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A farm hoof walks into a bar and meets a Representative of the Night Court. Sometimes life suck and you break up with your marefriend before Hearts & Hooves Day, and sometime your life start to sound like a bad joke, but sometimes, thankfully, things take unexpected turn and new opportunity arise. Caramel didn't think he and Trixie Lulamoon had much in common, Trixie Lulamoon thought she would just have a drink alone, turns out both were wrong.

This is my entry for the Lunaverse Hearts & Hooves Day 2013 special event! The pairing in this fic was decided by a random number generator, and I did my best. This fic is 100% non-canon to the Lunaverse, and probably sucks hard compared to my other work, but I still encourage new readers to dive in since it is fairly light on continuity.


For official chronological order of Lunaverse stories, and everything Lunaverse, please come visit us in the Lunaverse Group!

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Comments ( 10 )

So as a rule I've been staying away from the early-bird posters, but for a preview, well, I guess I felt somewhat obliged to give some pre-release feedback. Anyway, this story was short and simple, but also sweet and heartwarming. So all together better than the twisted-tale my deranged mind concocted. I wish you the best of luck, you deserve it.

One minore note...

but then Ditzy and him got into some ridiculous argument about how Ditzy would be a better marefriend for me

Guessing that was supposed to be Dinky.

Heh. Nice.

And I think you mean that Snails and Dinky get into a argument on who Trixie should date. I don't think Ditzy would get into that kind of argument with a kid.

“You know,” began Trixie, “I think I’d like to have kids too someday. My uncle and aunt raised me and they have seven kids. It wasn’t a big house, and we didn’t have a lot of fancy things, but I can’t imagine happier times. I’m not keen on making them myself but maybe I could adopt a couple of foals and give them a nice home.”

This seems very much in character for Trixie and more of less what I thought she'd be like when I read her backstory, particularly the adoption side, she does really like kids, just isn't keen on the process required to make them. Might be interesting to explore in the main Lunaverse, maybe meeting an orphan a thinking about adopting them, wondering if she would be a good mother or not, etc.

Aww. That's cute. I like seeing Trixie being all thoughtful about the idea of romance and foals, rather than her usual blind panic. :trixieshiftright:

I really liked this. Thoughtful Trixie is always a treat. :-)

How nice.

This was really sweet. I do like Trixie when she is being thoughtful and I could really picture her as the type of pony that would like to adopt someday.

I also like the direction you took Caramel. I could really see him viewing Big Mac as the big brother he never had. Also while its sad Windwhilster didn't work out I did like the idea of him wanting a serious relationship and not just chasing pretty mares (though I bet he still sees pretty as a bonus :pinkiehappy:)

I'm almost curious to see where you would go with this if you continued it.

Quite nice, introspective. I liked her and Caramel. He's a good guy, you know? :eeyup:

As the others said, this was pretty cute. I really like the way you handled Trixie. And you developed Caramel nicely as well.

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