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Cutie Mash: A Chronicle of Cutie Marks That Never Were
How exactly do Twilight's friends remember their false lives during the mix-ups of "Magical Mystery Cure?" How does Pinkie Pie remember becoming an apple farmer, Rarity a weatherpony, Rainbow Dash an animal keeper, Applejack a dressmaker, and Fluttershy a merrymaker? How do they think they got their cutie marks?
Twilight didn't have time to ask them, but Carrot Top and Berry Punch did! Read the story of the Season 3 finale from the perspective of two background ponies who set out to record the Elemental keepers' false memories for posterity.

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I really, really, REALLY enjoyed reading this! Especially Rainbow Dash's story! I remember being disappointed that the Magical Mystery Cure episode didn't have time to delve more into the friends' mixed-up psyches, and what they believed to be their backstories... believe it or not, I've been waiting to SEE a fanfic like this since the episode first aired!

Please, PLEASE by all means, continue writing this!
It reminds me so much of the Combinatorics Projects... which I REALLY enjoyed!

If you do, I'd totally like to volunteer my services as a beta reader to you!

Very creative and imaginative

well done :)


Yes! You definitely should submit it! You'll get MUCH more hits that way!

Wow! this is awesome!

Really, it's cool to see the idea of what this change made them THINK their lives where! Great job!

She smiled and headed over to the carrot stand.

Wait, that was Carrot Top, right!?

...Right. Phew.

Interesting. A sequel'd be nice.

Now, of what kind, I dunno. But... ALternate CM flips, perhaps, as suggested?

Certainly, there's potential.

i'd love to see more :pinkiehappy:

This story is WONDERFUL!
I really want to see how things go next!



Okay, enough people have suggested this needs a sequel that I'll probably write one! I have a half-baked idea in the mental oven. :pinkiecrazy: I may indulge in a series of comedic one-shots called Frames of Folly first, though. :twilightsheepish:

I did submit to Equestria Daily, but I got a longer and more infuriating rejection than usual, so I don't know whether Cutie Mash will be showing up there. It may not really be their kind of thing. :applecry:

Heheheh! Yes, it was Carrot Top headed for the carrots. That would have been an amusing, if inexplicable, alternate ending!

I don't think this was as good as some of your other story's I've read but it was up there.

I just realized--I forgot to make this story good! See my most recent blog post. I don't think I'll be writing a sequel. But if you like my Berry Punch, you can roleplay with her on EquestriaMUCK! I actually play her a little blither and wilder than she appears here. :coolphoto:

I can't decide whether I like the false memories or Carrot Top and Berry Punch's relationship more. This is a cute fic. Perhaps not quite as expansive as I might like - I think there's a healthy amount of storytelling still to be done in this universe - but you did say you wrote it in 36 hours. Still, it's nice for what it is :twilightsmile:

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