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My name is Donny's Boy. I ship ponies.


Rarity has always believed that there exists a prince for every princess. And she's not wrong about that. She's just not right for quite the exact reasons she thinks she is.

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I kind of wish I had studied a bit more english so I could give you and other authors some constructive criticism.

As it is:
I liked it.


It would be too snarky by half to tell you that this story was only almost beautiful. It would also be a lie.

Well done.

why do you have to be so feels, Donny
don't stahp

That was pretty awesome... Though I do have one objection:

“Do you know why diamonds are so special?”

Rarity hesitated before offering, “They are uncommon?”

“They’re rare, yes. There’s that.” Twilight nodded, her eyes sparkling.

Pfft, no. Diamonds aren't rare. They're carbon. They're blisteringly common, but heavily supply controlled by a slowly weakening monopoly. Nearly every other gemstone in the world is less common.

(In response to your Author's Note) Not to mention the shot as they ride away, right? Everyone else singing, Twilight and Rarity holding hands hooves together...

Wonderfully done - I can't think of a better way to tie together short pieces than this. Had some really spectacular phrasing, too (too many to list, but silken steel might be my new favorite thing.)

You made Rarity real for me way back in Seeking Beauty, and you continue to wow me with the depth of her wonderful character... Seriously, before I read your stuff that contained her, I kinda hated her for how shallow and frivolous the show could make her out to be. This gave me shivers and, if at all possible, made me love her more than I already do. I can't fully give justice to this with my own clumsy words right now, but I loved all of this. All of it.
Thanks for writing

Fleur de Lis is unofficial badass! :pinkiehappy:

That is certainly how diamonds work here on Earth, yes. :pokerface:

Wow, this was fantastic! I loved the ending where Twilight said all those things about Rarity, it was perfect!

Actually, he's right, though not completely.
Diamonds are in fact a very abundant material on Earth.
The problem is that most of it is too far down in the Earth's core, too difficult to reach with practical means.
Have you ever seen the movie The Core? It wasn't exaggerating, it's very possible that there are enormous chunks of diamond the size of Cape Cod.

I mean, I'm not disagreeing with Jetstream. I'm saying that, sure, diamond scarcity is artificially-created here on Earth, but maybe it isn't in Equestria.

Ah, yes. Now I see it. Nevermind then. :pinkiehappy:

Aw, Donny ships Rarilight now:raritystarry:
I liked when we learn why Rarity always thought Twilight was almost beautiful:twilightblush:
I always like these sort of 'progression' style stories. Where it's shown over the course of the show how the ponies learn to poni another poni:pinkiesmile:

Oh, and the ending:fluttershysad:
Well said Twilight

Rarity. You say that Twilight holds herself too low, but your own self recrimination is a thing of almost beauty.

If everyone is treating Twi differently, does that mean Pinkie? Does that mean Spike?

(Diamonds really aren't worth anything like what they sell for. After the colonial powers discovered the diamond wealth of Africa the various diamond companies banded together to control it all. Almost all mines sell to this one consortium, and if anyone tries to sell diamonds without them they flood the local market with product from their vast reserves to crash the price and force competition out of business. This monopoly even invented as marketing "diamonds are a girl's best friend". Or so the internet has told me. Thinking on it now, I don't think that I ever questioned it as truth... hmm)

She finally found her royal lover! Hey, if Rarity marries Twilight, will she get wings as well? If Rarity were to marry any princess or prince, would she get the wings? That`s my question.

2606782 I thought that she was married to or dating Fancy Pants. CHEATER! Or... mistress of both. Who knows.

So much love for this. Rarilight is right and good :twilightsmile::raritywink:

Added to Read Later!
I love Rarity and Twilight! :twilightsmile::raritywink:

I'll let you know what I think once I'm done reading it! :yay:

Normally I have no love whatsoever for this ship because it involves Spike sister and crush (who aren't so far beyond him in years as people like to think), but this was a very well-written piece of work. The diamond analogies at the end were fantastic.

Now why the hell isn't Crosis's latest fic in the feature box with it?


oh.. my... never thought i'd see this pair work... it feels a little awkward still, but this was written nicely...

ehh, downright awakward pairing as much as try to rethink it :x

One of my favorite pairing and wonderful symbolic writing used.

Very Rarity, darling! :raritywink:

Brava! Brava!

:fluttershysad: Don't cry. :fluttercry: Don't cry... :raritycry: Rarity, stop that! :applecry: Apples :pinkiesad2: :fluttershbad: :raritydespair:
I like this ship. I wish there was more of it.
You are a sir.

Hey there! Recognize me from the 30 Minute Pony Blog? I certainly recognize you!

I really enjoyed this story. I was a bit unsure as to which direction it was headed at first, but once I realized Rarity's plight, I really got into it. I feel as if it could stand to be a bit less segmented, and have a tad more showing than telling, but considering this was crafted from several 30 minute exercises, you succeeded valiantly in telling a cohesive and touching story. I'm glad to see that it has made its way into the featured box and received its due-recognition. :pinkiesmile:

I like this one it is really cool :raritywink::twilightsmile:


This seems to be my favorite RariLight shipfic so far. Of all of them this one finally seemed to make enough sense that, yes, I could get behind this shipping.

Good job. :twilightsmile::raritywink:

I doubt that their opinions are going to change incredibly about Twilight's transformation. I mean rainbow would be knocking on her door to go flying.

Regardless to my personal thoughts, This is a very awesome story, I like how Rarity's feelings evolve through the story. Even though it was Rarity's thoughts mostly then the confrontation, the emotions pull you into the story. Very enjoyable.

I want to spam you with thumbs up but every time I click it more than once it goes out and I have to click it again. I will admit I am not the greatest chooser of stories but this was awesome. I love the way you portray Rarity and tell it from her thoughts, its got so little action and reads like a journal of discovery. These kinds of stories are why I read fanfiction. The jewels in the rocks so to speak. :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

I have been waiting to see this since you mentioned it in your blog months ago, pointing out that scene in the S3 opener.

Absolutely worth the wait. Precisely the feels I got watching Rarity sing to Twilight and hold her hoof, just amplified tenfold and given five thousand words in which to grow and blossom.

I've mentioned it in more or less as many words a number of times before, but every time you write something like this, it bears repeating: you are a gift to all of us here reading on Fimfic. Thank you, Donny's Boy.

Did anyone else feel like a literary genius after reading this? The words were so artfully put together that it somehow managed to be easily comprehended and still look like really complex dialogue. In the end, I felt accomplished because I thought I was being really confused by the writing, but was pleasantly surprised when I understood it completely. Seriously, anybody else get that feeling?

Nothing like diamonds to bring out a light's Sparkle. :)


...ahem. Well then. Please excuse my insane fangirling and realize that I LOVED this fanfic. It was completely and utterly perfect. Totally deserves the top slot, no doubts about it. The way Twilight was so insecure, and how caring Rarity it was, it just... *makes inhumane noises of fangirling*

Didn't like it. Rarity telling Twilight that she meant every word should not have been taken as a love confession, even though we knew she was going to confess sooner or later. There was no reason Twilight should have taken it to mean that, unless she had break-the-fourth-wall knowledge of the fact that she was in a RariLight shipfic. Everything after that I just found kind of boring. Might be because the way the "confession" was executed just soured the rest of the story for me, but I think the rest of it, their coversation in bed included, was just skip-worthy in it's own right, negative bias or no. I did like that it was clear that Rarity was falling in love with Twilight before Rarity herself knew it. That much I can't deny. And I guess I can go ahead and see Twilight saying that Rarity treating her differently bothers her especially as a sign of mutual romantic feelings, though a little more evidence could have been provided in that direction. [continued in next post, PS3 text limit]

There were also moments where I was afraid Rarity was falling in love with Twilight just because she felt like she owed her. Giving her her knight was one thing that made me cringe. But the story didn't truly crash and burn until Rarity telling her she meant every word she said earlier as a confession. It's not just that it doesn't make sense either, though that's a large part of it because there really isn't anything for Twilight to take it that way, but it also cheapens the words...any friend could have said it to her, that it suddenly turns into a romantic confession kind of takes away the intention of support and even the validity of the words. Romantic bias and everything. But 90 percent of my problem with it is that it's what a friend would say to a friend, not a romantic confession. The RariLight angle is interesting, though. I've actually never read one. I'd encourage ya not to make this your last. I think you should go for another one sometime. [continued in next post]

I think writing a longer one would do some good. I have no problem with one-shots, in fact they're mostly what I read, I just think that this particular story suffers from how short it is. Even turning it into a multi-chapter fic, however, would not fix the way that confession was executed.[e]

Well done and deserving of the spotlight. That I've seen these elsewhere doesn't take away from the deft stitching-together you've accomplished here. Kudos, belly rubs, pats on the head, and all that!


Come on, Sleepless, I feel you missed an even bigger one here.

And since Twilight was not beautiful, Rarity could not possibly feel an ache deep in her chest, like the bitter frost of a cold winter’s night, the ache of knowing that Twilight Sparkle would never and could never be hers.

It's a long running sentence but, goddamn, if that's the result, Donny, you should run metaphysical marathons! instead of the regular kind of physical ones, I mean...

... Because you can't write whilst you run and sweat makes the pages all soggy- Trust me. Still, though, not as bad as that time I tried to write and swim. On the one hand I'd learnt my lesson about paper... But on the other hand it turns out using my laptop was definitely not an improvement.

But I digress... Great lines. Silken steel was definitely an excellent combination, it creates a powerfully vivid mental image that conveys a lot of, well, Rarityness.

This... was just awesome. The pacing of it was great, the conclusion was great, the way the conclusion happened was great. Everypony was in character. :yay:

Quite good but it does feel a bit disjointed, although I think that might be because it was originally a bunch of short stories that were combined. You did a good job at that but it just feels like its begging for more.

Exquisitely executed. Appropriate that this beautiful Rarity-centric story was stitched together from seemingly minor trifles. Thank you for this. :twilightsmile:

Howdy, folks! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I'm so pleased to have gotten the kinds of in-depth feedback I've gotten, both positive and negative, and I'm happy that many of you enjoyed this. :twilightsmile:

Hey, I'm happy to take an "I liked it." Thanks!

YES, OF COURSE DIAMONDS ARE RARE IN EQUE--ha, ha, no, I can't even pretend. I had it in my head that diamonds were relatively rare (is that a common misconception?), and obviously I dun goofed up there. I'll probably go back and change that line. Whoops. :twilightsheepish:

THEY WERE TOTALLY HOLDING HOOFSIES. I think the joke I made, at the time, was that the MLP team made up for two seasons without very much RariLight ship fuel by shoving ALL OF THE RARILIGHT SHIP FUEL FOEVER into the last five minutes of the S3 premiere. 'Cause, I mean, they did.

And thank you! I'm very happy you liked it and think I did some okay word-slingin'! :pinkiehappy:

Aww, thanks. I love Rarity to pieces, and I think that tends to show in my writing, heh.

Really? I'm glad you liked it that much and especially that you think I did justice with my girl Rarity.

I like to think she is. I mean, anyone who gets to hang out with Fancy Pants as much as Fleur does has got to be a cool person, is what I figure.

Oh, no, I had it in mind that Twi meant only acquaintances and such when she said "everyone" treats her differently. I can't at all see Spike, Pinkie, or her other friends doing so, and I'm sorry I left that impression. 'Cause, I mean, just look at Rainbow Dash's (completely adorable) reaction to Twi getting wings.

My guess would be no, since Shining Armor didn't get wings when he married Cadance. But I'm not at all certain on all the elements involved in royalty and marrying into royalty.

I think "Best Chance for a Romance" is in the featured box now. Maybe not if you have settings turned on for Mature fics, as I think I have my settings turned off at present, but it's there!

Good to know it feels awkward still. Sorry 'bout that!

"Very Rarity" ... now there's a lovely compliment! Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

Heya, LE. 'Course I remember ya. :twilightsmile: Thanks much for the feedback. I think I fall into this kind of segmented writing a lot, not just 'cause of TMP but because it's a style I'm really familiar with. I really ought to work harder to do more longer-form writing. Also good to know about "show, don't tell" issues, thanks.

Oh, heh, thank you. Glad you think it was worth the wait. The entire thing was built on the ending of the S3 premiere--'cause whoa, shipping feels--so I'm especially pleased to hear that it felt like an extension of that.

Yay! :twilightsmile: And oh, my gosh, do I love that Christina Perri song. It's so, so pretty.

I think probably what the story could most use, in terms of improvement, would be more of Twi falling for Rarity, as it's almost entirely Rarity falling for Twi. I do regret that. With the confession scene, I saw the confession more in terms of body language and such--Rarity pinning Twi, leaning forward, using a particular tone of voice--though I can see why that feels lacking. Originally there was a kiss in there, too, which I ended up taking out during revising, and perhaps I should have left that in.

Thanks for the feedback!

I feel like I should bark and wag my tail, heh. Seriously, though, glad you liked it!

I would not recommend writing and swimming, using either a laptop or paper. Only heartbreak and woe can result. I'm glad to hear you thought some of the phrasing was Rarity-appropriate--I do try to do right by her. :twilightsmile:

That might be why, though I did know as I wrote each section that it was going to be part of this story. I think my writing style, when I do stories like this, just tends towards that disjointed feeling--it's something I really ought to work on. Thanks for reviewing!

2609614 I knowwwwwww, it's just so perfect ;_; The ultimate love song, really.

Wow. Though I dont like reading rarilight, this was simply amazing and poetic. Truly deserved to be featured.

It wasn't groundbreaking, but it was touching and nice :D

2609614 It's actually a deliberate bit of misinformation. DeBeers has been pushing diamonds as ultra valuable, super rare and the ultimate expression of beauty and perfection for centuries. They're liars. Though it WAS true that they were rare... Until we figured out how to mine them properly... And then how to make them. Industrial diamonds are identical to natural ones.

Now COLORED diamonds are super rare.

I guess I can see the body language thing. Well that means Twilight was replying to her actions instead of her words. Which would mean that, except the very minor thing which you agreed with, almost the entirity of my beef with the story doesn't even exist. A little embarrassing, really. The funny thing is, I actually had a (civil) argument with my brother (who was reading over my shoulder and was much more positive) about the story, and he pointed out the body language before I ever started writing my comment. I dismissed him because I didn't see it. Hearing the same pointed out by author intent makes me facehoof at myself. Well I'm reading this again immediatly.

The opening feels like a recap of a show we've already seen.

Ah, good, I wasn't the only one to see them holding hooves. Part of the shipping in one of my fics uses that as an example of where it might have crystallized for Rarity. There was definitely a bit of a moment there :duck::twilightblush:

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