This story is a sequel to Rainbooms and Royalty

An alternate universe re-imagining of "Friendship is Magic." Rainbow Dash is the personal protege of Celestia, ruler of all Equestria. Follow her through the events of the 1,000th Summer Sun Celebration and the return of Nightmare Moon! (A significant rewrite of the "Rainbooms and Royalty")

Cover art by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen

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... is this the Sunset Shimmer!Dash variant?



Was great.

Fancy Pants was also very good. I've actually been to fancy parties and he sounds the closest to the people at them. Making connections through common ground.

Ouch yeah.

I know it's been said, but Celestia is a good ruler and inspires loyalty, but she definitely has trouble with her students. You can definitely see how, even with the best of intentions, you would up with a situation like Sunset.

Looking forward to seeing how this goes rewrite.

I wonder if Rarity will be able to make Rainbow a dress she can actually stand.

So many changes... The more shown attempts of Dash "trying" to fit in with the ponies in Canterlot, Celestia's status as Queen instead of Princess, Tiffany's introduction and the fact the Rainbow knows about Nightmare Moon's return before she left to Ponyville.... Even the dialogue with Fancy Pants is slightly different. I'm curious what else is different in this remastered version. You've caught my attention once again! :pinkiehappy:

Huh. Well that changes a lot of the Dash/Tia relationship in the whole 'verse.

Celestia took a deep breath. “It’s important to always be respectful—”

Respectful?” Rainbow’s outraged cry interrupted her. “What respect have they ever shown me? None! I’m not gonna just let them trot all over me and smile when they do it! If they want respect they have to show me some of their own first!”

Rainbow has a point, playing the "society game" when High Society has no respect or regard for her just makes Rainbow look weaker and like an even better target, and makes Celestia look stupid and possibly weak for taking Rainbow on.

“I know it’s difficult.” Celestia was visibly straining to hold onto her temper, at least by her standards. “But it’s up to you to prove yourself to be the better pony.”

And when has that ever helped anyone except those who are targeting the poor sap who is "being the better person"?

“How is knowing Platrot or being diplomatic with snobs going to help me stop Nightmare Moon?”

She has a point.

Interesting ... since Rainbow already knows about NMM, she won't feel (legitimately) that Celestia manipulated and used her, but she's likely to still hold a grudge with Luna for NMM's actions. Her foreknowledge of NMM could also affect how Rainbow interacts with Derpy, Cloud Kicker, and the rest of the Mane 6.

Celestia's mistake is trying to make Rainbow fit Canterlot's high class society as a mean to learn and promote friendship. As Dash points out, this is an absurd tactic considering how fake and treacherous is that environment.

Rainbow gets along better with honest, reliable peers. Those whom she can rely upon, and viceversa.

So Rainbow is in the know about Nightmare.

Interesting change. I wonder how it affects the story.


Yes, there are a lot of changes.

One of the things I realized going back is that there were a few times I relied on contrivances to keep things as close to the original episode as I could, just 'cause, even though replacing Twilight with Rainbow should result in more changes.

The explanations offered for Celestia being so circumspect with Twilight when it came to Nightmare Moon tended to be a little light in my opinion. It all seemed to hinge on Twilight reading that book at the very start and making the connection to the Mare in the Moon legend and remembering the Elements of Harmony. That's a pretty dubious plan, in my book, but even if you think it works--that can't work for Rainbow Dash. She's not about to start reading that stuff on her own for fun, and the more I thought about it, Celestia telling her -nothing- about Nightmare Moon's pending return was foolish and irresponsible and there really wasn't a good reason for her to do it. I had to grasp at straws to try to justify it.

Sometimes when writing two characters in conflict, it's a little too easy to make one or the other out to be more in the wrong if you don't think the audience will sympathize with the other character. So I think I over-compensated and made Celestia be more foolish/jerkish in the original than either fit her character or served the needs of the story.

Not telling Rainbow helped add to drama later, but that was because I wanted there to be some argument and drama between the two to show the difference between Rainbow being Celestia's student as opposed to Twilight. But there's a big difference between having something happen because it makes sense for the character, and something happening because the writer wanted it to happen. One is writing based on the characters and internal logic, while the latter is just a contrivance.

Ok then. I was just saying that because, while I hadn't read the Sombra/Changling stories yet, I'd imagine the new dynamic between the would be fairly important, and that means those may have to be revised.

How Celestia could do this year after year and decade after decade was a mystery to Rainbow.

Rainbow my dear... look at Celestia... now look at the nobles. Now imagine one of them putting on a big silly hat and declaring themselves Grand High Horse Person. There's your answer: she needs a reminder of what would take the helm should she ever decide to take a powder from Queen.

One can, if one were so inclined, debate the detriments of immortal rule of course, but thats neither here nor there.

Celestia shook her head. “I heard what they said, and it was hurtful and wrong. But what you did is not an acceptable response. I want you to go after them and apologize for—”

“Apologize?” Rainbow reared up. “No way!”

“Yes way,” Celestia countered.

Rainbow rolled her eyes. “Figures. You don’t step in to stop these pampered brats you keep trying to force me to be around, but whenever I stand up for myself it’s me who has to apologize. Because that’s fair.”

“You need to understand that there are ways to appropriately deal with these sorts of disagreements. There will always be neighsayers, but being angry won’t change their minds,” Celestia took a deep breath. “It’s important to always be respectful—”

Uh... hello. Warrior tribe born filly Celestia. And a tomboy to boot. Your lucky it didn't completely devolve into a flat out brawl. Not because the dopes didn't have it coming, or couldn't do without a ruddy good beating, but lets be honest: given the life style they live if the had gotten into it with Rainbow, she would have gone through them like a bead curtain to say the least. Worse, she more then likely would have held back and still nearly have done them in!

A little rain is a damn sight better in my opinion.

Celestia shook her head. “It does no good to panic random ponies by telling them of the coming danger.” She sighed.

She's doing this for Luna. She would do well not to enter the mire of hypocrisy.

As much as Rainbow hated it when they fought like this, she hated how so simple a gesture could make her feel instantly guilty for ever arguing with her at all. She felt her eyes tear up and she looked away, not wanting Celestia to see them. She hastily rubbed a hoof across her face. “I’m always stuck in your shadow,” she choked out. “And always being compared to you … and I can’t win!” Rainbow Dash shut her eyes. “How am I supposed to measure up to a Queen?!”

Gonna sound cold here, but Rainbow's really not. Good Maker at his works knows how much good will she lost with the nobles just taking her on as is, but actually making it seem she was going to take her place or being groomed too... one shudders at the thought.

But I do see Rainbows point as well... she sees Celestia as more then a mere Queen, doesn't she? And more then a teacher. I wouldn't say a mother... more like an older sister perhaps?

Could you clarify that "Good Maker at his works knows how much good will she lost with the nobles just taking her on as is..." bit, please?

Oh... certainly. Forgive me, I can sometimes be a bit... obtuse in my words.

I'm rather unfamilar with the political structure here, but I assume that Celestia isn't deified, correct?


No. Maybe -some- think of her that way, but it's nothing she supports or encourages.

Honestly, I'm hesitant to touch this. Not that the idea itself is bad, but other stories that do this, tend to write Twilight out of ever becoming Celestia's student alongside Rainbow.

Unless of course you retcon her magic surge out of existance and she gets into the school anyway.


Well, of course it's your choice to read or not. That said, without giving it away, there is an explanation regarding what happened to Twilight, her magic surge, and why.

"No. Maybe -some- think of her that way, but it's nothing she supports or encourages."

First off, thank you for that Trinary:twilightsmile:

As to your question, since she is not deified, and since I sincerely doubt theres much of a religion to speak of in your canon, she is not imbued by some arbitrary right to Rule, nor is one given to make such a claim even if there was. As such, she would, by necessity, have to turn over quite a bit of her own political clout over to the nobles.

Again, I'm not familar with the politics your going off here, but Rainbow isn't a high born nor even one born to some wealthy family, is she? Most would see her appointment as an insult to their house, intentional or otherwise, and come clamouring with noses in the air and drudgeon in hoof to inform their good Queen decision being the square peg causing their current round of hindquarter bother.

Of course, Celestia is well within her rights to take on who she damn well pleases, and would inform them as such in her usual pleasant and motherly way. And some would be placated, but most would still see it as an insult some hedonist featherbag had the gaul to accomplish something in life to draw the eye of Celestia. As opposed to them... doing dick all aside from drawing the genetic lottery and being born to the landed gentry, and hopefully one where the sire and dam are cousins thus assuring a proper blood line.

And worse still, Rainbow doesn't even seem to hold Celestia in the proper way one should! How dare she disagree with the Queen, would be the cry, and probably the excuse given instead of, you know, them being useless cysts on the musculature of Equestria not being worth the lofty placing at their Queens side.

In short, Celestia probably has caused a lot of the noblity to engage in a whole plethora of hoof draging and misplaced supply runs and not to few lost or "accidentally" destroyed files to happen in retaliation. And even after that, they still probably resent her and Rainbow for it.


In short, you put your finger on the pulse of the issue.

Are you saying I was right?:rainbowhuh: On a rant on pony fanfiction!:pinkiegasp:

To think my parents, siblings, grandparents, Pastor, teachers, school system, and random people on buses and in the streets all claimed I'd never make anything of my life:pinkiecrazy:

Not much I can say beyond great job on the start to this reboot. So far, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. Yeah, I can definitely see where Rainbow would have a hard time fitting in (as other reviewers said, she does better making friends around those that are more upfront, honest and genuinely respectful), but I DID like Fancy Pants showing Rainbow that not ALL nobles are complete jerks. Also, as another reviewer said, Rainbow was actually showing a remarkable degree of restraint keeping her payback restricted to a raincloud.

Of course, even if Celestia was in Cloudsdale instead of Canterlot at the time of the first Sonic Rainboom, she would have STILL heard about a frighteningly powerful filly causing Vash the Stampede levels of chaos at the entrance exam (there is NO WAY something like THAT wouldn't make the papers).

Of course, there is the popular theory that the dragon egg thing is meant to test the applicants' CHARACTER, not their ABILITY. Otherwise, there would either be far fewer students or far more dragons. Which means that Twilight would have gotten in anyway considering she probably got a perfect score on the written exam and aced every OTHER part of the practical portion.

And, yeah, also as other reviewers said, it is easy to see how Sunset could end up snapping under the pressure.

But, anyway, I will very definitely be looking forward to more of this.

I didn't find your reasoning particularly bad. In any case, I am excited about how you intend to improve upon the story.

No. The original is still a good story. I strongly recommend you read it.

There was no mistaking what that meant. Rainbow snorted. “You mean why I’m her student and not one of you? There’s a simple answer: it’s called taste. Try getting some.”

Already I like Rainbow here, she's not having ANY of this.


Guess even a stopped clock is right twice a day. That, sounded SO much worse than I intended.


Guess even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

OH NO, A CHEEKY STING!:raritydespair:


I thought the internet was safe! Guess I'll have to... get a sense of humor:fluttershbad::trollestia:

I watched a expose on Da View once! Its the silent killer... and loud killer... and all forms of killer in between!

But take heart good sir or madam! The banning of memes is a good start towards the eradication of such an insidious threat.

Good reasoning all-around,. Anyway, this is a great start. Can't wait for more. :D

I dunno, it’s not grabbing me...

But I really liked the original, so I’m going to take some time to alter my expectations (because I see it’s not going to be the same and expecting what came before is probably part of the problem) and try again later when I’m less distracted.

Well, I liked the old one. Let's see where this goes.

Since Tiffany didn't mention Rainbow's mom here, I got curious: will you be using her parentes from the show, or the ones you created?

Big fan of the original. Can't wait to see where this goes. 'Nother thing I want to see. Rainbow and Blueblood. Either Mr. Princey will be bucked into next millennium, or will pop a blood vessel. Both i really want to see. Doesn't have to happen; I just want to see that happen. Soooooooooooooo much!

I absolutely made the right decision in giving this a second chance.

Never read the original, but I'll be tracking this to see where it goes. Honestly, I sympathize with Rainbow.

And the plot is afoot!


Look, me and Celestia could probably both use a little space right now. Hay, with the Summer Sun Celebration coming up, she’ll be so swamped that she won’t even miss me.

Yeah, pretty sure Celestia doesn't have the same feelings there, Rainbow. Makes sense that she just needs to get away for a while. Have different surroundings, cool her head a little. Not that Nightmare Moon is really going to help with that at first, but we'll see what happens.

Her voice grew bolder as her flight carried her farther and farther from Canterlot. “—and nopony’s gonna bring me down!”

... You know, something is off here... Maybe I'm just to used to the world biggest destiny obsessed white idiot putting sociopathic hornheads and loveable grumps tag along coat tail riders into either actual or defacto positions of arbitrary power, but its weird to see a Celestia whose competent... sister obsessed, mayhaps, but competent.

Darn that tv show, putting these silly ideas out there for me to be all disgruntled over:trollestia:

“Oh yeah, the famous sister you’re always talking about but isn’t ever around to actually meet me. I’m starting to wonder if she even exists.”

Thats another weird thing! Its like some blind mad trickster god or gods arbitrarily shoe horning in ponies from beyond the pale for, say, selling box set toys to children and weirdo's.

—and nopony’s gonna bring me down!”

Paging Cloud Kicker, Cloud Kicker to the skies, we need you for a history lesson on what may be the physical embodiment of angst Lady Mcedgington!

Interesting changes thus far, or maybe its been so long since I read the original. Either way, it's nice to read more of this! :twilightsmile:

Liking this a lot. Great interactions between Shining and Rainbow, here.

Somehow forgot to track this story. This has been remedied.

Distressingly, Applejack seemed to see right through her. Her expression even softened a touch. “Sugarcube, are you runnin’ away from something?”

Run for the hills! Applejack possesses that most terrible of power: common sense!

Dash shook her head vehemently. “What? No, I’m not! I’m just … I needed a break and decided to see some old friends in Ponyville."

No you aren't. You are lonely gym horse

“Woah there, not so fast!” Applejack said around a mouthful of tail, quickly spitting it out. “Listen hun, I don’t rightly know what your story is, but you’re Ponyville. And if’n you don’t have any bits, then I don’t see how you’re gonna find yourself a place to stay or food to eat. If you need to rest a spell, we got plenty of room here at Sweet Apple Acres.”

Rainbow blinked, temporarily taken aback. “I thought you said you weren’t a motel?”

Uh oh... I don't like where this is going

Applejack rolled her eyes. “We ain’t—you’re gonna pay us back for them apples.” She gave her a brief, stern look.

It is going there is it... No Trinary, there are enough of these fics!

“Besides which, me and my kin always have a door open to anypony who needs it. In fact, we’re about to have a passel of relatives over for the family reunion.”

Oh God, no!:twilightoops:

She offered Rainbow a supportive smile. “You can help us with the set up so we can get to the vittles that much faster! We’ll have apple pies, apple fritters, caramel apples, apple brioche, apple brown betty, and heaps of good old Apple Family Cider, saved special for the occasion!”



*SNERK* Well played.

Picking up steam, I see.

I said it back in chapter one, I’ll say it again here: Giving this story another chance was absolutely the right decision for me to make.

<flails desperately about his desk> WHERE IS MY BERSERK, DADDY NEEDS HIS GRIMDARK!


Well, she can’t say she didn’t TRY to warn her about Pinkie Pie...not that it would have helped.

Another great chapter. This looks like the beginning of a beautiful rivalry/friendship/something.


This was a really nice introduction. Once Rainbow gets herself settled, I think she'll find Ponyville to really be the breath of fresh air she's looking for

Rainbow shrugged. It probably wasn’t that important anyway.

Whelp, Rainbow only has herself to blame for going into a Code Pinkie without preparation ... AJ did try and warn her after all.

Love your take on best muffin horse. Ah, who am I kidding, I just love Derpy in general.


I really liked this chapter. Derpy being a weather pony is...interesting, and well...is she significantly less clumsy in this AU cus I think Derpy + weather generally spells disaster. Especially since she seems to have a couple of shared traits with her Winningverse counterpart, namely her tendency to set her kitchen on fire. I do like Rainbow also being Dinky's godmother here. Gives her some nice ties to Ponyville right off the bat.

Woah, another big difference! Rarity recognizes Rainbow as Queen Celestia's student.

It's a nice change that someone who isn't already friends with Dash know who she is.

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