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Donnys Boy

My name is Donny's Boy. I ship ponies.


At this year’s Grand Galloping Gala, Twilight Sparkle finds out just what a terrible dancer she truly is. Fortunately, there to comfort her is the one pony who is possibly an even worse dancer than Twilight.

The story has comedic elements but probably isn't a romantic comedy proper, by the way. Just want to avoid false advertising.

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Ship all the ponies! :D

Haha, no, but seriously, I really enjoyed this. It was everything that one-shot shipping fics should be: short, simple enough and really, really sweet. It was a really lighthearted read - just the kind if thing I needed to start my day, so thank you!

Keep up the great work, Donny's Boy! (And more PinkieDash? I approve! Haha)

Face it, Donny's Boy, you're a TwiPie fan.

Don't worry, it's not so bad on this side of the fence. We have cupcakes. :pinkiesmile:

You certainly know how to write really sweet stories. :raritywink:

Cupcakes prepared exactly according to the recipe, of course.

I really can't tell you how much I like the character dynamic at play here. So blasted cute! Pretty much every exchange had me smiling.
The whole bit in the library had me unashamedly "Aww"-ing.

Great stuff, as usual.

Yessssss... More of the best ship, the S.S. Twinkie! And it was really cute and sweet and funny. *adds to the Twinkie group*

make a long twipie, it really hits the spot

you immediately get a like cuz you had queen lyrics
and the story was sweet
that is all

Oh my gosh, congrats on the feature!

Twipie?! :pinkiegasp: TWIPIE!?! :pinkiehappy::heart::twilightsmile: Such an underrated ship......This was a treat! I wish there was more.....That's it....you've inspired me! I'm writing my own Twipie story! And I won't read another fic until I have my first chapter done with! THIS I SWEAR!!!!! Also: DEM QUEEN LYRICS!!!!!! Always nice to hear my favorite band mentioned in anything!

Good, good. :moustache:

Soon all will forget about Skittles/RainbowPie. :pinkiegasp::rainbowhuh:


Thanks for the reviews and kind words, y'all! Glad this one is going over well, thus far.

ALL Pinkie Pie ships have cupcakes. 'Cause Pinkie Pie. :pinkiehappy: And 'tis true, I am a TwiPie fan ... but Rainbow Pie is still the One True Ship. :raritywink:

Glad I got the character dynamics okay. Also, thanks for the head's up on being featured! Much obliged! I hadn't noticed that 'til I saw your comment about it.

Funny that the only other story of mine that got featured was my other TwiPie fic ...

Do it! Write TwiPie! There needs to be more. And Queen is, objectively speaking, awesome.

Nooooooo! RainbowPie FOREVER! :pinkiesmile::rainbowkiss:

This is by far one of the cutest fics I've ever read :pinkiesmile: . Twi's socially awkward clumsiness and Pinkie's unflinching enthusiasm are both perfectly in-character. I'm fairly certain that you've successfully sold me on this pairing :twilightsmile: . Thanks for the wonderful story and I can only hope that you write another with this pair sometime soon :raritystarry: .

*Immediately begins reading your other TwiPie story~

Very lovely story. Twilight is, as ever, adorkable. Excellent imagery too. I could just see that first kiss, Pinkie gasping in surprise. I also really liked the line that 'Kissing Pinkie was a startlingly easy thing to do.' That was an extremely well placed phrase, and...I don't know, it just felt, right, you know?

227531 "Pinkie! More nanowire sprinkles!" :twilightblush:

228287 Yes, but these are SCIENCE CUPCAKES!

Besides, there are no OTPs in My Little Pony except the divinity of GildaxCelestia! :pinkiecrazy:

"Her mouth opened and closed rapidly, like the mouth of a fish out of water..." - Hilarious image in my head

But, but, but where will I get my fix of TwiPie! It's such a rare ship, or at least as far as I've seen;:pinkiesad2:
I'll get withdraws, or whatever you get from a lack of such a fun ship;

I'd 5 star this, but that seems to be replaced with thumbs (which I find slightly ironic, 'lest Lyra is new site layout manager).
Oh well, thumbs up I guess!:twilightsheepish:

TwiPie! The neglected one true ship. Marvelous! Take all my stars.

Always glad to see you submit a new story!

Greetings and salutations, new people who've commented since my last reply! I'm happy to see you and would like to thank y'all kindly for the reviews and nice things you've said. :twilightsmile:

At this point, I think I may have more TwiPie leaning followers than I do RainbowPie followers, and I am mildly worried that everyone will be terribly disappointed once I resume my obsessive RainbowPie writing.

Is it just me, or does anytime Pinkie need advice, she always goes to ask Twilight? I don't find that shippy, per se, just kind of interesting. (This observation inspired by today's episode, which, OH MY GOSH.)

Science cupcakes are best cupcakes, clearly.

Also ... GildaxCelestia? My brain, it is broken. ARE there even any GxC stories?

232815 ARE there even any GxC stories?
None! :raritycry: Oh, the ponymity! Always I am denied! :raritydespair:

Damnit donny I keep picking up stories because they look interesting, then I find out you wrote em, you are a horrible person for producing so much content.

Cheers lads, I think we've found the best TwiPie shipping in history :twilightsmile::ajsmug:
Ok perhaps not, but it's damn well up there :pinkiehappy:
Really nice and sweet way of setting them up :raritywink:

Nothing I can say that everyone else hasn't said already- awesome story, and Pinkie didn't go manic depressive when Twilight ran away, which is unexpected- unexpected, but good. You are a very good author, and you should feel good. *like*
Alas, I always find something in (basically everyone's) stories and I can't just let it sit there;
>Twilight tripped over her own feet quite a few times and, after each time, she grew a bit more flustered and stumbled that much harder
You missed a period.
232815 No, the OTP is obviously PhilomenaxOwlicious. An eternal being, together with a mortal librarian(assistant)... reminiscent of another ship except more birds, less ponies.

Heh ... sorry? The Beloved Spouse is out of town at the moment, so I've been spending my evenings finishing up some stories that have languished in nearly-finished states.

Thank you! That's kind of you to say. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

Glad you liked that Pinkie didn't go depressive. To be honest, if I was writing my one long Rainbow Pie story all over again today, I wouldn't have Pinkie go all straight mane in the penultimate chapter. I now regret that I did so, as I think canon Pinkie isn't as fragile as fanon Pinkie is, often.

Ugh, sorry about the missing period.

I am SO in for Philomena x Owlowlicious. They are both such trolls. Totally, they're the new OTP.

238919 ok, read, every bit as awesome as I expected. your characterization is amazing donny.

I think that it might just be safe to say that you are completely incapable of writing anything that isn't absolutely beautiful and amazing.
And even if it's not safe to say, I just did. I'm not usually a TwiPie fan - mostly because it never occured to me - but this is...wow. It makes perfect sense, the way you wrote it - and you did it well keeping them perfectly in character.

I've said before that I love the way you write Pinkie, but this? This is just perfect. And that extends to your Twilight, too.

I want to comment on how awesomely this flows and how much I love the way you do Twilight's thought process, but i'm still trying to stop laughing.
Seriously, I was all wrapped up in how sweet this was and then this:
Run! shouted Twilight’s brain, all klaxons blaring. Run, you fool! Save yourself!
came along and I had to stop reading for five minutes because I was laughing myself to tears.

I don't know how you do it, but this is - like all your stories - incredible. :pinkiehappy:

Aww, thanks!

NOT TRUE, but thanks for saying so. :twilightsmile:

I must ask, as you mention TwiPie having not occurred to you ... have you read Sir Gimp of Baath's "Casuality." It is, in my opinion, THE TwiPie story, and one of my favorite ship fics of any pairing. If that sounds like something up your alley, you can check it out at http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7474165/1/Causality.

I'm glad you like my Pinkie so much, as I do try to do right by my girl, but I'm especially glad to hear I did okay with Twilight. This was my first extended attempt at writing her. And I'm so happy to hear the funny parts were, in fact, funny! I think that's how I see TwiPie ... any seriousness or romance immediately gets undercut with humor and awkwardness. They're a fun couple.


You're welcome. Thanks for writing such amazing stories. :pinkiesmile:

I haven't read it but I shall do so - I read the others you recommended incidently and they're very good - as soon as I can. Thanks a lot for the recommendation. Before reading this I wouldn't have called it up my alley at all but this proved the pair can work and work well.

And I do love your Pinkie, so very very much. But yes - your Twilight is awesome, too - i'm surprised it's the first time you've written for her because it's easily one of the best characterizations i've read. Which really shouldn't surprise me anymore - you've yet to write one I don't love.

In fact I challenge you to write some Gummy. I think you're one of the few people who could navigate the intricate and weaving paths of his character, and his obvious genius. :pinkiehappy:

(I don't really expect you to write a Gummy story, if it needs to be said. But don't let that stop you if it was your secret next project. :pinkiesmile:

Oh my gosh, don't even tempt me. I love Gummy SO hard. He is, clearly, forever and ever, best pet.


But if I can tempt you I might get to see a story about the best pet ever written by an amazing author. You can see the bind i'm in.

And yes. Gummy is amazing. Best pet for best pony.

I loved, loved, loved this story! There's so little TwiPie out there, but even so it's a special treat to see one so well-written.

Also thanks for shouting out to my story Causality in the comments, and thanks to Professor Piggy for directing me here!

OH my GOSH. Thank you so much for the kind words--coming from you, they really mean a lot. :twilightblush: And I send everyone who indicates they're a TwiPie fan over to "Causality," because it really is that good. Best TwiPie story I've read, hands down.

Curses, I now enjoy PinkieTwi and I must go find your other story for them. Along with Watching you and reading EVERYTHING YOU'VE WRITTEN EVER.

Darn you, Donny's Boy, you magnificent person.

Oh my god this was such a cute story! Very well written! Fav'd, and Watch'd!
Goddammit I need more insulin!

Orrrrrr, you could write a full Twipie fanfic. Ya know, to counter the big ol' Rainbow pie one.

Loved the story....just wished it was longer. Keep up the great work.

raaahhh. you did this to me! :raritydespair:

you got me into twinkie! i never liked this ship, and now its one of my favorites! :twilightblush:

this was a really lovely story!

Heh, heh. Thanks for the nice words, y'all. :twilightblush:

I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. I felt the same way, when I first started liking Twinkie.

It gets easier with time. I promise. *solemn nod.

why ponies....why? :raritydespair:

Not on this one either? This is a dreadful state of affairs especially considering what this fic has done.
Allow me to reminisce a little bit here in the comments of this lovely story of yours. I read this a good long while ago, and I was impressed to say the least. This guy has written two really good TwiPie stories when I can only really find about five TwiPie stories in total, how very impressive especially since he's so adamantly in love with RainbowPie. This story is what got me to bite the bullet and write Alliteration. Which I have been told inspired others to bite the bullet and write their own TwiPie, which sparked a kind of Twinkie Revolution, and eventually ended with Twinkie's shift into your OTP slot. So in a roundabout kind of way, this was the fic that started it all (or you could blame Causality for making me search out TwiPie in the first place I suppose). But this holds sentimental value for me as well as being pleasing in the literary sense.

I loved Twilight through the whole thing. I love her being self-conscious, I love how unsure she is, and I have to say that the failing at kissing scene never fails to make me crack a grin. Meanwhile, you bring in Pinkie to counterbalance that, and subtly use your silver fingers to show us what we love about Twinkie which is that sense of balancing the other. Other than that I really love all the vivid imagery like the colors of Pinkie's dress, and the description of the flowers, and down to naming the sections of the bookshelves that Twilight hides in. But one of my favorite sections is this one:

“Oh, that’s an easy one!” explained Pinkie with an eye roll and a grin. “That’s because those ponies aren’t important, but you are.”
I love this idea. I love the entire premise of Pinkie only truly caring about the opinions of the ponies she cares about because let's face it while Pinkie cares deeply about her friends and their opinions, worrying about the opinions of ponies she doesn't know would drive her crazy. Or maybe it's just because she is in love with Twilight and that's why she cares what Twilight thinks. Same difference.

This is a long comment, and I think I just kinda rambled all over the place here. Anywho, I love this story and it's one of the stories that I actually drew a bunch of crappy fanart for in my school notes. So yes.

Allow me to reminisce a little bit here in the comments of this lovely story of yours.

"Picture it! Sicily, 1912 ..."

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a review, especially one that says such nice stuff about my story. :twilightsmile:

This story is what got me to bite the bullet and write Alliteration.

Oh, wow, I didn't know that. That's ... aww. :twilightblush: I'm very glad you did decide to write "Alliteration," by the way, as well as everything else that's followed it.

you could blame Causality for making me search out TwiPie in the first place I suppose

Causality is pretty much the great-grandpappy of the TwiPie fanfic world.

have to say that the failing at kissing scene never fails to make me crack a grin.

Oh, yay! I just saw that as something that might fit TwiPie uniquely ... like, Twi's social awkwardness, her fear of failure, her ruining of this Big Moment ... and it just not mattering at all, because Pinkie takes it right in stride and is all, "Oh, well, guess that means we have to kiss again! Oh, darn, right?" I think Pinkie might be good for Twilight like that--there's no pressure with Pinkie, no need to work herself to death to live up to these impossibly huge expectations, because Pinkie likes ponies just like they are.

love the entire premise of Pinkie only truly caring about the opinions of the ponies she cares about ...

That's all my Pinkie Pie head canon falling out all over the place. The idea that the entire world is Pinkie's friend ... but only a few ponies are Pinkie's FRIENDS. It's "Party of One" influenced.

Anywho, I love this story and it's one of the stories that I actually drew a bunch of crappy fanart for in my school notes.

REALLY? *squee!* Oh, that's awesome. I'm so flattered.

At one point, while reading this, I was expecting something. I don't know what that something was, any more, but I was formulating a comment in my head even as I read; I'm sure it involved some very pompous words about short shipfics and their limited scope, yet how I felt you handled it well. Or something. Problem is, I got interrupted. They started dancing in the garden, you see.

Honestly, I think the words themselves blurred a bit after that because I was smiling so hard. Have you ever felt that tightness in your chest? Not the bad one when you want to cry; the delicious tightness that comes with every muscle in your body tensing up, every part of you straining to grin all at once? I got that. I sort of inhaled the rest.

I like authors who realize Pinkie's not 200% Pinkie 200% of the time. I love authors who can present an aspect of Pinkie that isn't used as much as certain other bits, but have it feel like Pinkie. The unproblematic, harmlessifying, pensive-through-not-complicating stuff Pinkie here is delicious. The fic is short, but in the process of these few thousand words, you made me fall in love with her anew.

Yeah so it's 8am, and I'm drunk on sleep deprivation. Maybe I'm laying it on thick. I don't care. This was an amazing way to end my day, and I expect to wake up feeling good still. Thank you.

Oh, heya! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a review! :twilightsmile:

And ... oh gosh, thanks for saying such nice things. I'm so happy you liked the garden dancing scene and that it, apparently, didn't come across as too cheesy.

I like authors who realize Pinkie's not 200% Pinkie 200% of the time. I love authors who can present an aspect of Pinkie that isn't used as much as certain other bits, but have it feel like Pinkie.

I love this too, so it's what I try to do myself. I don't always succeed, but I try. I find Pinkie to be a wonderfully three-dimensional character, and I don't like seeing her reduced to a caricature of herself in fanfic.

The fic is short, but in the process of these few thousand words, you made me fall in love with her anew.

That's one of the best compliments I've ever gotten. Seriously. I'm one of the biggest pro-Pinkie people you'll find, and I'm thrilled that this story had that effect.

688305 694496 Yeah, I couldn't agree with Cloudy more about Pinkie in this fic. I hate reading stories where it seems the author's inspiration for Pinkie is JUST the very first episode of the series, with the surprise party scene and the endlessly talking with no one caring that she opened her mouth.

I'm here thanks to Cloudy's mention of effective short shipfic writing in his journal, and he was right!

I really have a strong fondness for Pinkie and Twilight as a dynamic duo, shipping or not. It seems that you and I both have this idea that Pinkie is a great way to introduce Twilight to questions she had never considered about herself and life in general. :pinkiesmile: I really have to get off my rump and write my own TwiPie shipfic... Curse you for inspiring me!

Pinkie characterization seems desperately hard, but honestly, you nailed it. As nearly everypony above me said, if feels like pinkie when you write her, but presents a deeper side than random outbursts and party cannons.

Beyond that, the fic was utterly amazing and had fantastic characterization for twilight too: the somewhat sarcastic and cynical, logical Twilight. Love that. Not to mention i actually laughed out loud when i saw the 404 error line.

The emotion feels real and unforced. Basically take every positive comment from above and assume I second it, because it's true. One of the best One-Shots i've read in this fandom.

Have some mustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

I DO think Pinkie is a great character to introduce Twilight to a lot of ideas and experiences she'd otherwise not encounter, and I'm really glad you liked this little story.

Also very glad you started publishing your own TwiPie, as it's great so far. :twilightsmile:

Thanks! Pinkie characterization can be tricky, because if you get it wrong she can be REALLY annoying, so it's good to hear that I did okay here. :pinkiehappy:

My first fic I read of yours was "Our True Colors" I loved it. I'm slowly going through your collection and of course loved this fic. Sweet and well paced, you handled both characters really well. Great work and greened thumbed!

Also, best phrase of the whole story goes to:

"The pink earth pony sat there, completely unruffled, utterly at ease. And, apparently, all too willing to attempt another kiss with Twilight Sparkle despite Twilight’s repeated attempts to ruin just about everything ever."

Thanks for the kind words for both this and "Our True Colors." :twilightsmile: And hee, I liked that line, too.

"Wait, Pinkie Pie's showing a little depth? ... Oh wow I've stumbled upon another Donny fic. Awesome!" :raritystarry:

Great characterization as usual. :twilightsmile:

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