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The Grail War. Seven Masters chosen to command seven Servants; epic figures from history and myth. A battle royale to the death, the winner granted their heart's desire. But who shall claim victory, and what shall happen when the Grail manifests in the realm of Equestria? Now Trixie, Ditzy Doo, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Shining Armor, Zecora, and Duke Greengrass all find themselves caught up in a fight unlike any that's occurred in Equestria before.

A crossover of the Fate series by Type Moon story set in RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse. Pure silliness on my part, because I dig the Fate animes and the Lunaverse is fun to play with, even in non-canon fashion.

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Dear gos, the whole frontpage is a clusterfuck of originality.

Oooooh, Fate crossover! As you can probably tell by my username and my avatar, I'm kind of a fan of the Fate series.

...It's kind of sad that these are always crossovers of concept, and never actually involve the fate characters.

Very, very, very sad.

hmm, Twi has calmed down a bit after meeting Star Swirl the Bearded. maybe this will be a good thing... :twilightsmile:

More Lunaverse is always a good thing in my book.

I'll agree it'd be kind of cool to use some of the characters from the Fate series, but I think crossing over concepts just makes the story feel smoother overall. Though throwing Gilgamesh in there just for the fun of seeing him and Corona in the same room was very, very tempting. :twilightsheepish:

Twi be fangirling over her favorite wizard. My hope is that Starswirl will have a...positive influence on her L-verse craziness.

I don't even know what the Lunaverse is and I'm tired of it. IT'S EVERYWHERE!

Ye gods, just imagining Gilgamesh and Corona in the same plane of existence...

Unlimited Ham Works!

Commander Hurricane is voiced by a Sontaran in my head. This is a good thing. Hmm...I've never read or watched any of the Fate series, but if I recall correctly the Lancer is Cú Chulainn, of Irish myth fame. Does he ever warp-spasm? Seems a waste if he doesn't warp-spasm.

...and now I'm at the part with the headless pony. Is that Celty?! Or Celty's horse, at least?

...aaaand Greengrass has one too? That...could be bad.

...and Shining Armor...and Twilight Sparkle.

This could get very interesting indeed.

Hi, I'm RainbowDoubleDash, creator of the Lunaverse, and this comment here? This made me happy. Because something needs to reach a certain level of fame before people can say "I don't even know what it is, why is it everywhere?"

Yes indeed.

Oh, short version of the Lunaverse: Celestia went mad and became Corona the Tyrant Sun; Luna has ruled for 1,000 years; and the Elements of Harmony are Trixie (magic), Lyra (Loyalty), Carrot Top (Generosity), Cheerilee (Laughter), Ditzy Doo (Kindness), and Raindrops (Honesty). Also, unlike the normal FiM universe, Corona was not cured of her madness at the end of the first episode of the Lunaverse, that she might instead become a recurring villain.

These are the worst Servants I have ever seen. I mean, Saber and Lancer INTRODUCE THEMSELVES.

Then again, so did Iksander, so they might all be amazing.

Either way, this is a combination of two amazing things, so I am looking forward to it's continuation.

Oh, my. This is going to suck. Star Swirl is definitely going to do something not cool and tell a literal-minded jerk that she's full of crap.

Yawning Trixie got to the post office
extreme exercise to create tornado
and the barley discernible view of Canterlot
The griffin was a male, Trixie though, and was wearing a suit of archaic iron gray armor
I am still your superior officers Private Dash
You’re sovereign and only ruler
clearly tryingto control himself

1. I feel like there should be a comma here...
2. Missing an A.
3. Barely.
4. Something missing here?
5. Officer.
6. Your.
7. Forgot your spacing.

Time for nerd rant... now lets see...

Rainbow = Lancer/Commander Hurricane
Trixie = Saber/Sungleam
Ditzy = Berserker/Prince Yuri
Zecora = Assasin/Headless Horse... man... nah.
Greengras = Archer/Viola Rosa
Shining = Rider/Princess Platinum
Twilight = Caster/Starswirl the Bearded

Sweet mother of... I can now see it, Rainbow will have no problem fighting Trixie and the same goes for reverse while Ditzy will have trouble fighting both of em except Zecora... maybe.

Twilight and Trixie will face off in a duel and... huh... Saber can beat Caster but Twilight can beat Trixie... unless Caster uses up too much of Twilight's magic...

Zecora... fits here personality to a T. Speaking of personalities, with Trixie having Saber as her class, does this mean that she has a noble soul under all that ego?:facehoof: Wait a minute... what am I saying? Of course she does! Only problem here would be how she would break the news of having Celestia's Royal Guard under her command.

As for Shining... I can't imagine Princess Platinum ride anything... then again... I have no idea:twilightblush: Sibling rivalry... no... this is practically going to be a sibling massacre what with Starswirl... but then again, he seems too good natured to kill his masters brother and vice versa for rider.

Greengrass... absolutely no idea:pinkiehappy:


1792145 The lancer can be just about any mythic hero that used a spear. in Fate/zero Lancer was Diarmid O'Dyna (a famous Irish hero) and in Fate/Extra one of the Lancers was freaking Vlad the Impaler.

That said, it's now time to sort

Commander Hurricane: Lancer
Sungleam: Saber
Yuri the grumpy Griffon: Berserker
Starswirl: Caster
Headless horse: Assassin
Viola: either Archer or Rider (I'm banking on Archer)
Princess Platinum: Archer/Rider (I'm betting on Rider)

I would like to mention some disappointment that Viola didn't end up being Assassin. Greengrass getting the Assassin class would have made a lot of sense. On the other hand, considering how much speed chess he plays with Xanatos, perhaps we should be thankful.

Remember that Trixie in Longest Night, Longest Day was willing to sacrifice her life to save the life of Ivory Scroll. At least in the Lunaverse, she does have a fundamentally good and noble soul.

Fair enough, but I'm just wondering if in Fate/stay night the Lancer would warp-spasm. It's kind of Cú Chulainn's thing, and not having him perform it is kind of like getting Herakles but not having him be particularly strong.

(The warp-spasm made Cú Chulainn, in battle, become an unrecognisable monster who knows neither friend nor foe and just kills and kills and kills until the battle is over).

1793622 His warp-spasm is why in the type-moon universe it's possible to summon him as a Berserker, he does have Gàe Bolg though.


True... but an easy way to justify it would be that ponies don't have a Throne of Heroes, and have to piggy-back off the human one. Wouldn't be that big of surprise, as Akasha only bothers recording "Primate" souls in Nasuverse canon. Divine-Spirits, and any sentient species that isn't human or at least descended from them can go get screwed, because Akasha cares not its accomplishments. Hence why Hercules only gets summoned in his Demigod form, despite his normal "prime" being considered as after he ascended to full godhood.

Also, yes, I know the Moon Cell does not care about the normal rules, but then, it doesn't interact with the throne of heroes at all. It's its own thing and it does whatever the hell it wants, and nobody can tell it not to.

Of course, doing so would change the relative strengths of the Servants, because fame is now meaningless for a strength boost. It also makes it a lot more difficult for Masters to be useful in a analysis role, because they actually can't know what the hell their Servants powers are unless another Servant figures out that Servants identity. A pony Master would have to fill out the stat sheet for an enemy human Servant the hard way; namely, watching said enemy Servant using its abilities to beat their own Servants face in, because their true name is meaningless for getting that info as a pony who knows squat about human legends.

...Sorry, I'm just going off on a tangent, aren't I?

This should be good. So is Spike with Zecora or Twilight in this story?

this looks intresting, I'll admit that I've only watched like the first 20 episodes of the anime and nothing else so I'm mostly going into this blind.
man Shining must be drowning in princesses, he just can't keep them off. he has to get a hold of that swag sometime, he is engaged after all.
I can't help but feel that in the inevitable Twilight Vs Trixie fight that they are both are going to tell the Servants to back down as they duel.

You can't stop the signal. :rainbowdetermined2:

Like I said its a very tempting prospect. Their combined narcissism alone would punch a hole in the fabric of space/time.

That voice probably fits better than my original thought, which had him talking like a slightly calmer version of this guy.

Sungleam and Commander Hurricane both are prone to be more open in declaring who they are, one out of a sense of honor, the other out of pride.

Starswirl is certainly going to be having his hooves full with Twilight, and that's all I'll say on that for now. :twilightblush:

Argh, the typos, I never escape them. Heh, thanks though, I'll get to correcting those.

As for Shining... I can't imagine Princess Platinum ride anything... then again... I have no idea:twilightblush:

All I can say is I'm looking forward to writing the scene where Princess Platinum reveals the Noble Phantasm that gives her her class type.


I would like to mention some disappointment that Viola didn't end up being Assassin. Greengrass getting the Assassin class would have made a lot of sense. On the other hand, considering how much speed chess he plays with Xanatos, perhaps we should be thankful.

I did seriously consider giving him Assassin, but I felt it somehow fit Zecora better. Greengrass is kind of the odd pony out in this line up, being the only OC Master, so he got the Servant I hadn't thought of who to give to by the time I was done working out everypony else. My take on how Archer fits him is because he's a guy who often works through others, and the Archer class has the highest capacity for independent action due to their ability to function for a long time without needing mana from their Master.

Its a good tangent though, one I could learn from. I'm the first to admit that while I like the Fate series, my knowledge of the finer details of it is limited because I've watched the animes, played Fate/Extra, but never got to into the details. There's a lot in this I'm altering or making up fresh to better fit the Lunaverse.

I now hear this song as the semi-official intro to this story.

I kind of left that point vague because I hadn't decided what to do with Spike yet. :twilightsheepish: A Chance Enounter isn't finished, so I don't know wht his and Twilight's relationship is like if/when they end up sticking together, so it might be easier for me to assume this is taking place before his splits off from Zecora and Corona.

Heheh, I can see them doing that.

Sparkle. :trixieshiftleft:
Lulamoon! :twilightangry2:
*epic magic duel ensues*

Sungleam: "Shouldn't we be...I don't know...helping them? Battling one another?"
Starswirl: "Oh, let the young ladies work out their differences in their own special way. Tea?"
Sungleam: "...Well...it'd be rude to decline such a kind offer."
*the two sit having tea as magical expositions go off in the background*


Well, I'm knowledgeable about Fate mechanics at this point, mainly due to spending a large amount of my time lurking on Beast's Lair, a Nasuverse site that takes the mechanics very, very seriously. They tend to get irritated when somebody gets them wrong, and considering how complex the rules of magic are in Fate, that's pretty easy unless you know what you're talking about.

Getting on to wat's gone already, I see you gave Ditzy the Berserker class... Ouch. Berserker's, while obedient, are not good for their Masters. At all.

Kariya was going to die anyway, so he had come to terms with the fact that that whenever Berserker fought, he was going to be in horrible agony. Ilya could deal with it, because Ilya is a homunculus, which aren't mages so much as walking bundles of magic circuits with stupidly huge reserves.

Before Ilya, every single Master with a Berserker servant died during the war due to it giving them magical exhaustion. This is because the "Mad Enhancement" ability of Berserker class is forcing the Servant and Master to disregard the concept of "safety" when powering said Servant. Remember when unicorns overchanneled a couple of times during previous Lunaverse fics, and it was treated as potentially fatal? What Berserker class does to the average magus is essentially drain them into that state and then keep taking more mana, without regard for the fact that they're killing their Master in doing so. And they ended up dead for it. Ditzy and her friends are gonna have to figure out a solution to that problem, fast. Especially considering she's not even a unicorn who is used to magic leaving the body on a regular basis.

Anyway, looking forward to what you're doing for Noble Phantasms.

I like this! I think you did a great job with all the characters. Esp. enjoyed Greengrass and Notary dealing with Viola. (I wonder how the Duke will react when he learns he'll need to beat both of Night Light's children to win this thing:

Viola: Well, maybe this Night Light won't mind if you destroy his children?
Greengrass: Let's assume he's not going to go along with that.)

I know nothing of Fate, so I have a couple worldbuilding questions:

1. Do the battles have to be 'to the death?' Do they have to be physical battles at all? If both participants agreed to some other challenge, for instance, would that be valid?
2. Are the participants required to use their Servants for the final blow? For the competitions at all? Would the Trixie/Twilight duel joked about above be valid, without the Servants assisting in some way?
3. Is getting proxies involved legal? I.e., to help with the battle, could Shining Armor enlist the Royal Guard/Trixie and Ditzy use other Elements/Duke use Notary?

ditzy doo? DITZY DOO??!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! HER NAME IS DERPY! i dont care how 'right' or 'socially correct' you're trying to be. her. name. is. DERPY!

chill, this is a alt verse and since its start her name was Ditzy, with Derpy being sort of a teasing name. its not about the author trying to be socially correct its how the character is defined by the alt verse canon


Well, I'm knowledgeable about Fate mechanics at this point, mainly due to spending a large amount of my time lurking on Beast's Lair, a Nasuverse site that takes the mechanics very, very seriously. They tend to get irritated when somebody gets them wrong, and considering how complex the rules of magic are in Fate, that's pretty easy unless you know what you're talking about.

Heheh, yeah, I feel kind of embarrassed about how little I grasp the actual details of the mechanics behind the worldsetting, but I love the story concept and premise enough to use it anyway. :twilightsheepish: Just be gentle with me, but feel free to point out stuff you think I might not be getting quite right.

Getting on to wat's gone already, I see you gave Ditzy the Berserker class... Ouch. Berserker's, while obedient, are not good for their Masters. At all.

*reads following comments* Ah, yes, this is good example of what I mean in my above comment. I knew Berserker's affected their Master's in some way but I wasn't sure the details on exactly how. This is good stuff to know because now I got all sorts of things I can do with the story knowing this info.

I'm going to enjoy writing all of Viola/Greengrass/Notary.

1. Do the battles have to be 'to the death?' Do they have to be physical battles at all? If both participants agreed to some other challenge, for instance, would that be valid?
2. Are the participants required to use their Servants for the final blow? For the competitions at all? Would the Trixie/Twilight duel joked about above be valid, without the Servants assisting in some way?
3. Is getting proxies involved legal? I.e., to help with the battle, could Shining Armor enlist the Royal Guard/Trixie and Ditzy use other Elements/Duke use Notary?

1. As I understand it battles need to be to the death of the Servants only, not the Masters...but Masters are often targeted in battle because its highly advantageous to eliminate the Servant's supply of mana, as few Servants outside the Archer class can last long without a Master to supply the mana for their existence. Also, a Servant whose Master dies can make a new pact with another Master, so some Masters will seek to kill enemy Masters to then try and make deals with the now free Servant. They generally have to be physical battles because ultimately in order to be valid, there has to be only one Servant left alive by the end of it. However there are no guidelines or rules governing how Servants and Masters fight. Alliances can be formed, cordial talks can be had, they can do as they wish...as long as, in the end, only one team remains.

2. A Servant doesn't have to deliver the final blow. Servants tend to be vastly more powerful than Masters, so its often them that do the brunt of the fighting and killing, but its hardly unheard of for Masters to mix it up, fight other Servants, or fight each other. However the rule still stands that its the Servants that must be killed, though how that comes about is essentially moot to the Grail. Twilight and Trixie could duke it out, and if one defeated the other, either via killing (highly unlikely as neither one would want to use lethal force) or by some means remove the others Command Seals they could then neutralize the respective Servant.

3. Anything goes. Shining Armor could throw the entire Royal Guard at an enemy Servant if he wanted to. The key is that the enemy Servant be defeated and killed. There was a scenario in Fate/Zero where one Master blackmailed another Master to order his Servant to commit suicide, and that is a perfectly valid way to win as far as the Grail War is concerned.

Eheh...yeah...well...she's named Ditzy Doo in the Lunaverse canon, so that's her name here. I'm not all that invested in what to call her either way and consider the names interchangeable. :twilightsheepish:


Removing the command seals doesn't neutralize the Servant, it just means the Master can't actually enforce orders anymore. The Master will continue supplying the Servant with mana even if the command seals are removed. Sure, generally ends up with a screwed Master if their Servant doesn't like them, but if that Servant was personally loyal(Zero Lancer, for example, was still loyal to Kayneth even though Sola-Ui had the command seals now instead. Or Karna, in any theoretical scenario for him, considering he made Rainbow Dash look disloyal in comparison in his legend.), then you've still got a functioning Servant-Master pair.

That's not to say that removing command seals doesn't make life a fair bit harder for that team, because they've got other uses than just enforcing orders. Theoretically, you can pull all kinds of shit with command seals. And if the Master even needs the Servant near them right now, then Command Spells can make distance irrelevant.

i know a little about the Fate series. And I'm liking this so far.

Ah, okay I see. Good to know. Yeah, Command Seals seem to be able to do a lot more than just enforce commands.

Glad to hear you're liking it. Wouldn't worry too much about lacking Fate series knowledge, given I'm using a lot of the concepts...loosely, and making a lot of adaptions to fit the Lunaverse. Might be some weird terminology that get bantered about between the Servants, and some creative license taken to fit Fate-verse stuff to the L-verse, but since this is all non-canon anyway I figure its all gravy,.


I am a little bit curious if this particular cross fusion has more Nasuverse elements hiding in the background than just the stuff that is directly related to the Fate series part of it.

There is some absolutely terrifying stuff hiding in the background of the Nasuverse(particularly in the Twenty-Seven Dead Apostle Ancestors), and the Fate series is only a tiny part of what's going on in the shadows.

But then, Equestria is a shiny bright universe, so it's unlikely that the planet actively wants all sentient life to die screaming in this universe.

1792145 Keep up the good work, and you'll be able to reach Nyx-ian levels of irrational fan-hate! :twilightblush:

No Trollomine or King of Heroes?

Because a pony analogue of Gilgamesh would be absolutely hilarious.

I'm still lacking confidence that my Fate series knowledge is up to the task of writing this fic properly, let alone trying to including anything additional from that universe. :twilightsheepish:

I find myself more and more tempted to try to fit in a Gilgamesh style character into the narrative, but with what I have planned I'm not sure how I'd pull it off without it seeming very random.

Some typos. Especially your/you're confusion. But otherwise, I'm interested.

Twilight is naturally fangasming. I tend to prefer to interpret Commander Hurricane as a mare, but that's hardly a bg deal. As has been said, announcing your name is a little suicidal if you're a servant, but that hardly stops some of them. I notice that we have at least three servants from the same tim period, but that's understandable. Poor ponies. Grail wars are typically vicious.

I look forward to the results.

Few were the foals who did not hear of the Shining Knight, the Blade of the Sun, the Righteous and Resplendent Sungleam!

Okay, I started cracking up right here. Trixie and Sungleam really do suit each other. :rainbowlaugh:

"Our powers are…exaggerated and enhanced from what they were in mortal life."

The truth about Servant powers is actually somewhat more complicated than that.

Certain Noble Phantasms, like Lancelot's Knight of Honor and For Someone's Glory get born through legends(and even that's not certain. That's technically fanon, and Nasu!Lancelot could have truly had those abilities in life, and in truth, most likely did, contrary to peoples fanon). For others like physical objects, Skills(like Tsubame Gaeshi), and Heracles God Hand, they really did have those in life and the Nasuverse was genuinely that crazy.

In certain other aspects, Servants are weakened from how they were in life. Servants are canonically physically weaker than the original, have extremely low prana reserves compared to their life(limiting how long they can fight, usage of Noble Phantasms, and spells if a Caster), and may have lost certain Skills and Noble Phantasms due to the Class container being a round hole and the Heroic Spirit being a square peg that you shove into it. A good example of the Nasuverse crazy real people is Saber. Remember that she's not a Heroic Spirit, she's actually King Arthur being sent forward in time through a deal with Alaya. She's still got prana burst and her wave motion sword, because in the Nasuverse, King Arthur actually had those powers while she lived.

Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon? Yep, he actually had that Skill in his original life. He specifically got sorted into Archer class because sword-spamming was how he usually fought. It wasn't "Archer class, therefore swordspam". It was "Swordspam, therefore Archer class." One of the things you have to remember is that Fate Stay Night doesn't live in it's own little world where other than what you see in the series, it's exactly like real life. It lives in a very wide, very different world, and the Servants having actually been so damn impossible compared to the real world isn't just possible, but probable. Random humans were a good deal stronger when Heroic Spirits were alive. Fake Assassin is probably the best example of that, since he's not a real Heroic Spirit, but a wraith who just happened to develop a skill he called Tsubame Gaeshi while alive. Random guy from back then can break dimensions from swinging his sword enough.

(...I'm probably going to be giving comments like this on every chapter and I apologize in advance.)

or go even simpler and levitate a stuck to clock her upside the head with

Not that she didn’t appreciate the practicality of the kind of skills Assassin possessed it was hard to feel much respect for somepony that’d nearly killed her. Really soured Trixie’s mood, near death experiences.

Until then the Princess rewarded service with praise an promotion
forged my Celestia’s own unrivaled magic
Why was so suddenly so angry
and a few scared nurses who’d come to what the commotion was about
Thing was though, she sort of understood that that was the point
But don’t you already have knowledge of this ear ingrained in your mind from the Grail

1. I think you mean stick.
2. Did you mean to combine this line or no?
3. And.
4. By.
5. She.
6. Who'd come to see what the commotion was about.
7. No idea if the other that should be removed or kept... makes sense yes but I just don't know:fluttercry:
8. Soo... what do we call an ear specialist?:twilightsheepish:

Ooh boy... things are going to get rough for our non unicorn friends especially Ditzy... hope she doesn't go ape shit in front of her daughter though.

I'm... gonna be hating Sungleam before the end of this. ;) Not in a bad way, but in an "Honor is not worth pony's lives, you moron!"

Also, loving Starswirl and twilight's interactions.

2022638 Well, keeping in mind that this is Equestria and not a direct parallel to the Nasuverse, the rules for such things are bound to be somewhat different in some ways. That said, speaking as someone who's only seen the Fate/Stay Night anime without playing any of the games in the franchise, thanks for the cool and detailed explanation of how it works in the Nasuverse. :pinkiesmile:

I haven't even seen that much. But I am still thoroughly engaged!

Hmm...so, Commander Hurricane is still a Sontaran in my head. Sungleam is now being voiced by Kathleen Barr, same as Trixie.

Given that Yuri was the last Emperor of All the Griffs, and the Griffin Empire specifically fell because he died without an heir, I have a funny feeling I know what he wants his wish to be, and I don't want to spoil it by even openly guessing, but if I'm right then I think I'm going to be rooting for him, even though I know that Sungleam is our Arturia analogue and so probably fated to win.

Hmm...no Platinum in this chapter...

Still some typos, but otherwise really enjoying the developments.

Hey, by any chance will you be putting up Servant Stats so we can see who they are, how strong they are, why abilities and their ranks, and their Noble Phantasms, including ranks and types?

Indeed. Masters and Servants are generally cut from a similar cloth, though this doesn't always lend to them getting along with each other. :raritywink:


(...I'm probably going to be giving comments like this on every chapter and I apologize in advance.)

Oh by all means keep 'em coming. My knowledge of the Nasuverse is so limited its a little ambitious of me to even try writing a story like this, and it helps to have the views of those who know more about than me adding their two cents. For this case we can say that, at least in the way this particular Grail War works and the way its Servants function, the summoning of a Servant tends to empower the Heroic Spirit based on the myths of their deeds, since in the Lunaverse mortal creatures tend to have limited capacity for how strong they can get.

Thanks for spotting all the errors, I've corrected them as best I can.

Take all of Trixie's bombastic nature and over the top enthusiasm for theatrics, then slap a heavy coat of knightly values and thinking on it, and you've got Sungleam. The two are destined to grate upon each other. As for Twilight and Starswirl, they're a good example of how a Master and Servant's personalities can have synergy. They're probably the most potent pairing of the seven; Twilight's unbridled magical potential combined with a master mage with the necessary wisdom and experience to temper and guide her in a positive manner.

It is good to have folk around who really know the Nasuverse to provide their perspectives on this. But you're also right that I'm making a lot of alterations and concessions to what I know about the Fate series to fit it in with the Lunaverse. Even though this story isn't canon at all I still want it to be something a fan of the Lunaverse can read and go "Yeah, I can see how that fits."

Was thinking of adding Platinum and Shining Armor's section to the end of this, but it felt better suited to be the opener of next chapter. Don't worry, there will be plenty of Platinum to come.

Oh and I might want to get in touch with you via PM or something to actually discuss Yuri's reign. Non-cannon or not I didn't want to be throwing out background histories on what happened during Yuri's time as Emperor without running it by you first.

Glad to hear. I'll be trying to keep things interesting throughout.

Was thinking of adding something like a series of bonus mini-chapters that actually go into depth on just that, revealing Servant stats and the specific classifications behind their skills and Noble Phantasms. Probably do such a stat block after any given chapter a Servant is defeated, that way nothing about them is prematurely spoiled before you've seen them in action in the story itself.


That's okay and all. Nasuverse humanity is balls off the walls crazy, so it isn't really fair to compare their limits(aka NONE) to that of ponies. If you've watched Fate Zero, remember the scene where Kotomine breaks a tree down with his palms, and when he punches Kiritsugu so hard he flies into a wall leaving a crater bigger than he is?

He isn't using magic in those scenes. That's just how physically strong Kotomine is. Before Reinforcement, the most basic magic for increasing the potency of things by running prana through them(which can be used on your on body). Kotomine isn't very good at magecraft, so he doesn't bother with Reinforcement as it's just a big time waster for him. This becomes even more gobsmacking when part of Nasuverse canon is that the human species has degraded and just doesn't have the same potential for power, skill, and magic as it used to. Random ass ancient villager without a deed to his name who gets renamed Angra Mainyu is able slaughter buildings full of modern humans without issue(his own Master, however, can kick his ass with ludicrous ease. He is the weakest Heroic Spirit ever, after all).

Vampires are similarly crazy once you learn the true source of their powers. See, your basic Dead Apostle only has three changes from being what they are; Sunlight weakness, Blood dependency, and an incredibly overpowered form of magic regeneration giving them immortality. Their super speed, strength, and any other crazy abilities they've developed are all stuff Nasuverse humans can learn/train to have. They've just had more time to develop their abilities in an eternally young body due to immortality. Pretty much any Dead Apostle worth their name is a high level magus, and some become Dead Apostles through pure magecraft rather than being turned by another vampire.

2038968 Yeah, but I don't think you should make chapters like that, since they're against the rules, so you might wan't to use the blog or the author's notes.

despite not liking him, I'm thinking Greengrass is going about the best way (for prolonged chance) in this war so far

Great chapter. What will happen when Twilight meet's Trixie again?

I'm hoping assassin and beserker get taken out soon; not too sure on the others

Great to see another chapter of this. And that we get to see more of what the Servants can do! :pinkiehappy:

And because it needs to be said, goddammit, Twilight. :twilightangry2: Seriously, one step forward, two steps back with that girl. It's like she's coated in character development teflon. (Yes, I know status quo has to be maintained, at least until after Crisis is over.):raritywink:


Twilight thought back to that incident in Ponyville, the one that’d caused her to be on the lamb in the first place.

No 'b'.

“A Thunderbird?”

Man, I can't believe how bad the live-action movie was...

which cause a second of panic
None that where the size of a small manorhouse
And I can tell you’re presence is upsetting her
Surely not enough to math a purebreed pegasus
not doing much more than ratting the griffin

1. Caused.
2. Were.
3. Your.
4. Match.
5. Rattling.

Who stole cradles anyway? Didn’t robbers usually steal things more valuable than that?

... Oh Twilight, read up on your... wait, dictionaries don't really have this so... right, eavesdrop on more ponies then:pinkiecrazy:

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