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It's my pleasure to entertain, and my drive to continue forward. I hope I give you a good time for your share, and maybe I'll give you a laugh or two. We'll see. Keep it cool, Condemned.


Welcome everybody, my name's Markiplier and this is a short story about one of the worst days of my life. I had to spend twenty-four hours in a world of multicolored ponies and try to survive this chaotic world within the allotted time. Fans, they are many, they are awesome, but sometimes... they're not from our lovely little rock called,"Earth."

I hope you'll enjoy this, but should you find something unsatisfactory about it, well... there's a lot more interesting stories you could be reading. Have a good one.

Keep it cool, Condemned.

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:rainbowlaugh: This is so good... I never thought I would enjoy such a weird crossover like this, but you got marks humor spot on, and I enjoyed this so much!


Though, I wonder if he would swear in front of the ponies.
Yeah, probably.

Holy balls! This is good I love it!

I can't belive I'm seeing this... I'm not sure if to be disturbed... or thrilled.

// Sphex

Markiplier In Equestria???? YES

I....I don't know what to think about this.
Disturbed? Awesome? All the above?
Jimmies will be rustled when Mark finds out about this. :pinkiecrazy:

I'd slow things down, make it a bit less choppy. Seems to be bouncing around like crazy (or is that suppose to be the style?)

The flood gates have been opened.

Prepare yourselves, men! The YouTube insertions are coming!

Stache in a box music video.

Someone should make a live reading of this and send it to Mark and see if he gives a reaction to it.

// Sphex

"Put on the stache."

I'd immediately check my house for intruders and/or wish I had a gun, but that's just me.

FINALLY! A MiE Fic! Totally going to read!

Mark's meat rant in the last video was nothing but what she said :D

2642179 I sent him a message with a link :twilightsmile:

mark feels quite in character, someone DEFINITELY needs to read this, and send it to mark


Calm down... :facehoof:


HAHAHA! This is going to be epic! :pinkiehappy:

Commence spamming MARKIPLIER with this fic
Edit: I mean if you want Mark to see it :fluttershysad:

2642810 it began so long ago it's not even funny

I could toats McScroats see him doing this...

I tried not to blink and kept her within my field of vision as I turned to the other blue pony.

MLF: CIM really can scar someone of Pinkie Pie forever.:pinkiecrazy:

Que obligatory Pinkie Party next chapter!:pinkiehappy::heart::rainbowwild::heart::yay:

Hmm.... I wonder if Markiplier knows about this fic.
Still, another good chapter, yes?

as I read your authors note, I couldn't help but think about this song:derpytongue2:

2652059 Your gonig to go tell Mark about this aren't you.:ajbemused:

“Oh, just because you’re a vegetarian! I love meat! I need meat! I’m a pony and I still crave the sweet taste of meat inside of my mouth and general area!” I stood on my back legs and stood up straight as I cried out to the heaven’s,“Where is all the meat at?!” I lost my balance and fell down onto my butt. I slouched over in defeat, knowing that in a world of vegetarians, no meat would be found. “Agh.. Damn lying ponies.” I stood to my hooves and trudged over to the corn stand. “One Corn on the cob, please.” The stand owner kept giving me a weird look, he must have heard my little rant. “Agh, don’t be getting any funny ideas. I know what’s best!” I placed the end of my nub against my amazing pink mustache and said,“Wilfred Warfstache, knows what’s best.”

Ah, Mark's rant about meat. Wilfred Warfstache, That's just what she said.

HOLY BALLS! This is too funny. Now if only Slendermane appeared mysteriously.

*psst* Hey, author. I heard Discord was reformed and is free. I wonder how much he's missing chaos and pranks...................

Please make a reference to his Kerbel Space Agency

2658825 slender and...that's genius xDD:rainbowlaugh:

2658825 slendermane*. Damn auto correct

Well.....yeah.....wait, he.....a date....with Nurse Redheart........................

i wll see you! in the next chapter.......bye bye

Wilfthred warthatsh lows what is best

Warfstache don't take sit from nobody!

this is fucking stupid
but it's better than any youtuber in equestria fic i ever wrote
so take your upvote and feel proud of yourself

2739876 I will, and I shall. Thank you.:rainbowdetermined2:

Hahaha! Yes! I love Markiplier! I am very glad I found this fic.

I wonder what would actually happen if we sent him this whole thing. (Probably burn it.)

Most likely wouldn't read it, but we live in hope. :pinkiesmile:2773781

I was in the middle of updating my own story when I suddenly realized something about this fic! Nurse Redheart getting added is the perfect set up for a... well, I'm not gonna spoil it, but a certain nurse related Markiplier joke.


2855053 I KNOW WHAT'S BEST!:flutterrage: and with that, you are welcome.:pinkiesmile:

Keep it cool, Condemned.

A RedMark ship? I approve! Though I spot a continuity error. You established he's transformed into a pony, but in this chapter you make reference first to his "hand" and then "raising my fists."

"I GOT A CHAIR" oh man that was a funny scene in the story!

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