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So I'm awesome. Yeah, if you know me, you know that. I have Pinkie Pie for a fillyfriend, pulled off Tornado Day by the skin of my teeth, and got complimented by Spitfire from the Wonderbolts. Also, did I mention I saved her life once? Thing is, though, I don't think awesome is genetic. I mean, I love my parents and all, but ... at a distance. So naturally, they came by to visit.

A sequel to The Incredibly Dense Mind of Rainbow Dash, The Incredibly Troubled Mind of Rainbow Dash, and Chapters 1-12 of The Life and Times of a Winning Pony.

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“I’m sure she won’t mind if we visit as customers, and I doubt she will be busy all day. Surely she must get off sometime today or during the weekend.”

Knowing Rainbow's libido... Probably not.
Also, nice choice for the chapter title.:twilightsmile:

Wait...I haven't read "The Incredibly Dense Mind of Rainbow Dash" or any of its side-stories/sequels, but is that G3 Rainbow Dash and Surprise? How can they be her parents? Did they get a donation from a sperm bank? Or magic (in which case, as the meme goes, you don't have to explain s***)?

I'll be honest, didn't care for the beginning, but the Surprise, Pinkie dynamic really works for me. Also I approve of any story which involves embarrassing Rainbow Dash.

All levels of insanity between Surprise and Pinkie. Good chapter, good start, it's hilarious how Dash's moms behave.

That was great! I love to perhaps an unhealthy degree that you had Dash's parents be Surprise and old school Rainbow Dash. Can't wait till Rainy meets Rarity. (Please be at the spa, please be at the spa!)

Interesting to see an example of the same sex parenting magic (I assume) that was mentioned a while back in Winning Pony.

Yup, it's a part of the shared universe lore. Female/Female reproduction can happen via "the magic of love."

So much winning. Really looking forward to where this goes :rainbowlaugh:

Sorry I didn't get to edit this chapter much. Was in exam period so had my hands full the last couple of days.

Gonna read this when i'm not filled with sleep, tomorrow xD


Huzzah! The Rainbow Dashes have been doubled!

Now that that's out of my system, I can't wait to see where this goes! It looks like it's gonna be the party of the ages! :pinkiehappy:

Totally enjoying this story but hard to get over the slightly creepy feel that her parents are her from a previous generation and her girlfriend from a previous generation :twilightoops:

There's so much to love about this story, but my favorite thing has to be RD's names for her parents. Just... Yes.

I caught a few misspellings.

and what’s their jobs were.

doesn't need the 's on What's

I leaned back into the cough and the pillow mom had set up and crossed my forelegs over my chest.

cough should be couch, just a one key off thing.

“Thank you, I really like my home. Tt’s everything I wanted.”

Tt's = "It's"
Well judging from this i think RD's first intro to speed flight was to escape the embarrassment that her moms can inflict.
I hope that Rarity and Cool-Mom have a moment on their shared similarities similar to Pinkie and Surprise.
Seeing as this is a comedy side story we prolly wont get to see Dash's moms input on flight camp though that would have been interesting.
It's fun to see this side story playing into the background, though i don't think Rd reputation will survive the visit, but then again Ponyville might not survive this visit if Pinkie and Surprise have anything to say about it with their Party contest / War. I do believe "The Incident III, The Party-Pocolypse" will end up in the Equestrian history books, come to think of it if they invite All the Ponies that means Luna Might show up. :pinkiehappy: That ought to be interesting if CK happens to be around. :twilightsmile:
Glad this is not a one shot it's freaking hilarious watching Rainbow squirm. :rainbowlaugh:
Adding another to my watch list, Great Job! :pinkiehappy:

Does anyone find it slightly bizarre that Dash is dating essentially Awesomom but younger? That would be pretty strange for me if I were in her position.

Hm, Rarity has probably heard of the older Rainbow Dash, be interesting to see how their meeting plays out.

Poor Dashie, between her moms antics and Pinkie getting upset over the whole cupcakes thing she just can't seem to catch a break. I have a feeling that the moms are going to find out about the whole eye thing and the shit will hit the fan.

Although now that I think about it, after the infamous incident at flight camp I'd probably be really overprotective of my daughter too. No kid should have to go through something like that. I can't imagine how her parents must have reacted. Cool Mom at least might still have some sort of grudge against Cloud Kicker, and if she enters this story ( and I hope she does) things will certainly get messy in a hurry.

I'm glad that this story will have more than one installment and I can't wait to see the events of the party. Poor Rainbow will likely never live it down. Thank you for writing this chapter and I eagerly await the next one.

Now if you'll excuse me I have a photo album to burn so that villainous people like Applejack can never get their hooves on it.

:rainbowhuh: Wait, let me get this straight. Dash's parents are Surprise and G3 Rainbow "Always Dresses in Style" Dash? That's certainly a new idea.
Either way, I'm already loving this story. Can't wait to see more!

A couple of typos I caught while reading.

I leaned back into the cough and the pillow


Tt’s everything I wanted


And reading this, I'm not surprised the story, to quote Comma, "exploded on us". I look forward to seeing more of this.

This one was delightfully fun to read. Good job, as usual.

I have to ask what makes this part of the winning-verse. Not because I don't think it doesn't belong (because it really does fit) but really just as wonderment.
Oh it doesn't really matter.:derpytongue2: Twas really good and that is all.

I am sad now, as I have to wait for the rest of the story.


Apparently. I wonder if Rainbow has given any thought to this? They even look pretty much the same for heaven's sake! It would be interesting to hear her thoughts on the matter.

Oh, this promises to be fantastically hilarious. Especially Dash's continuing inability to see how her girlfriend is a near-clone of one of her mothers. I can't help but wonder if Twilight's going to wax amateur psychiatrist with that one...

In any case, looking forward to more.


Completely understandable. I'm always thankful for what time you do spend on helping to edit.


Thanks for catching those, fixed.

If you think about it, it would be easy to use magic to manufacture a sperm cells from a parents DNA, and just as easy to produce an egg from a male subject. Magic really makes it easy for complicated medical prcedures to work.:twilightsheepish: I spend a lot of time thinking about this sort of thing.

1777895 Yeah, I didn't get past the first third of the chapter. Hopefully by next time exams will be over.

Reminds me a little of the late webcomic 'Girly'

1778373 spout off enough theories and you're bound to get something right, eventually:unsuresweetie:

If you think about this further, if both parents are female, then the only possible offspring is also female (unless you modify the gene code, but I'm certain even with magic, that's not an easy process). Hm...

electra complex much?

1778548 The main links are, Pinkie Pie paired with Dash and Rainbow Dash's eye surgery in regards to Tornado Day.
Also, amazing as always. I would love to see how this unfolds.

1779691 The eye surgery. Got it. It was more a question on where it hit the winningverse as opposed to a rainbow pie pairing and you answered. Thank you.:twilightsmile:

*Sees title image*

"Cool-Mom" and "Awesomom"... That's so Rainbow.

I was starting to wonder if wearing that many form fitting costumes was hot. I’d have to ask Pinkie that later.

Out of context, that sounds closer to a Cloud Kicker quote than a Rainbow Dash one...

Also, Vinyl and Octavia? :yay: I've been toying with the idea of a Winningverse story focusing on those two, but the biggest thing that was stopping me from actually doing anything with it was that they hadn't actually made an appearance in the Winningverse yet, and thus would be hard to incorporate without making it seem contrived. But now that they're being brought in...
*strokes fluffy white cat*
...Time for plotting!


There's actually an ongoing thread on the WPverse group page on possible new WP story ideas and characters to use.

Sweet Jesus Christ on a crutch, I've heard of Dethklok concerts being more restrained than that.

Party Hard - Andrew W.K.

Cool-Mom pulled out her weapon of mass humiliation

:rainbowlaugh: poor Dashie, I'm sure everyone don't like show their baby pictures
Can't wait for the next chapter

I'm not sure quite what it is, but I just couldn't get into this story:pinkiesad2: Its not poorly written or anything, but nothing is really hooking me into it. I'm a huge fan of all the other Winning-verse stuff so far, but this one.....I dunno. Maybe it's the fact that, for what's supposed to be a first person Dash fic, it's not exuding that feel at all. At least not to me anyway.

Great job pounding out such a lengthy fic (certainly more than anything I've done in a single chapter), but it's just not doing it for me:ajsleepy:

I love how RD still calls them Cool Mom and Awesomom despite how heinously grodulous they are.

The two of them started to get into what I guessed was a indepth discussion about party artillery

I think you mean 'partillery'. It's 20% more portmanteauriffic!:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

And yeah, I can't wait to see Rarity meet Cool Mom either.

Twilight is gonna flip her lid when she sees them.
I can hear her saying "You're not scientifically possible" already.

Mother of god. Surprise is so much like Pinkie, do you suppose she has Awesomom-sense? :pinkiegasp:

Awesomom + Pinkie is already too much. Cool-mom + Rarity will signify the end of Equestria.

Caught a few typos

Even if I disguised myself at Dashie’s mom

Should be as

That was true, hay, they tasted pretty fantastic when AJ had them.

Probably "when AJ made them"
But yes, loved it! I always get so excited when anything Winningverse comes out. Though it always seems like they all get clustered into a single day.

Nice! Top of the Featured Box! :pinkiehappy:

Alt. Title: Mother Of Rainbow Dash: A Surprise And A Rarity

Wow the Winningverse is really expanding huh? Which is of course a good thing.
Commence read!:twilightsmile:

EDIT After reading: love it. Probobly my favorite winningverse side story so far, passing The study of a Winning POny.
I think the only thing that could top this in my book is if someone makes a winningverse side story starring Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, or Derpy.

more winningverse?

So... Ponies have Asari reproduction.


I'm okay with this.


And, if Lesbian Love Magic (TM) is responsible for a significant proportion of births, that explains the gender imbalance!
Psuedoscience for the win! dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Twilight_Sparkle_lolface.png

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