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Awesome! I'm glad it did, as I really enjoyed your story.

Yeah, that's me! Thanks a ton, I've always meant to sit down and do some writing, and I'm glad the contest gave me an opportunity to do so.

Is this the Kalan from EFNW? If so, I really liked your iron author entry!

Hey, did you know that science has proven that favoriting Bon Bon Dies at the End makes you an estimated 50%-60% more physically attractive? While furthermore, subjects who upvote and comment become twice as physically attractive.

May I also say that in my own scientific opinion that it shows? :raritywink:

Science is a wonderful thing.

I'm very glad that you thought enough of my exploration of what would happen to Spike in a situation like Immature to give it a Fave. It's knowing that people like you have found it engaging that makes it worthwhile.:pinkiesmile:

  • Viewing 5 - 9 of 9
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