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Agreed. I was talking with someone about Wonderbolt Academy and actually pointed them towards your fic as a better version of it written over a year before the episode aired. Came in to look again and see if anything new was written.

Moonspire Run. Wow.

If you still write, I hope to find more of your stuff, because this story was incredible.

If not, thanks for at least giving us this one piece of awesomeness!

hopefully he comes back and makes another story if not Moonspire is a great story man good job

So, um. Hi. Titan. You wrote this amazing story on EqD once upon a time. And then you left me an even more amazing comment on one of mine.

Just wanted to let you know that people still remember you here. And that, if you're not working on any more pony fanfiction, that at least this fan hopes your own projects are going well.

  • Viewing 1 - 5 of 5
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