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Peach Spark's Song · 11:04pm October 5th

Hey folks! Here's a song parody I've been bopping around in my mind for quite a while.

Peach Spark's Song
(To "The Joker" by the Steve Miller Band)

Some call me Alexis de Ponyville
Some call me the Blogger of Mirth
Some people call me Peach Spark
'Cause I blog of the oddities of Earth

People joke about New Jersey
Say it's doin' me wrong, doin' me wrong
Well don't you worry humans, don't worry
'Cause your world is where I belong

'Cause I'm a writer

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Still have to say that your Combinatorics story is still one of my favorites. In particular the Pinkie/Dash chapters at the end which was just fantastic. Even though we did not get all the details since the second chapter was in diary form we still had a very well done romance where we slowly got to see the relationship blossom.

Here's a little cute curse Peach can say: Fluff. They say it in the comics... would up her adorableness.

Thanks for the fave on "Starring Trixie"!

caat, i come to check on you and see if your still alive! *carries a bucket of cookies*

1616734 Hm...

Maybe to give people a short introduction of yourself, have a bio of what you sometimes, except writing.

Maybe have one or two Pictures of ponies, or something else that is adorable.

Or just blog about a funny thing that happened during the day, or something outstanding... Although, it is a lot harder to make an entertaining blog rather than write a decent story...

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