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Horse words and horse word accessories.


Gilda has a long, glorious tradition of hunting to live up to: her people, the griffons, are predators to the core. Hunting is in her blood, but sometimes, even the greatest of predators needs to keep their skills sharp.

Especially when you're in pony lands, where such activities aren't exactly common, and opportunities to test oneself even rarer.

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Comments ( 6 )

This was good.

i like it, especially how the concept of hunt its so foreing to ponys.

Short, yet satisfying.
Also, I love the reference you did there with Gilda's moment with the mouse. Nice touch.


Was wondering how long it would take for someone to catch that. A friend of mine happened to send me a link to that perfect loop gif of the scene, and then I could not stop myself.

Interesting look at the eyes of a predator.

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