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Guess What? · 8:28pm Sep 8th, 2015

I am now once again working on the story LWF:ANW and expect the next chapter withing the next two weeks. And because you guys are awesome here is a sneak peek at the next chapter!

By the way, this will be spoiling a bit so if you want to wait until the chapter comes out to see it, I suggest not reading the next section

You know…

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Thank you for the Fave on Terms and Conditions, yo. I'll be sure to update regularly. :twilightsheepish:

I enjoy the realism about this to start. I mean really, you wake up suddenly and are encountering something completely outside of anything you have before, your going to panic. And people these days are much more apt to hide and lie of things then just tell the truth. I work customer support. We keep records of EVERYTHING and people will bold face Lie to us. So now you have modern human in an environment they were not trained for in the least.

If you ever wish for some interesting OCs I have a few knocking around. Gryphons, Dragons, Ponies, and a few odds and ends.

Thanks for the faves

Do to problems that I have yet been able to figure out I can't respond directly to you post on my userpage about "Broken Hearts" so I'll respond on yours.

I had read a backstory for Exie and liked it enough to do a search for more stories about her and add then to my read later list.

A Mexican was here

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