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Spontaneous Writing Motivation · 2:27am Aug 21st, 2015

Update: New job, new place, new av, new new. Apparently, this morning, sudden inspiration on the random Noir Fic that has, until now, existed only as a two word note on my Fic Notes document.

Also, working on putting together a Scraps and Miniifics 'story' llike I've seen others do, so expect me to submit that at some point. One thing the two of you who actually read my stories, and the one of you who also reads my blog posts, will note is part of said scrapfic is the original word vomit stream of consciousness brainstorm bullshit clusterfuck hot mess that ended up becoming Stalked in the Forest. Also collected the various poems I've submitted to Her Butt Slammed Shut (which if you like questionable poetry, highly recommend. Some of the stuff isn't me, and yet it's still pretty good! Who knew?)

Anyway, couple hundred words written of pone noir fic, and I should probably decide if I'm doing a parody/comedy/whatev, or if I'm playing it straight.

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I write too. Just not often.

  • E I'm On The Hunt
    Griffons: A hybrid between two of the fiercest predators ever spawned. A proud race with noble traditions and the hearts of warriors. Gilda is but a child, but her skills as a huntress are about to be put to the test.
    Mally · 1k words  ·  27  2 · 506 views
  • E In Touch With The Ground
    Life is short. Sometimes, it's best to just get in touch with nature.
    Mally · 1.1k words  ·  42  0 · 480 views
  • T Stalked in the Forest
    Trixie takes a wrong turn in the Everfree Forest, and stumbles upon a town with a dark secret.
    Mally · 3.6k words  ·  31  0 · 995 views

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Best profile pic I have ever seen.

Mally u so silly. :heart:

Thanks for the watch, mate! :pinkiehappy:

Regarding your poem in Her butt slammed shut:

It's the This Day Aria, right? :pinkiehappy:

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