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This is the group regarding the story Dysphoria and the universe it created.

Thank you for visiting.

When I first wrote the story of Dysphoria, it was with a purpose to share my perspective with the world. The story was supposed to show the trans perspective, educate, and to help those who struggle with the issues presented.

However, recently I have found that this can be so much more than what I can do by myself. Hence this group.

A more complete explanation for the group can be found on the forum, but for now know that we can do a lot of good through this project, and I would be honored to have your help.

To understand how this project works better, read the aforementioned forum post and the explanation on the Folder System.

Thank you for being a part of it.

P.S. If you haven't already, do join the LGBT group. It's filled with wonderful people.

Latest News:

Project Dysphoriaverse is now ready. Read about it here: Project Dysphoriaverse.

I'm really excited about this.
I hope you are too!

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