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Sometimes we just have to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life

A little something to get me back into the swing of things. Special thanks to Bronystories for giving me some great advice.

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Damn, son. Ya dun good.


That was nice. :heart:

Yeah... dealing with depression and music is totally unoriginal... *cough cough I totally didn't just do that or anything*

I kid, I kid, but seriously, I like this one a lot. Poignant, serene, and a great little insight into a character. Well done, good sir, well done.

*gets out pump*
This fic is awesome, you are a fucking genious! I love you! I'm gonna name one of my children after you!

Lol... It's genius, genius.
Hahahaha I do not mean to disrespect but that was to funny to pass up. Haha I laughed so hard. Not at you but at the fact that I used to spell it the same way.

And this was a simply beautiful story. I love the depth that you give Dash. Sometimes she is made into a stupid or shallow character but you gave her character a depth charge.
Awesome work!

I saw this before Bronystories... Should've read it then.

*was too funny*
Like you I couldn't pass it up.

A very perfect and honest story, other then being sure to separate your paragraphs a bit more this was very heartfelt and true, a natural born winner among slice of life stories, I'm very proud of you my brother, you done really well:yay:

2513925 ok you corrected me but then 2514989 he corrected you :rainbowlaugh:

I don't know about the paragraphs. Some of them were long, but it's because they were the same idea throughout. Paragraphs aren't determined by length so much as subject, so it's probably just a result of how verbose I was in this one.
And thanks for ze praises.

Wow, quite the wonderful story, well written and rather captivating. I love being able to have a look into characters' minds and see what they see, feel what they feel, quite the enjoyable experience, very serene :twilightsmile:. Now, with praise comes critique, but I only found two things that I could mention, and both are pretty minor.

First: "Even with the high metabolism of a pegasus, she could feel the cold slowly seeping into her skin."
Now I could be wrong on this, but I have never heard someone with a high metabolism being more immune to cold. So a better word might be 'tolerance' or something of the like.

"Looking up, she angled her wings, allowing her body to follow her line of flight"
This one's pretty simple, but I think you meant 'line of sight' rather than 'line of flight'.

Look forward to seeing more from you in the future, cause this story certainly earned you a watch from me and bravo on overcoming that bout of writer's depression! :pinkiehappy:.

Well, as for metabolism, it's not a direct link, but it would be indirectly related because it would allow you to eat more food, which would mean more calories, which is how the body gets heat. Therefor, with a higher metabolism, you'd have the ability to generate more heat than otherwise. It's how I explain away them not freezing to death in my head canon. But I do need a better solution, you're right about that.

Ahhh, that does make sense in a bit of a roundabout way (to me anyway).
I'm from a cold climate myself, locals have been known to wear t-shirts when snow's on the ground :pinkiecrazy:,
so just being used to it makes more sense to me :derpytongue2:

People from my state are about the same. Vermont's a pretty cold place most of the year. I've worn a t-shirt when I go Skiing regularly.

:pinkiegasp: Fellow Vermonter! Nice :pinkiehappy:
Definitely reading the rest of your work now.... I mean, I was going to anyway, but now I have added incentive to crunch through the remainder of the 80K words that comprise your stories :twilightsheepish:

Fellow Vermonter?
I thought I'd never meet one on here. What part of Vermont are you from?

This deserves a lot more attention. Short, sweet, and well-written - what's not to like?

Agreed fully. But see, it doesn't have lame comedy, mane 6 ships, or ponies fucking, so that's why nobody really cares. And I knew they wouldn't. I'd rather write something good than something popular.


Just write a lengthy TwiLuna fic
Instant feature
Regardless of who you are
Or write something depressing about Trixie.

Or I could write MoonLight clop :trollestia:

And also, I'm fine with this getting no response. I knew it wouldn't from the get-go. It's purly artistic, but honestly not all that entertaining, and most people only read fan fiction for entertainment, so therefore, no response

There's nothing wrong with writing an unoriginal concept if you do it in a different way. Just make sure you do it in a different way if you decide to do that, though.

Around Burlington near the lake, makes the upcoming swimming season all the more exciting :pinkiehappy:
Cheers on writing quality vs appeal by the way :twilightsmile:

Now, if at the end of her flight, Rainbow Dash came across Princess Luna and alicorn Twilight having steamy lesbian sex and joined them in a three-way, then this story definitely would've "earned" a spot in the feature box.

Comment posted by Garbo deleted Apr 4th, 2015

Pretty much, yeah. Not sure if people would've read to that point though.

Ha! Never figured I'd find a local brony here either :pinkiehappy:
Y'know, it's funny, I wasn't aware of any around town. Figured they must be somewhere, but I never find any *shrug* guess even living here most of my life doesn't mean I know everyone....... as obvious as that sounds :twilightblush:
Can't say as I've ever been to Ri Ra's, though, prefer to hangout with my friends to drink than at a pub. I've heard they have good food before.... I think? :trixieshiftleft: Hmmm.....

You should, though. And as for South Burlington, have you been to Al's?

Yeah I've been to Al's! :pinkiehappy: Good food and ice cream, I'll admit I remember that little playground they have (had?) with a fondness from when I was little :twilightsmile:

They still have parts of it. I remember they had these springy things you could ride, but those all got broken. But the main playground is still there.

I read this while listening to this song, served as a pretty good soundtrack:

And I read your comment about people mostly reading fanfics for entertainment, well I guess that's true but I'm sure that I'm not one of them, what I truly look in this site most of times is art :raritystarry:
And this was a pretty good attempt at writing about your feelings in an artistic way, I'm glad I read it, I think you should really try to write more stories like this, I like reading stories which the authors use to deal with problems like depression and possibly make the readers ponder, even because I have some form of depression myself (though it's mostly a consequence of an anxiety disorder I have) so sometimes it helps me to face my feelings. Maybe if you wrote an even more dramatic and poetic story about sadness it could turn out touching, and who knows maybe if you keep it up you'll write a fic that will go into my favorites, for now have a thumbs up :twilightsmile:

Well, i guess it was a sort of depression, and it might have been caused by my problems, indirectly. (Taking 54 mg of Concerta as a 15 year old will mess with just about everything in a body in some way) But anyway, went through a phase where I didn't want to write any of the ideas I'd come up with, and this was a way of writing something simple that I knew I would like. But I'm definitely thinking of writing more like this with some of the other characters. This was probably my most interesting writing experience to date. This style suits my writing quite well, and I think I'll run it parallel to my more mainstream writing style used in other fics. But you're right, I think this style would work well for sadfics, and I do plan to do that in the future. I'm thinking of doing these for each of the mane 6 sometime too.
But thanks for the comment. I'm happy to know there's people like you out there to appreciate this kind of writing.

2531395 That's great, I'll be following you from now on, I'll be happy to keep up with your artistic evolution :pinkiesmile:

Heh, wow, trip down memory lane this is becoming :pinkiesmile:........ Did I just speak in Yoda? :facehoof:
I'll have to get some Al's ice cream and go down to Oakledge at some point this summer, heh, much obliged for that little thought process friend :ajsmug:

Don't mention it
... I have a sudden craving for AL's

No, name them Craig. Craig is a great name.

2606313 what if it's a girl?

Also have you seen who the new Doctor is gonna be?

Also, no, who is it?

2606537 I can't remember his name but he's some old bearded guy

2606537 you'll have to watch the episode, it's on BBC Iplayer


I think it's John Hurt who's going to be the new doctor. :twilightsmile:

2610873 yea I think that's his name

I checked out some articles on it just to get the idea of what happened, but I'm still midway through Tennant's Doctor and I don't like watching shows out of order.
And yet, despite having never seen an episode with Matt Smith, he's my user image. lolwut.

This was a very light, fluffy, and enjoyable read.

That was a good read! I really like this type of stories where nothing spectacular happens, and yet they convey some deeper message. This surely deserves more views and likes:)

4889411 Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the story.

Comment posted by Garbo deleted Apr 4th, 2015
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