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New pony story from my archives of embarrassment! · 7:30am July 7th

So, I just posted the first chapter of a story I began way back in 2013 after the Season 3 finale aired. I know a lot of people didn't like that episode, but I loved it--it's still my favorite to this day. It inspired me to begin not one but two stories--the not-very-good "Cutie Mash" is the one I shared on this site, but there was another I began called "Frames of Folly." I was saving that one for when I had enough chapters done to consider it a buffer. But then I moved on to other

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Still have to say that your Combinatorics story is still one of my favorites. In particular the Pinkie/Dash chapters at the end which was just fantastic. Even though we did not get all the details since the second chapter was in diary form we still had a very well done romance where we slowly got to see the relationship blossom.

Here's a little cute curse Peach can say: Fluff. They say it in the comics... would up her adorableness.

Thanks for the fave on "Starring Trixie"!

caat, i come to check on you and see if your still alive! *carries a bucket of cookies*

1616734 Hm...

Maybe to give people a short introduction of yourself, have a bio of what you sometimes, except writing.

Maybe have one or two Pictures of ponies, or something else that is adorable.

Or just blog about a funny thing that happened during the day, or something outstanding... Although, it is a lot harder to make an entertaining blog rather than write a decent story...

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