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Sugar Crush has been working at the Crystal Empire's bakery ever since she had the chance to arrive at the ancient kingdom. Thanks to the crystal ponies and their accepting nature, the thestral found it very easy on fitting in. To compensate for their kindness, Sugar Crush made an active effort to give every customer she had a hug. And with every hug she gave a customer, a free small item came their way.

But one bright afternoon made everything she did change. One customer named Mineral Water refused her hug and free item, prompting Sugar to make the endeavor on giving the resistant crystal pony a simple sign of affection. Little did Sugar know her pursuit would lead into a much bigger picture than she realized.

11/2/17 Made the popular story list! Thanks for finding the story interesting! :D
11/6/17 Holy crap! My story is being featured?! So soon?! D:

Also, a special thank you to Crystal Wishes. You are a huge part of my inspiration when it comes to writing. Thank you.

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Interesting story so far.

8525787 Don't worry, it will be. If you have read or at least know the just of my other story Failed Confessions, I know how to keep the gimick going.

Well, this story seems quite interesting.

“Don’t let my predicament way you down.”

You weigh people down with your problems.

8526150 Aww crap... Thanks. I'll fix that.

No problem, good luck my dude.

I haven't seen this much cute in a while. This is gonna be a good one.

8526414 Thank you. I hope the story comes out well for everyone.

me thinks this is adorable

Awww. This is cuddlingly cute.

8527053 But will Mineral allow a cuddling? :pinkiegasp:

It seems no. Btw, How you got inspiration for Mineral's name?

Here A moustache from Glorious Sir Spike.

If this doesn't make Featured Box, something glitched.

8527064 I was trying to think of a clever name for a crystal pony because affiliations are what usually identify a characters name and race in MLP. He also makes shampoo and soaps by mixing things into thick liquids. And I was also thirsty at the time I wrote this so water was on my mind :twilightsmile:

Mineral Water appriciates the Spike emote.

8527113 It made the popular stories list so that counts for something :3

I would like it to be featured, but that is not my true goal. If that was for all my stories, none of them would be completed, and I have a good few of stories that don't even have the amount of views this story does yet are finished.

A good story is all I want to create. And hearing that you want my story to be recognized does mean a lot to me. Let me publish more chapters before the public sees more of the story.

Cuddling is a form.of a hug, so I would say no.

Great chapter so far.:twilightsmile:

A great start for a wonderful story. I've observed that you're using the "opposites attract" archetype in the budding relationship between Sugar Crush and Mineral Water.

8529710 Thanks and glad you like it so far. The opposites attract acherype isn't too difficult to work with so long as there is some relation between both characters. AJ and Rarity definetally have this trope applied to them and yet they both are close friends because of their work hard play hard mentality.

Anyways, hope you enjoy future chapters! :twilightsmile:

Ii intend to enjoy every chapter released in the future.

It's gettin real up in hear y'all :ajsmug:

Seriously, i'm lovin this story. Keep up the good work my good man :pinkiehappy:

Hehe, I really like this story.

This is so good.

This sounds like it is going to be dangerously adorable. I am going to keep an eye on this and wait! But, if it kills me with the adorbs....:flutterrage::heart:

Next time on Sugar Crush and the hug of destiny. Will mineral be able to sell his products to avoid a inescapable cuddle hug?! Only time will tell =D

I'm gonna be fat from the amount of cute in this story.
I'm blaming you if I'm 260 lbs. by the end of this.

8534345 Just make sure you get other doses of suspense stories to burn off that cute D:

I play Alien: Isolation and I suck at horror games. Any questions?

Oh, wow Mineral Water must have done something terrible to or about Nebula inorder for him to react that way when Sugar pressed up to him.

A blue aura glowed around the floating bottle


You know, I honestly suspect that Nebula may have been more than just a friend to Mineral Water with the manner he talks about her.

Also, don't you think living on the Moon is a bit far for Sugar Crush? Especially since it's several miles away from the planet's surface.

This is adorable!! I want a thestral (I can't spell it :P ) friend

11/6/17 Holy crap! My story is being featured?! So soon?! D:

A.) Obviously. It's a very good and cute read!
B.) You're surprised your story got featured so soon? I was surprised one of mine got featured at all! The day after I posted it, too! And I posted it the night before!

:heart: I'm loving it so far!!

Ayy, you got featured! Nice.

Question: are there any differences between Sugar Crush and Pinkie Pie in terms of personality?

8540690 Yes. For example, this and the previous chapter shows how Sugar Crush can be overwhelmed easily.

Now I wanna hold a "cutest story" contest between No Hugs and Mommy! (the only story of mine that made the Featured Box; everyone calls it downright adorable).

Ten bits wager Sugar Crush is an amnesiac Nebula whose fur and hair colors were changed while on the moon.

8540796 I am glad you think so. The reason why I think I can get away with this type of adoribleness is because of the world of MLP. It's about friendship and happy things.

A great contrast to how Pinkie can often overwhelm others if she's not careful.

But regardless, I think both Pinkie and Sugar would become great friends if they ever met.

8540930 Thanks. But don't think Pinkie's role in my story is to simply annoy the characters. When she does settle down, she can get things done and be a good friend.

Of course. I've also made an addition to my previous response in that both mares would become great friends if they ever met.

8541002 I can assume you see the differences between Rarity and Mineral, along side their similarities.

Now that you mention it, there are indeed similarities and differences between the two unicorns.

8541880 What makes the mane 6 such a successful cast is the differences between each other along with similarities.

Let's take Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, two who are complete opposites. What are their similarities? Powers. Pinkie can do many random things and defy logic. But when it comes to animals, Fluttershy has that field covered. How the two can do those things, who knows, however, they do anyways.

My cast is giving the OCs their counterparts from the cannon show. As much as I do love my ability to crate as many OCs as possible, having cannon characters is a good balance to have as well. People can say, "wow that cover art sure looks cute. Wonder what it's all about." It's also how people manage their favorite cannon characters as well, prompting them to say, "I wonder how this writer will depict Rarity."

Fan fiction to me is testing the waters on certain grounds while providing a (hopefully good) experience. One test was throwing the fact that Mineral Water's friend has passed away. The readers will want to know about the past between Mineral and Nebula. Her loss is obviously affecting him, but it's the "what" question that the readers want to know.

Sorry for my tangent for going off topic. :twilightsheepish:

A very informative explanation.

This is REALLY becoming a such a cute story, I'm loving it :twilightsmile:

Keep up the good work my good man :pinkiehappy:

He's not all there poor guy

Well I'm joyous that Mineral Water has been encouraged to spend time with Sugar Crush at the end of the chapter.

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