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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.



This story is a sequel to The Commander's Compromise

Chartreuse Le Feu, now in the apprenticeship of her dreams, is assigned to be a helper to Chalcedony, a blind crystal pony who can see into the thaumaturgical spectrum of light, but can’t view mundane objects. After being introduced to one another by Sunburst, they go out to visit Chalcedony’s favourite tearoom.

Along the way, they meet a pegasus colt of the nocturnal variety, and he’s a bit down in the dumps...

The day is just full of surprises.

An entry in the Weedverse.

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Will the series continue after this installment?
I like neon ponies
and Dim's suffering.
I know it, the pain, eughhh. WHY IS SHE SO BRIGHT?!!!!

Interesting I can see how a filly that sees magic like others see everyday things might be useful to Shining. Though probably Ponies like Cadance blind her

Cadance = instant migraine.

She'd be handy for instantly determining how much magic someone has but that might be cruel. I assume she'll get more powerful in time so ponies like Cadance might not give her an instant migraine. Chalcedony also can see if anything magical was slipped into the grounds especially those with dark magic I assume if Dim is grey dark magic would potentially be closer to black

I worry what will happen if Celestia, Luna or Twilight show up unannounced.

Chartreuse and Chalcedony? Purposeful alliteration, or artful writing instinct?

Brief and short? So, only 300,000 words this time then? :trollestia:

Has Dim made her sympathy shades yet?


Now all Chalcedony needs to do is start spouting off Taoist sayings and referring to Chartreuse as 'grasshopper'.....

Ohhh well this sounds interesting! So we have the blinding leading the blind....

AND we don;t have the name of the bat-pony yet

she gave a shy wave. “Hi, I’m Chalcedony, and you look easy on the eyes!”

It took someone else pointing it out for me to realize the implications. I find it funny i was completely on Chalcedony's wave length.
Thought, "heh irony" and was wondering why the hell there was an akward silence.


That's way too short. 300,001 will suffice

Aha, I like Chartreuse and I'm happy there's more of her.


Chalcedony is actually pronounced kal-seh-doh-nee, and Chartreuse is shar-troos, but they certainly look similar!
Ah, English, where sensible pronunciation goes to die. :twilightoops:

A new friend who is incapable of seeing Chartreuse as the brightest object in the room? It's a perfect match!

This looks like it's going to be cute. Two highly positive characters interacting all story? Sounds good.

... But, in Small Detail Mode, it's interesting to see that Sunburst is apparently bright and shining like a sun, and hard to look at, given that last we knew he was still incapable of most powerful casting.

Yes. The ability to read cutie marks is powerful, but passive.

This fanfic is the greatest story ever told. I give it ten thumbs up. I enjoy the part where the thing happened, and I liked the bit about the bat pony. Excellent story as always, author.

The impression I got is that the burning feather smell soaked into Chatruse's hat while she was cleaning and that's why she couldn't get rid of it.

If you don’t have anything nice to say...

What do you mean?

The story was great, I liked the characters, it had a bat pony in it and I like bat ponies...it was a nice little story, dude.

I mean if you don't want a compliment, I can't imagine why you wouldn't but if you don't want one then fine.


You want to know how I can tell you haven’t read it?

The ‘bat pony’ character you mentioned hasn’t been introduced yet, that’s how.

Ah, well, I don’t like spoilers, so it is time to block the source. Goodbye!

... I'm with kudz. I can't tell if you are trying to be an ass or just trying to be funny.

Those puns were tea-rrible.

And, now, I can completly see Hush as being the gayest gay between all the gays.

The fact that the place had to keep changing their name is a travis-tea.

Those puns... it brings a Tea-r to the eye

An Eterni-Tea of puns.

Chartreuse saw a filly that had trust issues, and rightfully so it seemed. Chalcedony saw very little at all: she was blind. 


Nomination is a bat pony proto cook whose nickname is Nom. Of course.

Chalcedony really is a clueless pony, isn't she? I guess that blindness is figurative, too.

... I wonder, then, what her magic sight might imply about what she can see.

It's tough, working with someone who is sweet but also dense. On the one side of it, you just want to sit them down and tell them what's what. On the other side, you feel bad about even thinking that.

It was just a cuppa fillies, but now they've bagged a colt. Let's hope trouble leafs them alone, or things might get tea-nse.

Hi, I’m Chalcedony, and you look easy on the eyes!

I love this pony already :rainbowlaugh:

Chalcedony seems like quite the tea-natious filly :derpytongue2:

Nicknames might be against regulations but that will not stop them Nom. You have already lost

So many regulations are going to be broken.

Kinda wish Nom would get his own story hè is interesting :)

Nomination nom-noms on Nom's nomination cooked by Nom!

I can’t see ponies smiling anymore, which is really sad, but even when I could see, ponies didn’t smile much, of course, that might have had something to do with Dread King Sombra at the time

Chalcedony remembers the time when Sombra was in power still? That ended several years before Pebble or Sumac were even born, and they are somewhere around 11 or 12 at this point in the timeline. Just how old is little Chalcedony?

Over a thousand years old.

I'm gay and I don't blame her.

ten bucks bet that Rarity knows Chartreuse better than Chartreuse knows herself.

Even Rarity is hot for Rarity.

8342169 Never take sucker bets..

I do find it interesting Rarity didn't make sure Chartreuse was better prepared for the people she was likely to met. Its not like she doesn't know Cadance and Shining Armour or did Chartreuse forget it in her excitement. After all how many times has Rarity gotten after Twilight about dressing to impress

Rarity is a master of seduction, as it is part of the fine art of manipulation, which is part of any high society circle from bottom to top (kind of like Rarity).

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