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Hello to all new members, sorry that I have not been in for a while. I have been busy with projects and I'm still working on a ten page essay.

Do any of you have any stories unrelated to the FMA universe that you created? If so, please send them to me, PM prefered.:twilightsmile:

Hello everypony. I just wanted to wish you all in advance a especially freaky Halloween, and to all my whovians counting down to the anniversary. Respect!. Lets try to reach 30 and I have a surprise for all of you when we do.

I am so Happy that we have hit 20 memebers now. Its thanks to all of you that we made it this far.

I'm glad to see that the group has 20 members now. I hope you all have double the fun reading these posted stories. On another note, if any of you would like to help me with this brick wall in one of my stories, tell me a good prank to pull on Celestia.

Hello there every pony, I was wondering if any of you know a good editor, I have had no response from mine and I need some help. ALLONS-Y

Ok everyone, I have news. SOPA is back and some of our veterans, but for those who don't know this is a bill to stop piracy. This bill doesn't do that how ever. It forces innocent people like us who write fan fiction or critics and such to shut down if were not careful. Please spread the word.

Greeting to all new members. Thank you all for joining us. You still have some time left before the contest is over to enter in some stories.

You guys should put up some more stories, FMA related or not.If you guys have a story with a unique plot or that you consider good, please bring it to me.I always enjoy reading any story, even if it is against my taste.Happy writing.

Darkness will help me in force the new rules that I have placed, if he would like to.

These are some ground rules.
1. No insultes directed to other members or account holders.
2.Do not blindly grade a story. People work hard on these, and when people go in to a story hoping to be annoyed by it there is no point in reading.
3. Keep foul language to a minimum. I will inform you if you go to far and I will expect you to edit out some of it.

Thats all for now, thanks for joining. I'm gonna go back to watching A-TEAM.

Hello, fellow members.I guess I have become a moderator for this group.I am shocked myself with the time I've been in this group.Anyways, good biddings to you all.:pinkiehappy:

I've made a new folder. Squib's choice stories. Every once and a while I'll post a story that I find great and put in in for you all to see.

You are very much welcome. Now to all members. I am creating a writing competition were me and my friends/allies will help judge. If you want to submit a story please put it in the competition folder.

Thanks for Adding my story to your group, I'm glad you like it! :twilightsmile:


Be more then happy to.

Sorry it took me so long:twilightsheepish:


Hello I'm trying yo make a fanfic about fullmetal alchemist and maybe u can help us.

By the by no clopfics:trixieshiftleft:

Greetings new members:twilightsmile:

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