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Spontaneous Writing Motivation · 2:27am Aug 21st, 2015

Update: New job, new place, new av, new new. Apparently, this morning, sudden inspiration on the random Noir Fic that has, until now, existed only as a two word note on my Fic Notes document.

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In the mood to do some writing · 6:47pm Oct 9th, 2014

But I'm really not sure which of my ideas I wish to focus on.

So, I figure I'll let you, the two people who actually follow me /and/ give a fuck about my blog posts, to weigh in. Obviously, I can't very well post a link to my fic notes doc, as that would rather effectively spoil any and all of what I plan to do. But I can give short synopses of what I'm thinking of.

Fic 1: Discord and Rime

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In Touch With The Ground · 6:05pm May 26th, 2014

So on a whim, I wrote an Applefic. Just a slice of life day on the farm starring Applejack alone with the trees, her thoughts, and nature.

It was kinda fun to sit down and just hammer it out like I did, and to be honest? I rather enjoyed being able to meander and not really have a 'point' to the story. No conflict, only Zuul appulz. It felt good. Cathartic, even.

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Why am I doing this? · 12:36pm Apr 22nd, 2013

For twelve years, you have been asking: Who is Twilight Sparkle?

Motivation has struck. However, it's motivation to do something RETARDED.


Also, hey, breaking my '1 blog post per 2 months' streak. Woo.

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Bluh · 2:55pm Apr 12th, 2013

Some of you may notice, particularly those of you who I'm supposed to be proofing for, that I have done all of jack and shit lately. Hell, I haven't even been really keeping current on my tracked stories, for christ's sake.

I've just been so very unmotivated to read or write or really do much of anything lately. Part of that I blame on tumblr. Part of it I blame on Defiance and Borderlands 2 and Forza 4.

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Things pony writers need to stop doing #41 · 12:37am Feb 6th, 2013

Alright. I read a lot of stories on here. Between reading for pleasure, and reading for proofreading purposes (when I have the time/energy), a lot of ponyfic crosses my eyes. And there's some pretty common mistakes made by writers that, otherwise, are hailed as some of the best in the fandom, or even outside of the fandom.

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Postin' 2: Electric Blogaloo · 1:32am Dec 19th, 2012

God DAMN it feels good to be on break. I've been kind of at a loss for productive things to do, but in the meantime, I've nearly caught up on reading/proofing in the past week I've been free of the clutches of collegiate scheduling.

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What's this? · 9:21pm Oct 24th, 2012

A blog post? From Mally?

Something on the account other than a shit ton of favorites, an even larger shit ton of words read, and a single story?

Yes, I've actually decided to post something. Nothing too major, for the moment, as I have a class to get to shortly, but I figure, what with watchers trickling in, I might as well say something to those of you foolish kind enough to track me. All seven of you, and any who come in later.

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