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This story is a sequel to The Second Pony in Space

Long ago, Starswirl the Bearded created a time travel spell. Nopony has ever traveled through time without the use of that spell. Except for one.

Rainbow Dash has returned to Equestria, and nothing makes sense. She knows the pegasus that visited her, but if Rainbow had been gone for ninety two years, she should be dead. And she knows that purple unicorn, but she should be an alicorn and look different. Her dragon should look different too.

But Nightmare Moon returns, and Rainbow and her new friends need to go obtain the Elements of Harmony to stop her from causing eternal night. But Rainbow doesn't want to send Princess Luna back to the moon again, and needs to show why she represents the Element of Loyalty.

Loyalty isn't always easy for everypony, but maybe Rainbow can make it look like it is...

This is the second story in the Shadow-Dashverse. Reading the previous story is highly recommended to understand what's going on.

Thanks everyone!

2/19/17 One thousand views! Thanks for reading!

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Comments ( 137 )

Noice. And I was TOTALLY wondering what happened to the characters.


I am lost. Plz help

7495275 Like..how did she time travel? Why are the rest all different?

Is this an alternate dimension she's in? How does Fluttershy remember her if she was born over 100 years in the past?

What is even going on>?

I promise that all will be explained!

... Eventually.

7495305 I guess i'll just question my sanity until then then.

I have a lot of questions!!! What exactly happened??? you better continue this!!!

Uhh if she did time travel(somehow?) I guess history does repeat itself! Haha! :rainbowlaugh:

No? Okay... But I'm on edge if she just went to a parallel universe right next to hers...

Rainbow probably went back in time when she did the Sonic Rainboom as a filly!:pinkiegasp:

5 parts dragon? What the Hell?

7509122 but then, how or why was she missing for 90something years?

Now I'm more confused than before. The alicorn part I guess if because Luna, but the others, have no idea. Also, how does she know about that information????

So let me get this straight... Rainbow Dash got teleported more than 90 years in the past when she did the sonic rainboom, grew up, went to space, and got sent back to the planet during about the time of the summer sun celebration. However since she wasn't there in the past, it altered the present time to be as it is now. Also when she heard about the school she attended to, she thought of a dragon, alicorn, and a unicorn. That may explain why she has multiple forms of magic in her composition, due to some kind of past event with those three. Perhaps, it could have also been foreshadowing.

7512729 It was the version of her that teleported into the past and went to space. She went missing for about 90 years.

7513408 thanks, I'm still confused about everything in general. But less than before.

This is beautiful, its the build up of so many unknowns that can only be solved when the truth is revealed!

7536503 Like Algebra, really confusing algebra

7509023 she twilight starlitght and spike all fused together and became one being when the spell activated and now there 4 magics and souls are one

This was obviously caused by Twilight Sparkle & Starlight Glimmer's battle in Cloudsdale. Is this the beginning of the Alt-timeline where NNM took over Equestria & RD is working with NNM?--and this story is to be resolved by the arrival of Alicorn TS in the future of this timeline??

more more more dont make me die pls pls pls write more:fluttershysad:




-3 Hours Later-

RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrr- Okay. I'm done. :twilightblush:


You know, I never would have guessed that a sequel story to one I wrote on a whim would be my most popular. :derpyderp2:

That one had significant plot holes. One of the bigger reasons why I'm sticking around here is to see how you close them (and the new ones you opened in this story).

And we have even more plot holes. Do you plan on covering the big ones; why reality is so different from canon, and what's going on with the time travel stuff (especially the conflicting memories of Dash and Fluttershy)?

That's where half the plot holes come from.

7625438 Everything will be explained in one way or another. I promise.

I think I am starting to understand now... I assume this has to do with the cutie re-mark?

Nice picture.
(Try in the future to center pictures. Your choice though)

7634639 Oops! Forgot to center the picture! Thanks for telling me.

Aw...I've finished this already?!

glowing wings ... interesting. Thing are heating up and I like it
Alsorainbow can use magic now, didn't see that one coming

so, i like this story. i like it alot.

i just have one problem with it. why is Fluttershy's words in a smaller font size? its heavily distracting, and unnessacary, as we all know Fluttershy is normally soft spoken.

"You have just enterd the Twilight Zone" and I will add the link Monday.

you know, I find it interesting how mixed up the facts and sometime a bit understated the facts are but when it's time to reveal the connection, there's this big impact that puts all of those separated weird one-offs into an epic picture.

Good job! Can't wait to read the next one.

Speaking of Fluttershy being soft-spoken, I have a problem with how she can't hear someone else muttering, when her own speech is generally muttering as well.

"WHAT," said Rainbow, "Okay, I'm Luna a letter right now before something else happens!"

OH MY... things are going way too far for Rainbow that she couldn't English properly for a moment!
(That was... real rude of me, sorry.)

7679836 Actually, I purposely left it that way. Rainbow's so shocked she can't even question anything!

Rainbow played with the buttons on the camera before a small picture finally showed up on it, along with sounds.

Waaaait. . . How did the film ever get developed? :rainbowhuh:

(Because I'm sure that's the biggest mystery about this entire story.)

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