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Twinkie Pie. Appledash. Rareshy. You know these pairings and may have favorites of your own. But what if every member of the Mane Six were paired with every other member in the same fanfic?! That's what the Combinatorics Project is--an epic treasury of fifteen ships spread across five parallel universes increasingly full of plot and whimsy. Can you guess which couple is which?
* The angster and her secret admirer
* The burlesque showmares
* The celebrity marriage
* The commune farmers
* The curse victim and caretaker
* The dessert caterers
* The hopeless homebodies
* The industrial mavens
* The mad scientists
* The masquerade hosts
* The model train overlords
* The multiversal adventurers
* The orchard grafters
* The rivals in love
* The weather aficionados
Plus: Twilight blows up like a balloon and goes out to 'have a spicy time'! Applejack and Rainbow Dash are competitive about everything! Rarity dresses like a butterfly--and later in five outfits at once! Pinkiezilla crushes a miniature town and argues with Octavia about her instrument! Fluttershy dances with an angel and keeps a weather diary! Derpy tells a six-word joke! Not everypony ends up happy, but most do! A little suspense is a good thing. Bitter sorrow! Transcendent joy! Probability cupcakes are cupcakes that cupcakes!
Note: This story was written during Season Two, so a few small things are out of date.

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Awesome! I loved this one back when I read it on EqD!

Most interesting, seems like i have some reading to do

Thoroughly enjoyed these on EQD. Glad to see them making it over to fimfic.

They even argue over who can escalate things the most :facehoof:

Yeah, Crazy Hermit Fluttershy works.

well, this the least-viewed and commented fic I've ever seen in the Featured box. congratulations. I guess.

Called the angel the moment she walked into the hall ;)

Yeah, this last chapter really did kinda jump the shark, didn't it?

I remember this story! Loved it back then, but I couldn't fav a Gdoc!

Now it's here, yay! :pinkiehappy:

If you felt like it, you could go furthur than 15; threesomes, foursome, fivesomes, and all six. :raritywink:

All told, ehh. . . 57 shippings? :rainbowlaugh:

If Spike gets no action and no good reason for being left out, this is horsesh**.

This is absolutely an "Opposites Attract" chapter... RareJack, ShyPie, and TwiDash? I have to agree with you that you made ShyPie completely adorable. When I first started reading this chapter, I was expecting something similar to what you did with Rarity and AJ for Twilight and Rainbow Dash... until RD announced she was straight, and then... wow.

This is definitively is my favorite one of the five ones. Good job it was a good read.

(Joke) Alt. Title: Mix'N'Match Pairings: The Featured Project
...And when combined with The Elements Of Magic, there's a good 50 different pairings you can make. And about 10 different universes.

Huzzah! It's on FiMfiction! I hope you include the epilogue with the League of Infinite Scootaloos. It's what inspired me to do what I've done with Lyra.

Mother of God..... This is gonna be epic!

I love Rainbow Dash's confusion over being straight. It is so true about this fandom's shipping, it is almost all mare on mare. And even what few guys that are in the show are shipped with the other guys.
That was just far to funny to read.

I think that's because so many people have read it already, myself included. Nice job posting it here, I haven't read this for a while!

Comment posted by DbzOrDie deleted Jan 15th, 2013

I loved that crazy flutterpie seen with pinkzilla

I remember this one... the Twirarity ship made me sad the first time I read it :raritycry:

I've had an idea like this before, but a little different...

so it begins
i will so make flow charts of this, in 4 moths when i begin to read it .

Author Interviewer

Oh man, I have always loved this story. Even when it fell flat on its face (as I recall a couple ships in chapter 3 do. PinkieShy... shudder.), I still appreciate its amibitiousness. Plus it opened me up to a lot of ships I'd never considered before, most notably Flutterjack. :D And it has some of the best Appledash ever. So glad this is on fimfic!

...But where's the bonus chapter? :O

Hey I remember this on eqd

:rainbowlaugh: Rainbow's face says it all.

Glad to see this finally make it here.

We must work so very hard its just so much to do! If anyone else caught that one with applejack and fluttershy:yay:

COOL :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy: I knew Twilight and Pinkie would fall in love one day

What happened when i saw this. Script form:

"Well this loo- Wait what? Huh? Oh... OH! Bleh!The mane 6 need to tone it down about 50 notches!"

...*Add to read later*

"Nopony I know can hear about this :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright::twilightsheepish:"

Sweet leapin' parasprites! The description alone was more epic than half of the fic on this site!!! Can't wait to read!:pinkiehappy:

Holy what the buck did I just read? Seriously, I went from d'awws in chapters one and two to slightly disturbed curiosity in three to getting shot right in the feels in four to I don't even know what to call chapter five. And it was great! :twilightsmile:


Personally, I want to see the train layout at Flutterpie's house. It sounds epic.

You say you wrote this during season two, and yet, there's a pinkie with a mustache reference! UNCANNY!:twilightoops:

I may not like lesbos because you're all corrupt and given into lust, so you use them, but this looks interesting, and i'll probably read it.... i'm telling you because I can.

1964677 You and me both! Well, it took me a few minutes, but once I realized who was missing, then DUUUH:ajsmug:

I remember reading this a while back. I liked it then, but now... eh.:applejackunsure:

If I remember correctly, the first and second ones were alright. If the third one was the one centering on a straight Rainbow Dash, then I definitely liked that one.

The fourth one was way too depressing for my tastes. Too much of a downer, but definitely unique in how it worked.

Last one, while also unique, was just nuts. You completely lost your mind, with all the dimensional intrigue and all that other garbage that I only barely remember. That's all I really remember of that one, just totally insane. Nuts. Something the Warner siblings would come up with to mess with that security guard. Understand? Cool. :twilightsmile:

So yeah, that's pretty much it. It was a fun read and I liked it while reading. I won't read it again, but that doesn't mean I won't recommend it to others to read.

One of my all-time favorite shipfics, now on FIMfiction? *le gasp!* :pinkiegasp:

This is a wonderfully ambitious fic, and I honestly like ever chapter of it. Yes, chapter 1 could use a bit more elaboration, and yes, chapter 3 goes to some very weird places, but that's completely secondary. What's important is that this story, especially when chapter 5 hits, goes boldly where no pony in a shipfic has gone before! (Well, almost. :scootangel:)

Well, I take back what I said earlier. I really like that you're handling Spike's role in this well even though he isn't being shipped with anyone. Also, I love the idea that Pinkie can embody the traits of a creature or object just by dressing up as one. And her confusion during the unmasking thing was great.

That brief conversation about ponies as toys and toys as ponies is just wonderful. It catches me every time I read this story. :twilightsmile:

Truth was the lens by which confusion came clear; truth was beauty. But if the truth was that they weren't meant to love each other, Rainbow was simply too loyal to learn it. And however much Fluttershy might have yearned for the truth, she was just too kind to break her lover's heart.

Let confusion reign. There was beauty in confusion, anyway. And in each other.

You seriously shocked tears out of me with this. That blindsided me. I'm bawling like a child and I can't even be ashamed. Well done, and beautifully written <3

An oldie, but goodie... final ships were always my ideal ships. Hooves down! :twilightsmile:

"The Interdimensional Council of Scootaloos". Classic. :scootangel:

Oh My Gosh!!!
love the way this developed, going from a light hearted thing to an multidimensional adventure.
Good characters and some great original stuff, loved the interdimensional council of scootaloo's , the sadverse where they separated from the elements. terrible influence PinkieShy couple and that burlesque scene when rarity x sparkle are under the inflence of the elements so many good things, this is going on my all faves list.
Your flock of pinkies is far superior to the shows flock, although you had me waiting for pinkie to break the fourth wall in our direction for most of the last chapter, but she didn't!
If "the Sweetie Chronicles : Fragments"ever updates I'd love it meet the travellers from this and get seriously confusing.
The pinkie dash scootaloo adventures could be epic, please consider it.

DPV111 sent me, cheers for that

I was waiting for this to hit Fimfiction! Read it back on FF.net and fell in love. I'm so happy you uploaded it! :raritystarry:

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