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Donnys Boy

My name is Donny's Boy. I ship ponies.


Rarity has accomplished everything she’s dreamt of accomplishing, and she couldn’t be happier. At least, that’s what she thinks, until an old friend comes unexpectedly bouncing back into her life. A RariPie story.

Warnings for: Dancin' and drinkin'.

Cover art was drawn by the multi-talented and ever-fabulous Baby Seal Burritos.

Chapters (10)
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Woo! New Donny's Boy story!

A very solid first chapter. It looks like we will actually have some character development in this story (something that is quite often lacking in the majority of shipping)! I have to say though, I always love the strange little nuances you give the mane 6! That business card took me very much by surprise!

Anyway, I am very much looking forward to more! Keep up the great work!

Looks like fun! The only obvious downside to this relationship would be that Rarity would lose her svelte figure within the first month of Pinkie Pie cooking for her.

Raripie? What a rarity! I love what you've done with Rarity so far, her backstory was very believable and I'm liking the Canterlot society angle. I can't wait to see how Pinkie adjusts to the big city though.

Hmm, see, I knew I recognized your name. I read that one thing you wrote with the sad orange chicken. You seem to have a pretty extensive library of work, and I'm quite impressed. Still, I can't help but notice there are ponies in the fandom you haven't yet shipped Pinkie with. Best get on that. Again, good work, and always glad to see someone that understands that Pinkie Pie is objectively best pony:pinkiehappy:

Besides the great dynamic between characters, the fact that Pinkie is so important for a Duchesse, and that we see THE desert scene; THIS:

Pinkie Pie, Esq., D.D.S., Ph.D.
Sugar Cube Corner, Proprietress
Caterer, Party Planner, and Balloon Animal Artiste

This is the best thing of the whole wide chapter.

"I love something; something is my favorite... ":pinkiehappy:

Well written, good grammar, character Development, proper pacing. Confound this blasphemy I can't find a wrong!:flutterrage: I love this story darling, particular the authors note at the end. So true haha:raritywink:

Great chapter but....


What is it with you and making me like pairings I never considered, DB? Are you trying to make me broaden my horizons? Am I too simple in my tastes? :pinkiesad2: All I want to do is enjoy a good PinkieDash and you keep blindsiding me with the most beautiful stories - or chapters of stories - from other pairings and then I have to love them too.

And you know, if you could just not characterise the...characters...so perfectly it would be easier to resist and it's getting harder to keep up this faux-negative style so i'm going to stop now.

You might be sick of hearing the same praise every time - don't worry, I have new praise too - but now that you're writing more ponies you're just proving me more and more right and soon you won't be able to deny it: You are not capable of writing any of these characters badly. I think the time and effort you put in to understanding the characters and making sure you get them just right really shows through and that the stories are truly exceptional for it.

Rarity is the character I see portrayed as shallow most often - with no real personality beyond 'vain and snooty' - and it bothers me, because she's fun to read about when she's well written. Granted a lot of that is because the stories I read don't tend to center much around her, so it's absolutely my own fault. But still - in my opinion you got her just right, and that makes me smile. I adore the bit about her snubbing Sapphire Shores for Dash - I think it defines a lot about who she is and helps set her character up for later in the story, without seeming at all forced. And I love that she doesn't regret it at all. Well done. :raritywink:

That said, I think the introduction - with the two of them trapped in the desert together alone - is the most powerful part of the story. I might just be reading too much into it but it just says a lot to me that, despite being trapped in a dusty, boiling, barren wasteland directly because of Pinkie Pie, she's still glad she caught her. Rarity, who hates getting dirty, is among the least adapted to such manual labour and would despise being trapped there the most, is still glad she caught Pinkie - and I don't doubt that in the same situation she'd catch her again.

I do hope she got her revenge on Dash though. Whatever it is she deserves it for just leaving them there. :facehoof:

I think my reviews are getting longer. I don't know if that's good or not. Either way, awesome work as always. :pinkiehappy:

Also I feel silly for not guessing that the desert scene would be a part of this story. Doh. :twilightsheepish:

EDIT: Wait! Wait! Wait wait wait. Wait. Does Pinkie Pie's card say she's a licensed DENTIST!? Because that would be so very awesome.

Read the business card, coated my screen in ginger tea. Worth it.

I'll be honest: I found myself skipping passages once it was established that Rarity moved to Canterlot, and again when Dash's status as a Wonderbolt came up. I've read too many "Growing up, growing apart" sadfics, and have grown to resent them, their tendency to break character for the sake of drama, and the heartbreak they inflict on me, so instanly tensed up and began judging wether or not I should finish. I feel bad about that, now that I've forced myself to read this through.You've made the shifts make sense, and keep the characters connected without being unrealistic, and I couldn't be more relieved. I shouldn't have expected less, so feel I have to apologise.

I'm quite interested to see how you'll play the social angle in this, and am already impressed with how you've shown the interactions among the "high-society" ponies. I can't yet see Pinkie as anything but a wrench in their little machine, even if the Duchess seems to approve of her, but no matter which direction that takes I've high hopes.

I wonder how Snips does with them. :p

First off, thanks everyone for giving this a shot. I know RariPie isn't one of the more common pairings. This shall be an adventure in crack shipping for all of us, whee! :twilightsmile:

Aw, thanks! Glad you liked the business card. And yep, should be lots of character development, if I execute things correctly.

Ha! The prices we pay for love, eh?

Thanks! Glad it's believable thus far. Fingers crossed that things stay that way.

Pinkie Pie is, unquestionably, best pony. And give me time, give me time ... I'm sure I'll ship Pinkie with everyone, at some point or another. :pinkiehappy:

Ha, glad you liked the business card.

Thanks muchly!

Rainbow Pie is indeed the One True Ship! I ... I apologize for my disloyalty. *hangs head sadly*

I love Rarity (I love all of them, really), and it makes me sad when I see her written as just shallow or overly self-absorbed. I hope I do right by her. You aren't reading too much into the desert scene, by the way.

And, um, DUH. You didn't know Pinkie's a dentist? I thought everyone knew that. :trollestia: (After posting this, I've decided that it's canon in this story that Pinkie has actually EARNED all of the degrees and titles she put on the business card.)

Hee, I'm glad the business card went over as well as it has. And I think it's funny that you apologized when I never would have known if you hadn't told me--but seriously, though, thanks for going back and giving me the benefit of the doubt.

I can't handle the "friends growing apart" stories, either. Some are really beautiful and well-written, but my heart just can't handle them. My personal head-canon is that THEY ARE ALL BEST FRIENDS FOREVER AND EVER, no matter what. Though I think it's interesting what that might mean, as Rarity and Rainbow's big life dreams seem destined to take them away from Ponyville.

Next chapter: Pinkie is let loose upon high society! Awkward social moments! Cameos from Fancy Pants and Fleur de Lis!

Sorry, couldn't resist the announcer voice. Another story to track, my list is getting full. Is that a thing? Lists getting full? If it is, I can't take it anymore, I might just break down right now. I have no idea what I'm typing, but this story is awesome, you're awesome, and you should feel good.

279726 Aw, but then I'd have to let the guilt eat at me, and you'd have less praise, and I can't have either of those. :p

That's exactly what sent me down the slippery slope: I'm a sucker for that sort of inner-conflict, and the first couple I read were beautiful despite the melancholy; one even ended on a high note. However, by the time I'd read three in which they'd all permanently severed ties, and one in which they each die cold and alone, I had to tap out. And cry for an hour.

I'm excited to see your Fancy Pants! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
Been working off-and-on on a Fancy Pants fic, and it's always interesting to see how different people see the character.

Of... of course. Of course she's a dentist! She wants to see everypony's beautiful smile, and she needs to be able to keep them beautiful, especially when her primary profession is the creation of sugar-coated pastries. Donny's Boy, this is BRILLIANT~!

...as is the rest of this story so far, mind you. While you know that Twinkie is my OTP, RariPie is just so, well, rare to see. The one time I did see it (The Combinatorics Project's second chapter), it was fantastic, and so far, Seeking Beauty is turning out to be of even greater quality. Write on, you crazy pie worshipper!

*goes off to revise head canon which used to have Pinkie's ridiculously advanced degree be a Master's in Theoretical Physics*

278618 Actually yes, apparently Pinkie is a liscensed dentist.

Oh, I'm going to enjoy this one.

I'm sure I'll ship Pinkie with everyone, at some point or another.

Pinklestia story confirmed?


I think Donny's Boy was mainly talking about pairings between Pinkie and the rest of the Mane Six, but dare I dream that Starfall is correct and there's a CelestiaPie story in the future? Ever since a story advertising such a ship was posted at EqD and then abandoned after the first chapter, I have found myself wanting to see someone talented tackle this most unusual and yet potentially rewarding pairing. :trollestia::heart::pinkiegasp:

Aww, thanks. And the announcer voice amused me.

Oh mah gawd. OKAY. Okay, y'all have asked for it. For now it is time for ...

DB's Long-Winded and Overly Analytic Thoughts On CelePie/PinkLestia

First of all, it's never occured to me to write this ship, but immediately upon hearing of it, I approved of its existence. I think it could work. I think ... I think it actually could be something beautiful and crazy and brilliant, and it'd probably make Twilight's head explode twice, which would be the icing on the cupcake, and YES. I say YES.

Pinkie Pie, much like Rodney Dangerfield, don't get no respect. (I've been having an extended convo with Prof. Piggy on such via PM as of late, actually. Many thanks to PP for chatting with me and sharing his insights on all these characters.) Everyone's all "You're so random, Pinkie Pie" and "She's just being Pinkie Pie" and "Shut up, Pinkie Pie." I think most everyone greatly underestimates Pinkie, which makes my heart sad. One thing I invariably do in all of the Pinkie ships I write is have Pinkie's love interest come to a point of appreciating and respecting Pinkie, because I think that is something necessary for any relationship to work and to feel as though it's one between equals. (Possible exception: Rainbow Dash. I think Rainbow is the one in the mane cast who respects Pinkie the most. This is why Rainbow Pie is best ship.)

But do you know who I think already respects and appreciates Pinkie? PRINCESS FREAKIN' CELESTIA. In fact, I think Celestia gets a huge kick out of Pinkie Pie and her Pinkie Pieness. In "A Bird in the Hoof," everypony's all, "Le gasp! We must remove Pinkie from the Princess's presence!" but, y'know, Celestia didn't actually seem bothered by anything Pinkie was doing. And then--and then!--Celestia pranks the Cakes by pretending to drink tea. And guess who would make an awesome prank partner for Celestia? Aww, yeah. I am firmly convinced that Celestia is pro-Pinkie Pie, and I think being with a pony who really appreciates her could do wonders for Pinkie.

I also think Pinkie would be good for Celestia, too. Pinkie's the only one, so far as I recall, who doesn't really bug out about Celestia being royalty. She's all, "Hey, Princess, how's it goin'? Gonna eat that? No? *chomp!*" She doesn't act disrespectfully, I don't think; I think it's just that she treats Celestia the same as she treats everypony. And given how most of the kingdom treats Celestia, I can't help but think that Celestia must really like that there's at least one individual out there who treats her as a pony instead of as The Princess.

So, yeah. I think they'd be really good for each other. Celestia takes Pinkie more seriously than others usually do, and Pinkie takes Celestia less seriously than others usually do, and I think that's exactly what they both want and need. This ship is seaworthy, my mateys.

Also, did I mention that Twilight Sparkle's head would explode? 'Cause Twilight Sparkle's head would explode.


Slower paced chapters? :raritycry:

Wow, this is really cool. The prologue was very well done, and I like it whenever you use some descriptive writing. You start some sentences off with "And", which is a conjunction, but it really isn't a big deal, that's just me nitpicking. Write however you want. :pinkiesmile:

Anyway, it's really nice stuff. I'll be tracking this to see where it goes.

Rarity is playing a very dangerous game here: manipulating your friends to suit your own needs is nothing less than playing with fire, especially when you're trying to do it to somepony like Pinkie. Hopefully she learns that before somepony winds up getting hurt, but more likely she'll learn how wrong she is when somepony's hoof collides with her cheek, or when a crying pink mare rushes out of one of her parties in a mess after figuring it all out.

I love all of your stories, and this looks like it will be no exception. It's an interesting set up, and I can't wait to see how you deal with a pairing you're not as in tune with, so count me as hooked!


No need to thank me, DB. It's my pleasure to discuss it with you.

I like your thoughts of Pinkie Pie and Celestia, and I approve with the additional reason that Pinkie trying to mingle with the noble ponies would be interesting to see.

Oh, I don't think it's at all going to go to Rarity's plans... :duck: :pinkiehappy:

Aah! Instant update! Yee!

Found a couple typos: "Pinkie bounced over to the kitchen’s entrance and peaked out at the banquet hall beyond the doors." Peaked vs. Peeked.
Two missing periods in this paragraph: "She’d also heard numerous high praises for the food at the reception, in particular the desserts, and Rarity silently promised herself that she would relay all of these compliments back to Pinkie as soon as the party was over Then, she made the fatal mistake of mentally patting herself on the back for a job well done with the evening’s festivities"

I have to say, that first scene is wonderful. The whole thing is, really, but as far as intros go? Superb. Pinkie's putting up with Rarity as much as Rarity's worrying about potentially dealing with Pinkie, and it's delicious. Heck of a punchline, too.

This got me, and now I need to hug everyone: " Pinkie smiled, but it wasn’t one of her usual, face-splitting smiles. It was small and gentle, strangely intimate, almost secretive. “Because I owed ya one, Rarity.”" Oh, God, my heart.

Looks like Canterlot's rubbed off on Rarity. Worrying. I'll have a guess at the future: Pinkie sees through the puppeteering, but plays along as much as she can, regardless.

And once more I'm loving the humor. Sir Feathermane's husband's favorite cousin? I was grinning ear to ear. And chocolate quiche I'd have laughed at had I not instantly become queasy.

I have to apologise. I am unbelievably tired, so this comment may lack some depth.

But what I did have to say is this, HUG ME! Please! This has slow, simmering and brooding character development - everything that makes the best shipping stories so good. That and you write Pinkie so well! Thank the Lord!

Man, I am really excited for the next update now, so keep up the amazing work!

Sleep is for the weak! :pinkiehappy:

Now, now. Not all of us can write as quickly as, say, AbsoluteAnonymous. I am but a mere mortal.

Thank you so much for the review! I've seen your reviews on other stories, and you always have such insightful things to say. I'm glad you're finding it interesting thus far.

Pinkie + Nobility = INSTANT HILARITY. This, I firmly believe.

I feel it is not in the least spoilerish to say ... no. No, it will not. :pinkiehappy:

THANK YOU for mentioning the typos. They've all been corrected. Much obliged. And I'm so glad to hear the parts that are supposed to be funny are actually coming across as funny. Humor is still my biggest insecurity, I think.

Aww, thank you! That's so nice of you to say. I shall try to not suck in future installments!


This ^^, I couldn't agree more. I also like the characterization you've done with everypony. Pinkie, Rarity, the noble-mares, and especially Fleur De Lis. Great job with that.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing how Rarity's plans are going to unfold. Hopefully it doesn't hurt Pinkie too bad if she sees through it.

This is a Terrific Story! Didn't expect Pinkie to be an Esquire/Ph. D WOW! Keep up the good work!

Oh, goodness I hope this turns out awesome. I've been looking and waiting for a Raripie shipping fic FOR-EVER:pinkiegasp:

Oh, goodness I'm excited. I can't wait to see where this goes. I don't think Pinkie would be upset about being "manipulated" as she's probably perceptive enough that she knows Rarity is doing it, or at least resilient enough that Rarity's plans to mold her will just bounce off and Rarity will see that her beauty is perfect as it is. Oooh, again, I'm so excited for this. I truly can't wait.

Hmmm... no, I feel like this just got blindsided by shipping; you know shipping and romance are different, romance is when you build a believable story based on logic and emotion from shared experiences, shipping is when an author forces the characters to be together because they like the pairing. So yeah, this is based on what? Pinkie and Rarity standing near each other for about two minutes and suddenly that means they're in love?

Regardless of the back-story, that this has been subconsciously be brewing for years, which I don't buy, it was Fancy Pants and Fleur de Lis' walking up and basically saying 'We just saw you exchange three sentences to your caterer, invite us to the wedding!' makes me say this. It doesn't work, but I'll leave my 'like' up there for now.

Oh yeah, I also don't like the idea that Pinkie knows everyone 'just cause'. That's one of the fanon cliché's I don't like, Pinkie knows everyone in Ponyville because she lives there and makes it her life's goal to make friends that shouldn't extend to knowing everyone 'just cause'. There is such a thing as making you characters overpowered without giving them DBZ style fighting moves.

The common theme here is lack of sleep due to Donny Boy. Three things. First, considering that it is nearly 5am here, he has indeed done the same to me. Second, I would like to say that out of context, keeping a bunch of guys awake with romance sounds hilarious. Third.... GREAT SCOTT! YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN!

Much obliged!

I will attempt to make it awesome!

I didn't mean to imply that they're suddenly in love--that's not at all where either character is meant to be right now--and I'm sorry that's what came across in my writing.

Heh. Glad you liked it.

That episode was most fortuitous then, as that passage was my favorite part, and the hurt really seeps through and has more effect when we were there to see it happen. Great chapter! Raripie is the one of those shippings that I didn't really notice, but with how much they've been hanging out in S2, they have a great dynamic and have quickly became one of my favorites.


I've noticed the same, there's a ton of Raripie moments in Season 2, and I'm loving it.

Anyway, great chapter here. I love the subtlety you're using, especially from the start up to the end of the rainbow segment. I'd also like to purchase ten of those fully black paintings.

Black paintings? Rolling stones?

I see a red door and I want it painted black...

287709 was going to say the same thing oh well


Yes. Your update pace has indeed slowed substantially. Tsk tsk, DB. Tsk tsk.

This is simply excellent. First thing I will say is that this is probably the first time i've ever been disappointed to have Pinkie interrupt anypony. I really, really wanted to see what Rarity was going to do to the Duchess, because i'm guessing it would have been just awesome and made me like her even more than you've already managed. That said, I got over it pretty quickly - trust Pinkie to have a misery detector. :pinkiesmile: I can absolutely picture her convincing him to give up all the fake things that make him unhappy in such a short span, and I love that she expects everyone there to be happy for him. Because in the world she's from - and I agree - they should be.

But of course, the Canterlot elite sees it differently. And they look down on Pinkie, even though she's very likely a more wonderful person than any of them.

I absolutely loved the rainbow scene. I can picture those words haunting her forever, especially because it's one of the few times she's been obviously hurt by an insult from anyone but Twilight - because it was a real insult at the heart of how she sees herself. I can believe with no hesitation that she never forgot it, and I love that Rarity still remembers them too - and that she understands exactly why it is that Pinkie remembers. That, I thought, was beautifully done.

In fact I love the whole dynamic their relationship has in this story. It feels believable and in character, and it makes it clear that Rarity doesn't look down on Pinkie quite as much as her whole outlook would suggest. In fact it seems like she respects Pinkie a lot - but as Pinkie, so she still feels the need to make sure she fits in with the upper class soas not to embarrass Rarity.

Which she now seems to have done. :pinkiesad2: But maybe Rarity is generous enough to understand that it had to be done? Via loud announcement? In the middle of a room? Full of Rarity's social peers and betters, whose respect is crucial to her? Because there was no other way?

...Maybe? :pinkiecrazy:

Wonderful work, as always, DB. I loved every second.

"Utterly undeserved"? Lady Pinkamena only saved your lazy, worthless flank twice over, along with the rest of Equestria! :twilightangry2: (I wish there was an angry Rarity or Pinkie emoticon.) I wanted Rarity to end her... but I'm at least glad that such wrongness merited that level of response. Rarity has always been the type to respond with words, but that travesty was beyond words, and she instinctively recognized it.

"And I, Pinkie Pie, declare that these treats are fit for a king! Or a queen! Or a princess!" Nice to see that someone remembers that Pinkie Pie had a bit in Swarm of the Century before her grand instrument search. Pinkie's fake snooty accent is indeed one of her lesser known talents.

Rolling stones for the win

Thanks. Glad you liked the scene. And yeah, the most recent episode was such a surprise--like, hey, guess what, guys? Rarity and Pinkie are good friends! Lookit them hanging out and stuff! Who knew? 'Cause in the Discord ep and "Last Round-Up," they were mostly thrown together by circumstance, unless there are other interactions between the two that I'm not remembering.

My suspicion remains that Tara Strong and Ashleigh Ball were on vacation, and the writers were told, "Here are the voice actresses available. Write an episode using just their characters."

Thank you for the reviews and the kind words! I'm glad to hear the subtlety seems to be working as I'd hoped.

*grin* You win a completely hypothetical, virtual prize. Congrats.

This story has so many OC ponies, and it's been hard because I don't generally do OC characters, and OH MY GOSH, it is so hard to think up names for ponies. Thus, joke names.

Ha! Well, the pace will slow down now, most likely. Chapter four hasn't even been completely written, let alone put through the requisite revisions.

I'm glad you liked the rainbow scene. I agree that I believe what Fluttershy said is likely to stick with Pinkie (and Rarity too) for a good, long time. Also, thanks for the kind words regarding Rarity and Pinkie interact. I was building mostly from scratch, just extrapolating from what I know of both characters, but now that there's canon relationship stuff, it'll be interesting to play around with that. I really liked how they interacted in "Putting Your Hoof Down."

Oh, good, I wasn't the only one who remembered Pinkie's snooty voice! I like when Andrea Libman has Pinkie do funny little voices. And I remembered that Rarity smiled at Pinkie's dragon voice back in "Dragonshy" and figured maybe she gets a kick out of Pinkie's funny little voices, too.

Is my prize a Pinkie Pie plushie?

281783 This ship is seaworthy, my mateys.

"That's gone right up my flagpole that has, I'm saluting that one!"

(I want to write Pinklestia sooooo badly now ... right after the Gillestia of course.)

Great so far. Can't wait for the following chapters. Definitely worth a read!
(Not even a ShipFic fan)

Oh yes! Yay for character development! This has to be one of your slower, subtler works, Donny, and I am loving every minute of it. RariPie is quite an unconventional ship, but yet I am falling very easily into its spell, so kudos to you!

Keep up the great work, and I cannot wait for the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

Slow and subtle is good. Starfall likes slow and subtle. Starfall especially likes slow, subtle romance if it creeps up on somepony unawares. :pinkiesmile:

This is for you:


You are welcome. :pinkiehappy:

If you write it, I'll read it!

Aw, thanks! I've been trying for subtle, so I'm glad to hear that I seem to be succeeding. Here's hoping I can keep it up.

"Oh yeah, I also don't like the idea that Pinkie knows everyone 'just cause'."

I actually had it in mind that there's a reason why Pinkie is able to do what she did at the fashion show after-party beyond just "well, she's Pinkie Pie," and your comment has led me to write that reason into the story. So there will be an explanation at some point--whether it's a good explanation or a reasonable explanation isn't for me to say, of course. I hope the explanation will be, anyways.

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