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Personal faves rated by category and epicness,
If you love these and want to share a story pls recommend away.

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If I had to choose one epic, it would be Eternal, by device heretic. (Uncapitalized on purpose.) The story is brilliantly done and it resonates on so many levels.

I recommend The Steadfast Sky by The Grey Potter. It is truly amazing. It can't be described any other way: it is just that amazing. :moustache:

I hope you look at my story Maternal Instinct and give it a chance, I hope it meets your standards.

The Balance In Equestria : Book One - New Winds
My personal story, put into a spinoff for some pony stuff.
Re-written and it's second book will be out in the summer.
It mainly focuses on the adventure. Gory happens there and there and great battles between inhuman beings.

Thought I could try this place. They say I'm not confident, but I'm more like careful when putting a story into a group. So... here comes nothing, maybe my luck woN't leave me this time?

If that one didn't make it, then here's an old one. Considering that the fics must have HUGE ratings, then I shall place this one here: The Traveling Horseman

I hope none of us will regret this... damn, I have no confidence at all. :facehoof:

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