• Published 2nd Nov 2017
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No Hugs for Sugar Crush - FerociousCreation

If a bat pony offered you a hug, would you accept it? Apparently, Mineral Water would not hesitate to deny Sugar Crush one.

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Pause Nose

The reflection in the mirror didn’t lie about who was standing in front of it. But to Sugar Crush, it was like staring at a different pony. She looked like a different pony. “Dear Sweet Luna,” Sugar Crush mumbled, “I look like a crystal pony.”

The cold air shivered the thestral’s nerves that were fresh out of a hot bath. But the cool atmosphere did not hinder Sugar Crush’s bewilderment. She was a little guilty for not believing what Mineral Water had given her. Whenever ponies try to sell beauty products, they use the most overdramatic vocabulary to explain why they are better than the franchise next to them. One overly used phrase for body soap is, “make your fur silky smooth with (insert brand name and product here).”

But Mineral Water’s body and hair wash did exactly what he was giving. There was no trick to his sentences just so he can have another pony as a potential customer. No. Mineral Water’s Crystal Coat was a product willing to present an honest result.

Sugar Crush spun around in front of her mirror, admiring the clean shine on her body and mane. Her gray fur twinkled like fine silver and her mane was like transparent sapphire. Thankfully, the thestral did not have the smell of silver, but ripe mango. Sugar Crush took deep breaths, enjoying coat of sweet fruit radiating off of her. Above all, the thestral felt beautiful. And if she could get the chance, thank Mineral Water with a hug.

“Does it work, Sugar Crush?” a pony spoke from behind the mango-scented thestral.

Sugar Crush turned around to face her sister. “It does, Nightshade.”

Nightshade was stunned by her sibling’s shining physique. “Oh my stars! You look beautiful!” Nightshade walked up to Sugar Crush and sniffed. “And you smell like mangos!” A wicked smile writhed onto Nightshade’s light-purple face, “I wonder if the soap makes you taste like one.”

The comment made Sugar Crush uncomfortable. “Can you not, Nightshade? And stop with that scary face. I hate it when you make that expression.”

“Aww, is my little sister too easy to scare?” Nightshade mocked while hugging her sister in an uncomfortable grip. Her white mane bunched against Sugar Crush’s mouth. The younger sibling figured it was time to get back at Nightshade. Sugar Crush latched herself to the bigger thestral and gave a hard squeeze. Nightshade was quickly overwhelmed by the crushing force that is Sugar Crush and began to beg, “Alright, alright! I yield!” Sugar Crush gave her sister a sneer before returning to the mirror. Once more, the silver thestral looked herself over, still amazed by Mineral Water’s product. “So, Sugar, might I ask something about Mineral Water?” Nightshade asked.

“Sure,” Sugar Crush said.

Nightshade’s reflection appeared right beside her sister, “Was he good looking?”

Two ears fell back as a warning sign as Sugar Crush looked at not the reflection, but the real Nightshade. “Do I need to make you yield again?”

In her defense, Nightshade held up a hoof to show she wasn't teasing her sister. “I’m just curious is all.”

Sugar Crush was still suspicious of Nightshade, but answered, “He was. But he is only a friend.”

“Hey, all I asked was if he was good-looking, not if you wanted to be his mate.” Again, Sugar Crush grabbed her sister and squeezed a little harder than before. “I'm sorry!” Nightshade begged, even though she was laughing at the same time. “Don’t be so sensitive!”

Sugar Crush removed herself from Nightshade with a push, “He's a good pony. Leave it at that.” She returned to the mirror, her blush glittering like rubies.

A hoof patted Sugar Crush’s shoulder. “I am glad you made a friend today.” Sugar Crush watched her sibling leave her room through the mirror. Nightshade’s head peeked around the corner and said, “And with the help of Mineral Water, you both can make a batpony shine without the use of shampoo.” In a fit of frustration, Sugar Crush charged the door. But it slammed shut before the mare could make Nightshade beg for mercy again.

Again, Sugar Crush returned to the mirror. The thestral’s eyes rolled in her head as she wondered why Nightshade had to embarrass her every chance she could. But the bigger sister was right on one thing: Sugar Crush was fond of Mineral Water and his character.

Despite his resistance against her hugs, there was a charm Sugar Crush couldn't quite explain. She was very curious about his friend as well. Nebula. How was their friendship? When did they meet? Were they once… in love? Thankfully for her own and Mineral Water’s sake, Sugar Crush did not tell Nightshade about Nebula. If her sister found out, she may pester Mineral Water and force an answer out of him. If Sugar Crush were to learn about Nebula, she would have to take it at a snail's pace. Too much force and Mineral Water may start to hate her, which was the last thing she wanted.

“Cherish what you have,” Sugar Crush said to her reflection. “At least he is willing to deal your attempt at hugging.”


The Crystal Empire looked like a small spec as Sugar Crush descended from the sky. If she had her own home in the kingdom of crystal ponies, the thestral wouldn't have to leave for work so early. But Sugar Crush’s home was on the moon and there was quite the distance to fly from there to the Chocolate Palace. Part of Sugar Crush wanted to visit Mineral Water and tell him his product did what was promised. The thestral thought against it, considering she already saw him that same day. Perhaps after her shift, she can bring him a little something from the shop.

A few crystal pegasi passed Sugar Crush as she drew closer to the Crystal Empire. She and they exchanged waves and a good day, a great way for Sugar Crush to continue her Thursday.

The Chocolate Palace grew closer to the thestral and she noticed the normal afternoon bustle about the shop. Sugar Crush touched down at the door’s front and entered. Crystal ponies sat at tables, eating their desserts, and some drinking from their shakes. Usually, Sugar Crush only had non-crystal ponies stare at her with bewilderment and sometimes fear. But as she entered the shop, all eyes were on her.

A regular customer walked up to Sugar Crush and said, “Wow! I didn't know you were a crystal pony!”

The thestral shook her head. “Oh no, I am far from one.”

“Then how come you are shining like one?” the customer asked, gesturing a hoof at the entirety of Sugar Crush.

A stallion beside the thestral spoke up, “It’s obvious that the crystal heart radiated its magic on the kingdom today, rendering non-crystal ponies to shine like us.”

One pony who was not crystal rose her hoof, “How come I'm not all shiny, then?” The question quickly returned everypony’s attention to Sugar Crush. “Tell us what you did?” she spoke again.

“I just used a soap a friend of mine made to make me look like I am a crystal pony,” Sugar Crush answered. She wanted to make for the kitchen but knew a flurry of more questions were on the way. The three non-crystal earth ponies got up from their seats and scrambled over to Sugar Crush, their eyes hungry for knowledge.

“Who made it?”

“Does it come in many scents?”

“How much is did it cost?”

Sugar Crush looked at the clock stuck to the wall and read: “2:47pm.” Her shift didn't start until 3:30 pm, but the thestral wanted to make some Magical Mineral Milk cookies. Then again, Sugar Crush knew how mares can be when it comes to looking pretty. And if she ignored their questions, they wouldn't leave until their questions were fully answered. “Let me… go… get him.” Sugar Crush began to make her leave when the eager mares quickly followed her every step. “Wait here, please.”


In order to not be tracked by the excited mares, Sugar Crush flew up into the air and claimed a cloud to be used for stealth. It was a slow process, considering she had to move not too quickly. If anypony saw a cloud darting about the sky, that would bring attention to it immediately. A cloudbuster almost discovered Sugar Crush, so she had to hiss and fan out her large wings and scare off the pegasus. Word would quickly spread about a possessed cloud with bat wings and the thestral will be easily found. Thankfully, Sugar Crush was above the Emerald District after fifteen minutes floating over to Mineral Water’s home.

Sugar Crush used the overcast that still blanketed over the district to her advantage and entered the white haze. No longer needing her guise, the mare fanned out her wings, breaking the cloud into nothing. She looked around to see if anypony saw her. Somepony did.

A colt was staring up at Sugar Crush with a look of bewilderment. The fog was probably not making the child feel easy with the addition of a thestral bursting forth from a cloud. In an attempt to make the moment less awkward, Sugar Crush gave the colt a slow wave. He returned the curious gesture with a wave of the hoof but quickly retreated down the street.

Sugar Crush landed in Mineral Water’s yard and scrambled to the door. She didn’t know if her friend was doing anything important, so Sugar Crush pounded on the door in hopes he would hear her. “Mineral Water,” Sugar Crush called, “it’s me!”

The door slowly opened, the stallion being obviously cautious for sudden hugs. Mineral Water looked the same as he did when Sugar Crush left him. “Heeeey,” he said, his brows scrunched with wonder. “I’m glad… you came to see me so soon.” Mineral Water looked over his friend, “I see you have applied my Crystal Coat. How do you like-”

“I need your help!” Sugar Crush blurted out.

“With what…?" At the corner of the doorway, a spray bottle peaked into the thestral’s view. A blue aura glowed around the floating bottle, and Sugar Crush had a feeling it would be used against her if she behaved suspiciously. She did say she would try anything in order to give Mineral Water a hug, so it was not a surprise a harmless weapon was at his disposal.

“Okay, so when I arrived at work, everypony took notice of my crystal pony glow.” Sugar Crush gestured to her body, “And I will be honest, I'm surprised it actually works.”

Mineral Water’s lips sputtered, “Of course it works. I made it. My products are genuine and good smelling.” He shook his head before getting back on track, “So, you were talking about work.”

“Right, right. So the customers there wondering about my shine and I told them a friend of mine made it.” Sugar Crush rubbed the back of her foreleg, “And now I have a few mares who are not crystal ponies on my tail.”

The stallion bit his lower lip, nibbling on it with his upper teeth. “I didn’t think it would make such an uproar,” said Mineral Water. “Did they cause you trouble?”

“Not really,” Sugar Crush said. “But I can understand why I caused a bit of an uproar. A crystal thestral is not really heard of.”

“True,” Mineral Water nodded. “What do you need my help for?”

The thestral’s body swayed, “Can you… either come to the shop or let me take three bottles to them?”

“I do have several bottles.” Mineral Water gestured Sugar Crush to enter the home. As she followed, the spray bottle was close to his side. “However, I will have to come along and give these mares some of my business cards and bring my clipboard.”

“How come?” Sugar Crush asked.

“They need to place an order. I would like to toss bottles at ponies so I can make a quick bit. However, if I did that, others may get the impression that they can come knocking on my door for some soap.”

“Which makes sense,” Sugar Crush nodded. “How much does your Crystal Coat was normally cost?”

Mineral Water entered a room with Sugar Crush hot on his trail. He didn’t walk all the way in and used his magic to pull everything he needed to him. The stallion scribbled on a piece of paper and Sugar Crush tried to take a peek. However, Mineral Water took the motion as an attempt to hug him and he gave a spray at her legs. “I’m just trying to get a look at what you are doing, not hug you!”

“Just taking precautionary steps, Sugar Crush,” Mineral Water said before continuing his writing. “Anyways, to answer your question…” He grabbed the floating clipboard and hoofed it over to the thestral, “...here is the price to my Crystal Coat.” Most of the paper was white with rectangles bordered with black. From the top of the first row was “Customer.” The row next to it was “Amount,” and next to that was the short word “Address.” Above the rows of rectangles bore a title, “Orders for Crystal Coat. Price: 120 bits.”

Sugar Crush could not believe what she was looking at. “120 bits! That’s insane!”

Mineral Water shrugged, “Some ponies are insane enough to pay top bit to look attractive. It’s how my line of work goes.”

The thestral didn’t know how to properly respond to how casual Mineral Water was behaving to his price listing. “I… wow…”

“That’s normally how most ponies react when they see my prices,” Mineral Water laughed. “But I do have my customers.”

Sugar Crush hoofed back the clipboard to Mineral Water but was still stunned by the price. “How many cookies will it take for me to pay you back for the bottle of Crystal Coat you gave me?” she joked.

“Don’t worry about paying me back for anything,” said Mineral Water. “All I want for you to do is be a friend for me.” His words tempted the thestral and Sugar Crush fanned out her wings. The spray bottle pointed dangerously at her, daring the mare to make another sudden move. “I’d hate to spray you with water. It might wash off some of your crystal coat.”

“I just want to give you just a teeny-tiny hug,” Sugar Crush beamed.

Her impressive wingspan didn’t convince Mineral Water that she would even give the smallest of embraces. “I don’t think so…”

Sugar Crush brought her wings to her side and she walked toward the stallion, dragging her hooves on the carpet. Despite the hard stare Mineral Water was giving her, Sugar Crush continued to approach. “I promise I won’t jump on you. At least, not right now.”

“And what will you do to make me trust that you won't?” Mineral Water asked.

“Simple.” The thestral brought her hoof to her nose and pressed it. “Pause.”

“Pause?” Mineral Water rose a brow, looking once more confused at the random mare.

“Yup, pause,” Sugar Crush nodded. “It’s something my sister and I do to when we want to be serious for a moment. The rule of pause is to not act strange, random, or silly. Just straight, simple behavior.”

“So while you are paused, you will not try and hug me?” Mineral Water asked.

“I swear,” said Sugar Crush with a calm voice. She walked up beside her friend and brushed her silver side against Mineral Water’s torso. The stallion flushed and moved an inch away from Sugar Crush. “Don’t run.” Again, Sugar Crush moved against him. She could feel Mineral shaking and couldn’t understand why. Was he afraid?

“Please…” Mineral Water begged, “I don’t want-”

“But you need a friend, don’t you?” The magical grip of everything Mineral Water was holding lost grip and all the items fell to the ground.

“I do…” Mineral Water answered. His head tilted at the ground, a weight invisible to the naked eye pulling down on the stallion. “It’s just…” The crystal pony managed to lift his heavy neck and looked at his friend’s slit pupils. “I don’t mean to sound like a jerk at all when I say that you remind me of Nebula more than you realize.” Sugar Crush could tell he was missing who was no longer present and she had to move forward cautiously if she were to be any bit of help. As gently as she could, the thestral leaned her head on Mineral Water’s neck. It was not a hug, but it was all she could do. “I’m sorry, Sugar Crush.”

“I can leave if you like,” the mare suggested and parted herself from Mineral Water.

“Don’t!” Mineral Water exclaimed, his hoof on Sugar Crush’s shoulder. “Don’t leave…”

“I won’t,” Sugar Crush reassured. “I just wanted to thank you in the form of a not-hug. That's all. Sometimes we need just a little bit of body heat. And as for Nebula, we don't have to talk about her right now. What we should focus on are your orders.”

Mineral Water swallowed before saying, “Yes. Time to make somepony else happy.” As easy as it was dropping them, the unicorn levitated the items he was carrying off the floor. “Can you direct me to the mares?”

“I will on one condition,” said Sugar Crush.

“And what might that be?” Mineral Water asked.

The thestral placed a hoof on the crystal pony’s cheek and pushed up, making him scrunch his brows with discomfort. “Smile.” Mineral Water grabbed Sugar Crush’s hoof and gently lowered it. A grin reached for the unicorn’s eyes, his lips higher than when Sugar Crush was lifting his cheek.

“I will. For you.”

“Do it for yourself,” Sugar Crush pointed a hoof at her friend. “Not just because I told you to.”

Mineral Water’s grin evolved into a smirk, “You have to be specific when you tell somepony to smile for a reason.” Sugar Crush stuck out a tongue, having nothing but a childish response in her arsenal. It did weaken, but Mineral Water continued to smile. “I didn't mean to get all upset like that,” he said. “Just another memory of Nebula popped into my head.”

“It’s fine,” Sugar Crush said, adding nothing else to the topic. “Now let’s go make those mares hate your overpriced shampoo!”

The stallion couldn't help but laugh. “I bet one of them will order two.”

“And I bet one won't order any,” Sugar Crush said. "And if I win this bet, I get to give you your hug.”

“What do I win if I am right?” Mineral Water asked.

“A cuddle hug!” the thestral beamed. A spray of water hit Sugar Crush in the face. “What the heck!” she hissed. “I didn't try to hug you! Besides, I'm still paused.”

“Then stay paused,” Mineral Water grinned. “Anyways, the bet is off unless you offer something good in return.”

Sugar Crush pushed her hoof on her nose. “Unpause. Now you should worry about my act of hugging. But I know that my hugs are the best offer I can give.”

“How come?”

“Because I know that when I hug you, you will not want me to let go.” Sugar Crush winked at Mineral Water, “I am the friend you want and need after all.”

Mineral Water nodded with a smile, “You are, Sugar Crush.”

Author's Note:

I am surprised by the attention my story got when I published it last week. Thanks for being interested in No Hugs for Sugar Crush!

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