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What would you do if a pony moved into the apartment upstairs? Would you make an effort to meet her? What would you talk about? And what kind of pony leaves Equestria for Earth in the first place?

This is a series of slice-of-life episodes about a young man who meets a pony in New Jersey. Equestria has made contact with Earth; creations and creators have been sorting things out for a couple of years, and a smattering of ponies are gradually starting to move to Earth. Told though human eyes, here's the story of one of them.

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Well I liked it. Anything really interesting and unexpected going to be happening or is it just a short slice of life?

A nice start. I look forward to seeing what this developes to. More commentary to follow.

I have to say this story is adorably written, and I hope to see more of this story in the future! :pinkiesmile:

Okay, yeah. I'm really digging this so far. I can't wait to learn more about Sparky, and about the nature of their worlds' interaction. I think a slice of life format is perfect for this sort of thing, rather than drowning the heart of the story - the characters - under unnecessary drama and an overwhelming scale. It's well-written, well-paced, natural, and charming.

The only thing I have mixed feelings about is having the show exist within this universe. I honestly don't have a good, solid reason why I have mixed feelings about it, other than I've read tons of stories that didn't handle it terribly well - usually coming across as "a brony's dream comes true" sort of thing. For what it's worth, though, you handled it well, and it doesn't really distract from the story. It might even add to the story, if you pursue the philosophical question of whether ponies existed independently of human creation. And it's especially intriguing that Sparky herself seems to be wrestling with this.

I look forward to more.

Another good chapter.

I have to say, I'm not entirely sold on the concept that the ponies (within this story, at least) are human creations. I dunno what future chapters are going to reveal, but... Take hoofball. It's never really been shown in the show - beyond the occasional item, like you mentioned. There's no reason to think Lauren Faust or anyone else involved in the show ever laid down rules for it. So far as I know, hoofball, as a concept, is really more of a fan creation anyway. And yet, within this story, it does have rules and such. To me, this suggests that something in Equestria is independent of human creation. I dunno, it seems to me that Peach has decided that her world is fictional, and that only the human world matters, but I'm not sure that's really the case. I'm curious to see how this is explored.

Some people don't up vote till the story is over, they faved your story so they could know when it updated and reserve judgment.

It's funny thinking how the ponies would react to a portal opening up. They're too used to weirdness, so the idea that all their history was created on the spot for a cartoon by drab creatures who felt lonely isn't all that outlandish to them. It should be obvious, that humans opened a portal themselves, when they were just trying to create a cartoon from scratch, but would a pony think of that, or is that too mundane? They assume the more epic world shaking explanation, since that's always been the explanation before for them.

That puts Pepper in an interesting situation. Since Peach is on the wild goose chase of assuming that humans created the pony world straight out of the aether, she can't think to investigate humans' abilities to form portals. Pepper hasn't thought of it yet, but he of the two alone is capable of considering the boring solution as in any way feasible. I mean, "collective imagination breaking the laws of physics to form traversible one-way wormholes to the ponyverse" isn't very mundane, but it sure isn't very epic. On the pony side it's an XK-class-end-of-the-world scenario barely evaded by the heroic and wise actions of their benevolent god emperors. If that's par for the course for ponies, then Pepper might be the only hope she has of understanding what's going on on this side, since for him boring answers are not completely unheard of and hard to believe.

3993731 Even I'm not entirely sure yet--you'll have to wait and see! I will say that I expect it'll be at least ten chapters long.
4003387 Good point, and that's what i was guessing. :-)

4002310 Thanks for your comments! Looks like you're getting at least a little of that philosophical exploration you wanted! Fascinating interpretation...

4003818 ...and yours is even more fascinating! It seems to me this kind of talk has the potential to start a comment conversation! :yay:

It's good to see another fanfic about a random OC pony on Earth. I've only seen one before this point (this one, if you care).


My view on the subject is that even if a universe is created by another universe, it maintains its autonomy outside of the narrative. However, due to the fact that this is a reality in which the creation of fiction creates a universe (assuming that the FiM dimension isn't a random fluke), chances are more than even that the human universe in which Peach has taken residence is itself a created universe. So while she may get some answers as to why things in her universe are the way they are by learning about the human universe, there's the possibility that they won't exist in the human universe because it was created itself. And that also ignores the autonomy of her universe where things weren't specified by our universe, and thus the reasons would only be discoverable in her own universe.

4014968 That's wonderful, ankyo! I've read the first two chapters of Pillow Case now, and I'm definitely enjoying it. This one and mine seem like very complementary stories. They're both about the surprises waiting for ponies on Earth, they're both set in the New York metropolitan area, and they're both in short slice-of-life installments, but BG's story is told from a pony perspective and mine is told from a human perspective. I'll send her/him a private message! :pinkiehappy: Thanks for letting me know.

Yet another interesting chapter, looking forward to the next.

Another great chapter.

I've already speculated on the nature of Equestria's existence and its relationship with Earth (which I assume will be further expanded upon in the story), but what strikes me is how deeply it's affecting Peach, like an creeping ennui. I hope Pepper will find a way to help her... :fluttershysad:

Okay, yeah, I'm hooked. This is a really interesting take on the whole PoE/HiE genre. Looking forward to more!

Very nice first chapter. I'm a big fan of pony on earth stories and I'm looking forward to reading more of this one.

Humans in Equestria can be fun, and one of my very favorite pony stories, Arddun Lleuad, belongs to that class.

I love you.

Like a friend I just met after stopping by your place to say hello in spite of my shyness. I should have brought a cake or something.

This is pretty damn good; been a while since I've read a PoE story that wasn't 'My Little Dashie' inspired or the fucking 'Conversion Bureau' and was awesome.

That aside; hopefully Peach can get out of her funk and stop thinking about her world so negatively. If she wants to find depth then she doesn't have to look any further than herself and her relationship with Pepper.

This is very nice story. I've always enjoyed stories that bring ponies into our world. This one is especially nice because of the relationship you're developing between the human and the pony without having to turn it into the typical romance story that most of us have come to expect from these type of stories.

Keep up the great work!

Cheerful Peach is best Peach.

It was kind of nice to get out of the apartments for a while, I have to say. And the new ponies seem interesting, especially George. And those notes of jealousy. :ajsmug:

Charming and thought-provoking as always.

Ask yourself--what would you tell your family if you were in "an exciting new friendship" with a pony of the opposite sex? :-)

I actually asked my family that question as research for my story. Well, the question was about more intimate relationships, and it was actually two, split like this:

"How would you feel if you saw a human and an Equestrian pony in a relationship?"


"How would you feel if I came home one day and introduced my Equestrian pony girlfriend to you?"

The idea was to see if there was any difference between "someone out there is in such a relationship" and "someone I care very much about is in such a relationship." My family responded positively if a bit reserved. They said they'd like to think they would be alright with it or not for the same reasons as any other relationship: if we reciprocated the other's feelings and seemed to be good for each other then it was a worthy relationship regardless of the species gap. Each mentioned in their own way that they couldn't truly know without ever being in that situation, but suspected it wouldn't be a problem.

Really liking this!

Just a thought, but you might mention how Hasbro responded to the whole Equestria being real thing. Given the company's zero-tolerance policy regarding copyright infringement, it would be interesting if it turned out they tried to claim that everything in Equestria belonged to them.

You may be a wish, but I am a wishard. Now pash the wishard juish.

Gotta say, this fic beats the hell out of a lot of fics that get posted. Loving the character interactions and the bits of culture clashing/mixing.

Ask yourself--what would you tell your family if you were in "an exciting new friendship" with a pony of the opposite sex? :-)

I'd tell my dad and siblings though they'll probably tease me mercilessly about it. :rainbowkiss: My mom and some of my relatives on the other hand...

what would you tell your family if you were in "an exciting new friendship" with a pony of the opposite sex? :-)

"Hey mom, so I met this magic pony and she's really awesome. We've been hanging out together a lot."
"You actually have a friend? In person? As in face-to-face? She's not your boss? Or your therapist? She's not selling anything? Someone actually willing to spend time with you?"
"Nice try son. Come to me when you have a more believable story, like you met this magic pony who walked past you silently and you never saw her again."
"Darn you got me. I've seen like a half dozen magic ponies on the bus off and on, but they're always playing with their phones and can't be bothered."
"That's better."

I'm confused. I feel like there is going to be romance but no romance tag is shown:rainbowhuh:

as for telling my folks? my mother... i have no clue. she might be excited because of how my life has been she may freak out from her religious beliefs.

my dad? probably disown me, freak our, have a heart attack, or just not believe it.

4036877 Oh my! Well, come in! I take it you enjoyed Arddun Lleuad too? I recently discovered that the author wrote a sequel, and I read it. It made me cry so hard at one point. It may have been the biggest cry I ever had, but it wasn't genuine--it was vicarious. Feel free to PM me about it if you like.

4040108 She's out of her funk! But for better or for worse, depth isn't all she's looking for. Glad you like it!

4065192 It may be that cheerful Peach is best Peach. I wonder what others think! I like her, whatever her mood, but I'm biased. In any case, this phrase of yours keeps popping up when I think about the story... :rainbowlaugh:

4065945 Nice idea! Maybe I'll work it in. Thanks for your reviews!

4066382 I love it! No doubt Peach's life would be different if Berry Punch were her best friend.

4071611 Would you believe I didn't include a romance tag because I honestly don't know whether there's going to be romance? :rainbowderp:

4065334 That's an interesting experiment you conducted! I guess your family all knows what an 'Equestrian pony' is, huh? It's neat to know you're all that open with each other. Thanks for sharing!

4066474 Thanks for the compliment! Would you be okay with the teasing about your ponyfriend, I wonder? Or would it rankle?

4068385 Wow, this is sad. So even in a world infused with friendly magical ponies, you'd still be lonely? Best of luck getting your nerve up more and making friends. (And thanks for the amusing dialogue.)

4071611 Sorry to hear it. I wonder what religious beliefs would bar a human and a FiM-style pony from having a relationship. I mean, it's not like any religion has prepared for non-human people being around, right? :rainbowhuh:

I like that I got answers to the question I put in the Author's Notes! I should try doing that again! :scootangel:

4085480 hmm true. but I will say that i feel peach and pepper would make a good couple.

4085488 my mother is in one of those religions that view magic as being taboo, the only human who could use it and it not be a sin, was god's sun. she doesn't follow it anywhere near as close as some of her relatives in the same church. there are a ton of things that are taboo in that religion, video games, music, singing, tv, movies, acting. only wanting you to marry in the church and have ton and ton and tons of kids. families average 4-6 kids, and if you go to a meeting and apy attention to faces you can tell that there must be some inbreeding with how most families look very similar and some of the kids have.... deformities such as buck teeth.

my mother's family doesn't really resemble anyone else at the churches and my mom commited a taboo and married my father who isn't part of the church and refused to join so. hehe, she was looked down on a lot for that, thats probably why she isn't such a strong practitioner.

but she does have some belief that are... like the magic is taboo. when I started playing D&D she claimed it was devil worshiping and I eventually chewed her out, which I didn't want to do but she needed to be put straight, that we didn't dress up and perform rituals. its a game and some very insane and stupid people take it to the extreme or use it in bad ways, she needs to stop grouping the hole to the few bad apples.

truthfully, if I made an exciting friend with a pony, even if she did freak out at first, she would probably eventually become ok with it.


They do know what My Little Pony is, which helped (I once convinced my babysitter to let us keep the original MLP movie 'cause I liked it - I was a weird kid). I also made sure to explain that an Equestrian pony is really an alien that just happens to look like a pony, just so we'd be absolutely clear that I wasn't talking about a romantic relationship with livestock. It was still scary because of the potential implications of being attracted to the pony body shape - though that is a theme of my own story, so it was kind of like method acting. :derpytongue2:

As to Arddun Lleuad and Chwe Goleadau, I loved the relationship that was built and wanted to see so much of that. I wasn't so much a fan of the storyline with Schaden - even if the premise was awesome - because of how badly it fucked with Equestria. Pride's stories are among the few I've saved simply because I did enjoy them so much.

4085488 The teasing? Yeah I'd be fine with it; it'd be all in good fun mind you, nothing nasty or anything. To give you an idea I'm single and have had only a few girlfriends and suddenly I have a new friend who happens to be a pony mare? Teasing ho!


Eh it's not nerves I'm just a total recluse. I blame car culture really. But that doesn't mean I'm not totally terrible at making friends. Just makes the problem worse. I'm like a Pinkie Pie who can't remember anyone she meets! In Ponyville she'd have some friends, but in dystopian Manehatten (aka reality) she's more likely to just get left alone. It's a little sad, but it's more frustrating than anything, like one of those Rubik's cubes with two color stickers exchanged so you can never reach a solution.

There's a regular thing about an hour away where people meet to play board games with each other, but you can't talk when it's not your turn, and when it is your turn you can't just stop the game to chat about everyone's lives and dreams. All the meetings I can find have some sort of catch like that, and are also at least an hour away. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. Facebook is the devil! :flutterrage:

Anyway, glad to uh, comment in a way that's appreciated. I don't really think ponies would wile away their social lives playing phone games. It's just not possible. You can't even move the sliders with hooves!

This is a great story so far and I love the unique take on the POE subgenre

Another really nice chapter. I'm very much enjoying the relationship between Peach and Pepper. It's nice reading about a human / pony friendship that hints at romantic intentions without actually delving into the typical clichés that usually show up when reading a typical romance story. And Peach Spark herself is a very lovable character with a cute sense of naivete that's matched only be her curiosity and enthusiasm.

Keep up the excellent work!

Let's see.....let's see....where's that favorite button....?OH!!!!THERE IT IS!got it!

What is it about a pony curled up in a recliner at Walmart that's so adorable? Even moreso than a pony in most other scenarios, I mean.

If you could have one pony penpal to exchange drawings and letters with, who would it be, and what sort of things would you talk about?

Hmmm. Of the mane six, I'd say Twilight. She's about my favorite pony (up there with Rainbow), and she has the letter-writing thing down to an art form anyway. If we're talking background characters, I'd say either Lyra or Derpy.

While Peach having internet access will go a long ways towards learning about Earth and developing her theories we can only hope her mind isn't blown too badly when she inevitably stumbles onto the darker spots of the internet. Though any news site will probably depress her, sure as hell depresses me especially these days.

Pepper better prepare himself to answer a LOT of questions in the coming days while steering her away from the various dark stops just so he can avoid the really awkward questions.


Huh... Peach is such an enigma. Even her pony friends don't quite seem to have that about them.

You added that part about food stamps just because they cut the program by 20 billion dollars this year, didn't you? :raritywink:

There's going to be a little over two million people with $90 less for groceries every week now. :pinkiesad2:

ooooh :derpytongue2:

Thank you. It's always nice to be agreeable :twilightblush:

I like this chapter.
its like both characters don't know how to treat the other!

as for who I would want as a pen pal? I would say Twilight or Pinkie, or both of them! I would be afraid of what type of lyra I would get for a pen pal... bonbon would be interesting if her room mate is human crazy lyra.

I found a problem that COULD be a part of the story I could spoil.
(If it is, weeeelll derp)
Pepper, remembers that there's an unmentionable side of things.
Turns on [Insert thing that filters explicit things] and does not tell Peach.
Pepper aids Peach in how to work the internet.
Peach learns how to work internet on her own.
[A time warp thing]
Peach somehow finds out.
[Peach's reaction here]
[Delete if it is spoiler plz]

I loved the third paragraph, it explains my feelings exactly!

hummmm :heart::heart::heart::heart::fluttershysad::fluttercry: and a good slice of life chapter

a lovely slice of life chapter :heart::heart::heart::heart::fluttershysad::fluttercry:

What television show would you most enjoy watching with a pony friend?

Friends, of course!

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