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Ever since Twilight Sparkle has arrived in Ponyville, Caramel has always had a soft spot for the mare. He never found himself in love with her, but there was no doubt that Caramel found her attractive. One day, the stallion gets the idea to give the now Princess of Friendship some flowers and thank her for what she has done. Only one problem, or rather two: the first is that Caramel is giving flowers to a princess. That in on itself is stressful. But the even bigger issue is how several mares Caramel encounters, not including Twilight Sparkle, think differently of the stallion's kind gesture. Caramel only hopes to make Twilight happy; nothing more.

Art made by this awesome person! (This was given to me as a gift :D): https://sipioc.deviantart.com/
Art link: https://sipioc.deviantart.com/art/Just-Some-Flowers-706613958

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I hope its not the end. This is just to cute not to continue.



Caramel is best Stallion! And though I ship him with AJ this is SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!

Please, oh please more!

We need them to bond.

Get to know each other.


And the court!

Prince Caramel!!!

Someopony punch Trixie in the face, please... :facehoof:

We need a chapter where he goes home to his roommates. Thunder lane and Written Script.

"I-I Did it!"


"You stud!"

8337632 I may very well do such a thing... :twilightsmile:


I can just see it. He comes in. The guys are eating breakfast, being guys, it's dead quiet.

Caramel takes the pot of coffee and pours himself some, sitting at his place at the table.

Script adjusts his paper. Thunder slurping on his oats and milk.

Clock ticks away.





Finally he admits it, the guys lose it!

Just give me some time, please. D:
School is in session and I had to read the epic of Gilgamesh. I have been working a schedule for all of my writing and for what stories. A sequel has been already planned; I just need to add the rest of the middle of that story.

8409458 Just knowing that it's in production is satisfying in it of itself. Read your Gilgamesh, do your schooling.

I shall patiently await what follows.

...willing to part with any teasers?

8409480 A game will be played. The winner chooses a loser.

Curious. I wonder who.

Pretty good, nicely written, characters are on-point...

Could use a bit of polish, but it's good.

8442287 Thanks. In terms of polish, however, could you be more descriptive?

No problem, it's a cute story. :twilightsmile:

Well, the grammar is a little... distracting In some areas. The use of the word "blush" gets very repetitive very quickly, so I'd suggest using more colorful descriptions to emphasize the emotions at play. There's also a few instances where homophones were placed instead of the word intended. I.e. "here" instead of "hear".

8442350 I will keep in mind to not overuse certain words. It is a common issue that I am aware of and need a nice thysorus nearby. Funny how I think I have become a great writer, able to see all of my errors, only to show there is much more to learn.

Guess that's how it is when you want to improve.

You are a great writer, if this story is any indication. But trust me, there's always more to learn. :twilightsmile:

8451678 Wow, this is really something else. Thank you very much!

Your welcome! Glad to
See it worthy of Coverart!

Let it inspire!!!

I have to ask, will there be a sequel?

8553424 In that case, I wait eagerly for it.

As promised, I have read through Just Some Flowers. Fero, you did good! :scootangel:

One thing I’ve noticed, and it’s especially noticable here, is how well you can develope a character in such a short time span. In one chapter, you caught my attention wondering about how Caramel would give Twilight her gift. This also sets up a potential for other cute stories like this in the future.

The characters were spot on, Trixie’s personality being superb. Her moments had me laughing pretty hard.

Short review this time, but you did a great job! I know I said I was going to wait until after No Hugs, but the wait time for a new chapter finally got to me. :derpytongue2: I’ll read the next Caramel story soon.

9430022 I mean, it's a one-shot, so I am not expecting something super detailed. Thanks for reading dood.

“Familiarity,” Twilight answered. “And I think you need to be a little more familiar with your princess and not be so scared of me. I’m not some evil queen.”

Yeah that's Queen Chrysalis but still Twilight is the nicest pony here 😊

Well this was a really nice story and a very interesting shipping between Twilight and Caramel and he is pretty sweet to say to Twilight and of course Trixie as to make things awkward but it's very nice between Twilight and Caramel once again good story keep up the good work

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