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Horse words and horse word accessories.


Meet Rose Specter. She's a detective, possibly boiled to some extent. She's got a problem: Not enough business, too much cheap takeout.

Meet Miss Rarity. She's a sophisticated mare in a red dress with a problem of her own: Troubles with the Mob, and a bright eyed sister too good for this world.

Meet Sweetie Belle. She's a cheerful ingenue with the voice of an angel, and heart even purer. She's got a problem: Her boss wants to use more than just her singing to turn heads and open wallets.

Three mares, three intersecting problems.

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This is actually really interesting and well written. But theory time? Spoiled is the dirty one and is using her husband's work to hide her affairs. After all it's easy to ignore the wife when the husband is the one who gets out more.

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