and Shining Armor.

I agree about Sombra, nice development for him.

She already knows. Shining Armor told her at the end of "Rainbooms and Royalty".

1777863 Oops, I either missed that or forgot it.


Shining told her that they're dating....but that's it. There might be more news to come from that front....

Speaking of which, "Stupid sexy Twilight"? Is Rainbow interested in Twilight, or is this just a Simpsons gag? 'Cuz I don't think, in your fics at least, Rainbow is romantically or sexually interested in mares.


Eh, mostly Simpsons/Pony meme gag. It's more the voice of the narrator than of RD herself.

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