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Hey, I remember you! :pinkiehappy: Good to see that you're not only active again, but that you've also found your way to the new LGBT forum. :raritywink:

J was active under a different username back when I last remember seeing you online, so I understand you might not recognise me right away. That said, you might remember a "TimberWolf65" back in the old group.

I'm glad you enjoyed my little foray into the little world of Spike and Dash, Alt. I'm glad that you Faved Every Little Bit, and liked how they contemplated how their lives are similar... and, you know, their kiss!:moustache::rainbowkiss:

Derpy pun ..... :rainbowlaugh:
Derpy would literally say this

Roller derby is cute :pinkiecrazy:

Thank you for favoriting Dysphoria Arcs 1, 2, 3, and 4, as well as for following me. :twilightsmile:

I hope you continue to enjoy my work with new content every Monday and Friday.

Happy Reading,

  • Viewing 23 - 27 of 27
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