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Lord Umber

It's shitty, but at least it's a biography, of some sort

hello there sir or madam,

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Thanks for the fave:trollestia: ohwaitidonthaveaficshit

Thanks for the fave!

Stop telling you thank you for the favorites? I never do, but I'll do it every time you favorite my stories now.:trollestia: ON THE COMMENT PAGE!:flutterrage:

Thank you for favoriting 'My Dear Shy'!

Thanks for the faves!

Thanks for faving TOM:SS but, that is cancelled, if you'd kindly read 3OM Tartarus and Everfree, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for the favorite on Address Unknown! I appreciate your interest very much and hope I can keep you coming back for more! :twilightsmile: If you like it, please remember to rate it! :raritywink: Thanks very much!

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That really means a lot!
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Thank you so much for the Fave of my story The Youth in the Garden! That you would means that my efforts to commemorate a life and a battle worked to some small degree!

Thank you so much for taking the time to Fave my story Certain Advantages! I really, really am grateful that you would!:twilightsmile:

Oh, and welcome to FIMFiction!:pinkiehappy:

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